~Sander am 29.04.2009 13:51 #3052


I've done everything what was in readme.txt file... and when i start s25client.exe i got error something like " Initialization failed cause config its wrong. Probably solution of this problem will be reinstalling application"

Any ideas ?

thnx ...

FloSoft am 29.04.2009 15:17 #3053


I think you're using 0.6? then you have to install .net framework 2.0 and those .net service packs. (or you can update your computer directly via windows/microsoft update and install all of those updates)

you can also use a nightly build (which is more recent than 0.6):


~Sander am 30.04.2009 14:27 #3054

Okey i give up.. i did not even know how to install those nightlys coz archive its totaly diffrend than my settlers 2 dir ... however in archives its none executable file

Spike am 30.04.2009 16:06 #3055

Im Ruhestand
Yes, it's normal sander, because they are just using the original s2 datas, so the folders of s2 RTTR are calling other. Just copy the folder of the nightly builds into your s2 direction and then it should work (the original s2.exe should be in the same folder like the s2.5.exe)

mfg Spike


Shen Long am 30.04.2009 16:23 #3056

@Spike, you mean the s25client.exe executable, there is no s2.5.exe ;)

mfg Shen Long
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Spike am 30.04.2009 19:38 #3057

Im Ruhestand
thats right, i thought that everybody knows that :p didn't known the right name.

mfg spike


~Sander am 01.05.2009 22:16 #3058

Well i done everything what did u wrote here and.. still same :) about framework i usually almost have latest version cause my job
about nightlys - as i said in bin's theres none executable file so no idea how to launch it via win32
Overall... i think its just issue via win-sh1t distributions coz @winxp 32/64 vista (latest SP's) it doesnt work... ("u hate me coz im black!").


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