Spike am 29.01.2014 15:24 #12275

Im Ruhestand
The AI has been improved by "PoC" and is now a bit stronger than before. Here are some important changes or additions made:
- should cause less lags
- is able to start sea attacks
- soldier production has been improved
- food production has been improved
- can use the charburner now
- improved wood production
- ...

Also while adding sea attacks, he fixed a lot of bugs related to seafaring
- should cause less crashes
- fixed some broken/not working as intended mechanics

But you also get two new "Addons" when updating to the latest nightly version:
Max Rank:
- You are not able to set a maximum rank for your soldiers (such as officer) this may decreases the value of gold but
increses the normal soldier production a lot!

Inexhaustible Granite Mines:
- If this addon is enabled you can always build granite mines everywhere which should be helpfull on some maps

I guess those are some good reasons for updating your current version.


Vesanus am 29.01.2014 17:53 #12276

Great update!

Too bad that AI doesn't attack any near-harbour castles or barracks (Island invasion) :|

Spike am 29.01.2014 18:21 #12277

Im Ruhestand
The AI does, just was ran over by an enemy army but if the AI hasn't enough soldiers to attack and win,
nothing will happen


Juiced18 am 29.01.2014 22:20 #12278

Very nice update!

Burton1224 am 01.02.2014 23:45 #12286

Hei Guys
Why is it not anymore possible to creat a account???
One of my friends didn't get the mail!!

Gruss Beni

Quorzom am 02.02.2014 00:16 #12287

You should still be able to create a new account. Maybe the server was busy when your friend tried to create a new account.
It should work when he tries again (maybe with a different email address?).

I think unverified accounts get deleted every 30 days, so maybe the same address and nickname won't work again.

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Juiced18 am 02.02.2014 01:25 #12289

When I created my account for the forum there were no problems. Try again and it will work.

luk3Z am 02.02.2014 09:01 #12290

Hi. So, does AI can build granite mines everywhere ?

Spike am 02.02.2014 10:38 #12291

Im Ruhestand
Only if the addon is enabled