~hellwinder am 01.10.2012 19:05 #10670

I can't speak german language very well, so writing in english (which is less poor). Cant find a topic about it
in english language... so there is....

There is the question:

How to put a harbor location in editor? I use s25editor which is very well prepared. It can support very big
maps (up to 1024x1024), so it makes it very usable.
I prefer playing against AI, just for fun or for time-kill. My friends forget about Settlers II.

Can somebody explain it how to do it? I will be very nice to write in english.


Giant am 01.10.2012 19:25 #10671

Press "H" and left-klick to the position you want to set a harbor on.
btw. there is a (german) help available by pressing "F1"

Feel free to post in English!

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