Adamo am 10.02.2013 22:03 #11124

Please help!

I`m playing RTTR (latest stable release version) for 64bit Linux Ubuntu. I start playing against six computer opponents.

At the beginning it`s all OK, but after some hour or two, when there are more and more buildings and stuff on the map, I start getting experience of terrible lags during the game (this happens especially when I`m trying to move a map into a different location by using mouse). I can hardly play because of these lags!

There are few second periods where the game stops working for a while, which does not allow me to play the game smoothly. The more buildings on the map, the more frequently it happens.

Does lags occures when playing against the human opponents too? (the multiplayer option)

What can I do? Please help.


Spike am 11.02.2013 12:43 #11128

Im Ruhestand
Do you have FPS drops? In the upper right corner of your screen there is a number, maybe your PC is a bit weak for RttR. RttR has diffrent requirements than the original Settlers II. You can also try do enable/disable V-Sync or optimized Textures.
Maybe a driver update also can change things but I don't think that this would help in your case.


Adamo am 12.02.2013 00:30 #11135

Well, it seems that with Optimized Textures=OFF, the game runs a bit smoother.
Whet else do I need to change in my config?

Spike am 12.02.2013 11:22 #11136

Im Ruhestand
Well there isnt more you can change,only Update your Video Drivers

Edit: Oh, I'm sorry, you play with 6x AI - if the game slows down, your PC is not fast enough :-/


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