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Version 0.9.4



Now, almost all of the original game features are implemented. You can download the unstable versions already.
There are either stable releases or developer/test versions - the so-called "Nightly Builds" - available.
You need "The Settlers II Gold Edition"® to play.

If you have any questions, please use the search-function or post your question in the forum.
A look at the bugtracker is often also helpful.

News from the RTTR community:

New stable version 0.9.4 released!

Greetings fellow Settler Fans,

we did another bug fix stable release.

As everybody loves download buttons that seem suspicious:

>> Download 0.9.4 here <<

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By FloSoft at 06.01.2022

New stable version 0.9.1 released!

Greetings fellow Settler Fans,

as many of you know it's been years since we last published a stable release version. In fact I was buffled when I searched for the "exact" date - which is nearly 8 years ago. As you may have seen, there have been lots of changes in the past years which we have posted >>here<<.

Since then we closed 132 additional tickets. Thanks to anybody who contributed in any way. Without your support it wouldn't be possible to keep this project going!

As everybody loves download buttons that seem suspicious:

>> Download 0.9.1 here <<

Rather than listing any closed issue, we want to sum up the major changes since 0.8.x:

  • Improved/Fixed asyncs

  • Improved network code

  • Improved/Fixed Internet Lobby

  • Improved game performance

  • Added LUA-Script support for missions

  • Added victory window

  • Updated to SDL2

  • Included map editor

  • Added built in random map generator

  • Added LAN server browser

  • Improved/Fixed savegame handling

  • Improved/Fixed multiple menues

  • Improved/Fixed our updater

  • Added support for language specific charsets

  • Added windows 10 support

  • Improved/Fixed an undefined number of bugs

So whats up next? Thats certainly a question you may find asking yourself. There are three major things on our list for the next stable version, which shouldn't take another 8 years.

  • Add original campaign with all it's features

  • Finish babylonien soldier graphics

  • Add history edition support

Thats it for now, if you have further questions, join our Discord and ask us directly.

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By Spike at 24.07.2021

Server Maintenance


I will have a Server maintenance this weekend, so the webpage might be not available for some time.

We will try to keep the time as low as possible, but as usual, something bad can always happen ;-)

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By FloSoft at 04.07.2020

Whats been happening in the past years

It's been a long while since we've updated, but there is still love being given to this project.

Perhaps let's put something first that usually comes last: Thanks to anyone who helped with this project in one way or another over the
past years. This includes (but is not limited to) the following github users: Flow86, Flamefire, MarcusSt, jhkl, Peuc, shadowvzs and
any other contributor. Also a big thanks to everyone who donated via PayPal, keeping this project running!

As of late, our team has been a bit smaller, and we would love some fresh minds and new people offering a helping hand to make "Return
to the Roots" grow at a faster pace again. If you have a passion for Settlers 2, and some experience with coding, or would like to
extend it, please get in touch with us via the Discord, Github or our webpage (see #1 below). We are hoping to hear from you.

The following will summarize the project's development ever since 21 Oct 2015:

1. Discord
As most people do not use IRC anymore (or never did) we are now also present on Discord.
You can join using this invite: https://discord.gg/kyTQsSx
It's a nice place to ask questions and meet people to play, or share maps.

2. Fixes, Changes, Additions
I first wanted to show a (nearly) full changelog here but that'd be more than 270 lines as there have been over 500 issues closed.
To have a look at any closed issue, simply use the following search term on github: 'is:issue closed:2015-10-21..2019-12-24'.
You can also access the full list here: https://pastebin.com/Nitc06Kk

In more brevity:
- Fixed several crashes
- Fixed most (all?) remaining asyncs
- Fixed issues regarding controls (e.g. scrollbars)
- Fixed issues of the ingame random map generator
- Fixed issues the AI had
- Fixed visual bugs for storehouses (management)
- Fixed visual bugs when starting the game
- Fixed trade bugs
- Fixed several bugs regarding LUA functions

- Charburner has been reworked (graphics)
- Layouts and functionality of some menus have been improved
- Improved shading a bit
- Player colors are now the same as in settlers II
- Trade has been improved

- Addon: Auto demolish building if empty
- Addon: Change metalworks behavior on 0% (or no orders)
- Addon: Military building indicators are affected by reachability
- Addon: Disable coins by default for conquered buildings
- Added some missing Characters
- Added several functions for LUA scripting
- Added 3 new maps

3. Map editor included
The map editor which was written by Xaser now is included when downloading RttR. This means you no longer have to figure out where to
put the files shipped by Xaser and can simply use the editor out of the box. Flamefire also fixed some bugs the editor had. One of the
best additions is a map selection when loading maps, no more writing the name!

4. Settlers II Tools v1.0.0
Just some days ago we released Tools for working with the Settlers II file formats.
You can find those here: https://github.com/Return-To-The-Roots/libsiedler2/releases/tag/v1.0.0
They include the latest version of the lstpacker for example, which allows you to unpack all original *.LST and *.IDX files. You can
also use this to help improving the font, see https://github.com/Return-To-The-Roots/s25client/wiki/How-to-edit-fonts for further

Thanks for reading, and do leave your comments!

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By Spike at 24.12.2019

Nightly-Builds are now really "nightly" built only


we recently updated the build servers toolchains to new versions and Flamefire already put a lot of efford into updating the code to use the now available newer c++ language elements (Thank You!)

The various platform builds will now be in sync (now no incomplete builds will be available anymore)

We also changed the update behaviour:
Each commit will result in a build, but now a deployment to the website and integrated updater will not trigger automatically.
Instead a special deployment build will be done once per Night. (Now its really a nightly version!)

Team members with access to the jenkins build server can still trigger a new deployment build any time if necessary.

Like this, we can better decide which development features will be available and can do some pre-deployment tests if necessary. Hopefully leading to less broken automatic updates.

If everything goes well, we can try to get the current nightly ready to be deployed as the next stable release 0.9.0

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By FloSoft at 10.01.2019