Thorpheus am 26.01.2012 03:45 #9353

I came with a great idea to add a new game mode for online play that might be fun to think about and to take a breather of the "conquer all" setting. Although I know that the development isn't looking for new modes, but I want to share it so that the idea remains here and maybe later you guys can think about it.

Game Mode: Portal Rush
Players: 2-4 (due to balance issues)
How the game works:

- The game is pretty simple, depending on each map the players start in a designated part (much like a normal game) but the main idea is that they start on opposite ends of each other in a mirrored map (a map that's equal on the left and on the right side), both of the players must reach the middle where a portal is.
- When a player reaches the portal and it goes to its territory, all of the portal must be in a players territory for a countdown to start (time to be defined due to balance) and the other player needs to quickly grab and conquer the fortification that holds the portal in order to stop the countdown, reset it, and start all over again but for his side.
- The player who reaches 0:00 passes through the portal and wins the game.

What could be even more interesting:
- If the path to the portal was guarded by A.I base. Which could add to the difficulty of the map into reaching the area and it wouldn't make both players with an immense army before reaching the area.
- Traps, or blockades which could stop the player from passing unless he did something about it, this could be in form of rocks or tree's (or even enemy posts). The funny thing is that, if its possible to make event markers on the game, after you pass a blockade/trap it would say:

"Player X made it through block Number of Block"

Which would increase the pressure to other players in making things faster.

- The maps could be designed as a maze for each player, now since you can see the map from the beginning (if there isn't an option to turn off the map view) the dead ends could be either rewarded or punished with either gold mines (reward) or a enemy post (punishment).

This is just an idea, that might not even be possible. But here ya go, I hope you can all imagined how I imagine it xD it would be pretty awesome.

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Spike am 26.01.2012 06:47 #9356

Im Ruhestand
I think we already had this idea under the Name capture the portal or something like that ^^
And yes i like the idea but i dislike the AI idea it should only be a dummy because the ai may would help someone by acting
dumb (First who arrives will be attacked).

I also had the idea to make a Mode like "King of the Hill" => King of the Portal. Everytime your or your Teams Territory
Covers you will gain Points in this Time,Ehen you have reached the Limit you or your Team win.


Thorpheus am 26.01.2012 06:48 #9357

Awesome ideas, but are they physically possible to code?

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Spike am 26.01.2012 07:19 #9358

Im Ruhestand
Well why Not? You got the Data of the Gate and if a Player owns that Place he gains points


Thorpheus am 26.01.2012 11:37 #9364

While I was meditating (aka sleeping) I came up with an idea for the enemy, what if they are passive but still atackable? like outposts with an fortification ranging from easy to hard (hard being the guardians of the portal?)

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Spike am 26.01.2012 12:25 #9367

Im Ruhestand
Yeah i as i wrote Dummy ai ^^


Thorpheus am 26.01.2012 13:23 #9369

Oh sorry, I thought AI were all dummies XD

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Spike am 26.01.2012 13:53 #9373

Im Ruhestand
maybe they are dumb but they aren't dummies :D but to use these we would need a possibility to change goods in game - a ingame editor I hope somebody wille create within the next 20 years :D


Toro am 22.10.2012 15:09 #10782

I prefer another new Game-Mode that also could be fun:

Economy-Rush: The first guy who arrived 20 Gold or 1000 Wood or 100 Soldiers and so on. You can decide which resources u want to have (all are possible and it should be 1-10 sorts of resources you can choose)

Sorry for my bad english :D

Thx for reading and i hope u like my suggestion.


Für alle deutschsprachigen hier:

Wirtschafts-Rausch: Man legt zu begin einer Karte Rohstoffe fest (1-10 verschiedene) und die Menge, die vorhanden sein muss. Alle Pateien müssen nun versuchen diese so schnell wie möglich zu erwirtschaften und der schnellste gewinnt.

Ob das mit einer Ki so leicht funktioniert weiß ich nicht, aber ich traue Euch viel zu ;)

Danke fürs lesen, ich hoffe Ihr habt Interesse


Spike am 23.10.2012 07:09 #10785

Im Ruhestand
Joa Ich persoenlich mag da militaerrausch lieber,sowas wie: von jedem Gegner 3gebaeude einnehmen, 20 feine toeten, x
Soldaten nachproduzieren.

Allgemein ist das ja nur eine Art modulares spielziel-erreich-spielmodus. Heißt: viele Möglichkeiten einbauen = individuelles


Toro am 23.10.2012 16:10 #10787

Also ich liebe es zu wirtschaften bei dem Spiel, meist ist mir dies lieber als Krieg und so hätte man einen Anreiz... man
kann ja auch Welten dazu bauen und eine Wirtschaftskampagne erschaffen, ähnlich wie bei Stronghold z.b.

Spike am 23.10.2012 18:50 #10789

Im Ruhestand
Ja gut ich bin da das genaue Gegenteil weil ich den wirtschaftlichen Sieg in der Statistik sehen kann und dann kann man oft
schon aufgeben,daher ist mir der militaer Teil angenehmer. Man sollte ebend in meinen augen beides für spielmodis nutzen
(können) und das Spiel nicht einseitiger machen als es ist.


Giant am 24.10.2012 19:04 #10791

Evtl. ist es ja möglich mit LUA einen Kofigurator für Siegbedingungen zu bauen der nicht von der kartenspezifischen Datei abhängig ist.

Spike am 25.10.2012 18:17 #10792

Im Ruhestand
Da maqs gerade wieder kaum zeit hat wird das über Lua realisieren schwer :-/


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