~twkzz am 06.12.2014 02:02 #13145

Hello guys!

I just found this awesome expansion of my beloved Settlers II, but i really miss the ALT+1-6 speed control.. Is there any way to use a "cheat" like WINTER/THUNDER in the Settlers 2 Gold Edition?

Quorzom am 06.12.2014 03:28 #13146

Nope, the S2 cheats don't work in RttR, but you can always play on very fast. That's still much faster than S2 without the "cheat speeds" (Alt+3-6).

In singleplayer, pressing v will let you speed up your game even faster, however not to the extend it was possible in S2. Please keep in mind it only works in singleplayer, not multiplayer.

Perhaps it would be possible to implement a new speed option like "insanely fast" for people who want a really fast game. I'm not really sure on how easy or difficult it will be to implement it in the game though.

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PoC am 06.12.2014 13:27 #13147

How about a version of the "j"ump command from replays for singleplayer?

Spike am 06.12.2014 13:59 #13148

Im Ruhestand
Like nobody is able to take any actions? Or is the AI able to take actions?


PoC am 06.12.2014 14:37 #13151

The ai should be able to execute commands just like increased speed - jump should just deactivate the drawing of new frames and skip the wait for new gameframes.

~twkzz am 06.12.2014 16:48 #13155

Thanks the answers, guys! I really appreciate it.
But i'm kinda sad about this news :(

PoC am 06.12.2014 16:59 #13156

changed my client to allow this: while jumping dont draw updates & dont wait for gf time just server/client waits
testmap: atomium 1 (big map, 2 ai, no fow rest default)
in debug mode:
first 50k gf in ~1 minute
first 100k gf in ~5 minutes
without debug:
first 50k gf in ~15s
first 100k gf in ~40s

replay 'jumping' is quite a bit faster: jump to gf 100k in the replay of the test game: 6.74s

It still has some bugs but I dont think it will get much faster than this

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PoC am 06.12.2014 22:40 #13158

added to aipoc2 9529 - works for me now - might contain bugs - feel free to test this
edit: for now you have to unpause before using jump or it will just freeze.

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PoC am 07.12.2014 00:28 #13159

update: game will unpause for the user when using jump - yay

Snowwie am 07.04.2015 21:20 #13444

How about using "V" to speed up the game? Still works with RTTR.

Feel free to post in English!

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