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Im Ruhestand
Edit: The maps are included with revision "8850".

An important part of the games Settlers II and Return to the Roots are the maps. You may never thought about
it but you really wont have any fun if the map is imbalanced for a player or a whole team. Also if the design
of a map is bad you will have no fun when the game starts because you have not much to do, later you will
have to manage a lot of things and then the design is irrelevant.
Adding maps to the latest nightly versions wouldn't make them aviable in the latest stable version also you
would have to download all the map files everytime you may just want to update your game. Thats the reason
why I made an archive with some maps (made by Vesanus,Giant,Hubertus,Spikeone). If you want to add them to
the game just add the folder to the directory where you have installed RttR. (There should already be a
directory ..Siedler II RttR/RTTR).

The archive includes:
9 Maps:
- 3 Sea Maps
- 6 Normal Maps
Players: 3-8

Some maps are maybe not tested very often so maybe you encounter some bugs or other problems - keep calm and
just report those problems and these maps will be fixed. I wish a lot of fun with these maps! :)

Edit: fixed some Position Bugs.


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