karmel am 07.02.2017 20:49 #14538


I've just discovered Rttr and I think this is fantastic :). But I have problem. I've change graphic resolution to 1920x1200 in game and turn on full screen mode...

From that time game won't start.

I know I've to change resolution in CONFIG.INI but i don't have this configuration file on my mac ( Yosemite 10.10.5 ) ... I've searching all day and nothing ...

Please help me :)

Last login: Tue Feb  7 20:26:06 on ttys000
MacBook-Pro-Tomi:~ tomi$ /tmp/rttr.command
Savegame version of currently installed version: 36
Savegame version of updated version: 36
You will be able to load your existing savegames.
creating symlink Versions/Current/SDL_mixer
creating symlink Versions/Current/Frameworks
creating symlink A
creating symlink Versions/Current/mikmod
creating symlink A
creating symlink Versions/Current/smpeg
creating symlink A
creating symlink Versions/Current/SDL
creating symlink A
Starting in /Applications/
Loading "/Users/tomi/Library/Application Support/Return To The Roots/CONFIG.INI": done in 0ms
Searching for drivers in share/s25rttr/driver/video
1 video drivers found!
Failed to find display resolution: 1920x1200x32

FATAL ERROR: Erstellen des Fensters fehlgeschlagen!

ERROR: Failed to start the game

Press ENTER to close this window . . .


~Gast am 07.02.2017 21:41 #14539

Try the menu "Go>Go to Folder..." in Finder and enter

/Users/tomi/Library/Application Support/Return To The Roots/

The Library subfolder of your home directory is hidden by default.

karmel am 08.02.2017 01:31 #14542

Thank You!

It works :)


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