SlameR am 29.01.2015 21:33 #13336

Hello everyone, I'm new there. (French folk is around ! )

I have been a huge fan of settlers 1 & 2 some years ago and I'm glad to see people are still playing it :). I
didn't heard about Return to the Roots until today by ramdomly searching something related to settlers 2 and I
was really surprised by what I found here.

All I have to say is that you did a pretty good job by reworking the game. The multiplayer function was the
thing that lacked to s2 in the old days (and now it's probably the players aha), and the advanced pre settings
menu is really good too, escpecially if you're looking for more difficulty, micro management, w/e.

Thank you :).


I'm looking for players to play with, so if anyone is interested, we can manage to make contact through skype
or whatever.


DMM am 30.01.2015 17:25 #13338

Hi SlameR (Alex),
I connect to internet lobby two mounts ago. I can advice you following possible channels haw to
find the players:
1)    Download the latest version RttR (today it is version 20150125) and connect to Internet
lobby (If you have Windows, start with rttr.bat file in the folder where is your game installed
and you will upgrade the version automatically). You must wait for players which can play with
you. Evenings and especially weekends are probably the best time.
2)    I see you are already registered. Go then to the web page and
then to menu Private Messages / Inbox. You can write message to any member then. They must only
to read it and respond.
3)    RttR players usually use IRC for communication. Windows software is for example mIRC and
for Linux Pidgin communicator. How to connect to IRC channel you can find on RttR main page and
then Mainmenu/chat. There are usually 20 connections but not all are able to play immediately.
Some of them play only with friends.
Usually “older” players play together and “younger” player must find some friends.

I can play with you anyway :).

DMM (Martin)

Martin (DMM)
It is never too late to start play RttR!

Quorzom am 30.01.2015 20:37 #13340

Hi SlameR,

there are multiple ways to find people to play with. One of the best ways is to connect to the IRC room (#siedler2.5 on the freenode network) and ask people around there if they are up for a game. And since there is a "Lobbybot" in this room, so you are able to communicate with people who are in the lobby directly from there without even starting the game.

Another way to find players is to join the Steam group (that is, if you use it regularly) and add the people you find in there to your friends list. At the moment this group has over 40 members, unfortunately the majority of them can't be considered "active" players. You can find the link in my signature.

Feel free to post in English!

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