~Gast am 25.12.2010 00:24 #6490


I have a AMD X2 6000 + DualCore
Graphics Card Geforce 9600GT
OS Windows Vista SP2

When I start to play near 250 fps after 1h drops to 10fps or less, and ping jumps up to ~ 3000ms.
Direct IP multiplayer with computer players

225x225 map with 7 players

Original game requires a P-166MHz
My machine is tens of times more powerful ... What is the cause?

In total, no matter what the map will be and so I'll take a few hours awfully slow circle 2000ms ping and fps under 10
Number of players does not affect the quality of the game.

Also tested
PentiumD DualCore 2.8
GF 7600GS
OS WinVista


AMD Phenom Quad-Core Black Edition BOX 965
CUDA with GeForce 450 GTS Palit 1GB
OS Win7

ver. RttR s25rttr_20101224-6945_windows

OLiver am 25.12.2010 10:05 #6491

FloSofts Coding-Sklave
Did you test the 0.7 release version? Usually the optimization of the nightly builds is quite bad.

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~Gast am 28.12.2010 20:15 #6511

I checked ver. 0.7 stable and that is better, but the game has a few bugs. were not in the nightly ver

Works more smoothly

- the game crashes quite often,
- Save - crashes,
- when loading saved game - crashes
- donkey breeder has to work, but do not get the goods, when you try to destroy the building, the game is crashing, the construction of another donkey breeder, also does not work
- computers players after several hours of game stop.

FPS is more. Ping in the game on LAN or single is terrible. The whole game slowed down.

And so it is better if not for the ping.

Tested on 3 PC

Lan and Single Game

The game is great ..
I have my own maps to play, it is possible to send them to you? Look up and can you add you to the game:)

OLiver am 29.12.2010 10:07 #6514

FloSofts Coding-Sklave
Yeah, unfortunately the Windows release build has some strange bugs like the one with the donkey breeder. Probably they are caused by strong optimizing but we will try to replace the the release executable with a new one in the next days. It will be announced via the news.

The ping shouldn't be so bad if the fps are high enough. What are your fps rates?

You can send us your maps and we will add them if we think they are good. ;)

Warum heißt der Staatsbürger "Staatsbürger"?
-> Weil er für den Staat bürgt.

Spike am 29.12.2010 12:45 #6515

Im Ruhestand
Send them to me too please then can i test them a bit :-)


Wo0t am 29.12.2010 15:59 #6516

I'm logged in at this time.

I sent you the map.

FPS jump by a high ping. When the ping is 60 FPS is at 80th
Ping jumps 30-500ms and the FPS go down 100-10 fps.

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Spike am 03.01.2011 10:51 #6537

Im Ruhestand
Yes I recived them and will test them as soon as I can.
But with the Problems I cant help you :(


Feel free to post in English!

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