Die letzten Änderungen an "Return to the Roots"
65d48e6 s25client 01.03.2021 15:54 Flamefire Declare ownership using unique_ptr for some factory functions to avoid memory leaks
6312adb s25client 01.03.2021 14:39 Flamefire Remove GO_Type::Unknown

This is not allowed anywhere but when used as a "not set" placeholder --> Optional
073b321 s25client 01.03.2021 14:26 Flamefire Fix wrong GOT for noNothing
1d1f983 s25client 01.03.2021 14:26 Flamefire Don't make GetGOT final for StaticObject and nobUsual
91d265a s25client 01.03.2021 14:00 Flamefire Make GetGOT final
2cd1ee8 s25client 01.03.2021 13:52 Flamefire Remove Serialize_* and Destroy_* functions

This is better implemented using the existing virtual Serialize/Destroy methods which allows to remove some entirely
a3e70fb s25client 24.02.2021 14:54 Flamefire Merge pull request #1379 from jdoerfert/lookups

Add getters useful for AIs that want to limit knowledge to "human levels"
041f624 s25client 24.02.2021 14:08 Flamefire Merge branch 'master' into lookups
a10572e s25client 21.02.2021 16:06 Johannes Doerfert Allow to query the list of attackers
aeb0cc2 s25client 21.02.2021 16:01 Johannes Doerfert Allow to query the amount on geologist signs
d94125d s25client 21.02.2021 16:00 Johannes Doerfert Allow to query the granite size
442b5cd s25client 21.02.2021 09:25 Flamefire Merge pull request #1369 from vader1986/feature/configurable-islands

Configurable number of islands for water & mixed maps
39214aa s25client 20.02.2021 18:07 LordVader Removed empty line
542953e s25client 20.02.2021 18:04 LordVader Addressed review comments

* avoid duplication of enum in iwMapGenerator
* convert combined sizes into product of width & height
* added kind of stupid integration test for islands amount settings
1ba0520 s25client 19.02.2021 20:05 Flamefire Rename max to maxExcl to show that this value is not included
1baca59 s25client 19.02.2021 19:45 Flamefire Add RANDOM_ELEMENT and make RANDOM usage consistent

Always use RANDOM_RAND instead of RANDOM.Rand unless there is no objId
Introduce RandomContext to bundle the context information
This avoids things like RANDOM_RAND(0, 10) which is confusing
b19e08b s25client 19.02.2021 19:00 Flamefire Factor out IO functions from Random
73903c2 s25client 19.02.2021 18:32 Flamefire Fix RANDOM_ENUM missing last enum value
bbb4ad2 s25client 16.02.2021 21:41 LordVader Fixed missing unsigned cast
1d5c572 s25client 16.02.2021 12:01 LordVader Exclude "BOOST_TEST_DONT_PRINT_LOG_VALUE" from code coverage
0ff9d73 s25client 16.02.2021 11:27 LordVader Fine-tuned island size to generate valid maps
55ee25c s25client 15.02.2021 20:09 LordVader island size ++
f925e77 s25client 15.02.2021 18:51 LordVader Fixed types & BOOST_TEST_DONT_PRINT_LOG_VALUE statement
27ed6ad s25client 15.02.2021 18:35 LordVader Fixed order of includes
1f5fc20 s25client 15.02.2021 18:32 LordVader FIxed unit tests
d2b0cf6 s25client 15.02.2021 17:33 LordVader Make Msg_ButtonClick public to help testing
71215b3 s25client 15.02.2021 17:05 LordVader Fixed ordering of includes
7f8d65f s25client 15.02.2021 17:00 LordVader fixed formatting
47cdfdc s25client 15.02.2021 16:57 LordVader Improved unit tests for iwMapGenerator class
604c5e2 s25client 15.02.2021 15:51 LordVader Fixed formatting
7b5570f s25client 15.02.2021 15:43 LordVader Added unit test for iwMapGenerator
c5f60c3 s25client 15.02.2021 08:45 Jonathan Fix some problems with unexpected behaviour during and after pauses (#1372)

Fx some problems with unexpected behaviour during and after pauses
c20a481 s25client 14.02.2021 19:30 Flamefire Disable player swapping in multiplayer games

Closes #1370
9e68dcc s25client 14.02.2021 19:19 Flamefire Fix noreturn function apparently returning
3d15912 s25client 14.02.2021 18:40 Flamefire Handle more exceptions in the program

May show the exception from #1374
88a1526 s25client 14.02.2021 12:46 Flamefire Fix table header buttons to big or small after resize of window
d73c3b1 s25client 14.02.2021 12:46 Flamefire Also remove points display
51fb417 liblobby 14.02.2021 12:46 Flamefire Also remove points
20a542d s25client 14.02.2021 12:30 Flamefire Remove online ranking for good
e0551fa liblobby 14.02.2021 12:29 Flamefire Remove online ranking
ed3f829 s25client 13.02.2021 16:28 LordVader Increment minimum island size for integration test of water maps

Increase island size range for testing water maps

Fixed smoothing iterations for 512x512 map size

island-test-map-size++ :-/

Fixed warning
b4eec89 s25client 13.02.2021 16:05 LordVader Added unit test to keep min land distance for islands
5261978 s25client 12.02.2021 13:29 Flamefire Add test throwing an exception during publish
5284a5e s25client 11.02.2021 19:32 LordVader Configurable number of islands for water & mixed maps

First, I fixed the size of players' home islands to a value depending on the map size (200-1200 nodes). Also, I added configurable "extra" islands (few/medium/many) of random size (range between 200 & 1200 nodes). This makes water & mixed maps slightly more interesting to play I think.
27c1792 s25client 11.02.2021 08:32 Flamefire Ignore clang-tidy loop warning
b798b36 s25client 10.02.2021 22:53 Flamefire Use Python tool for test coverage CI
80a2be6 s25client 10.02.2021 10:43 Flamefire Handle iterator (but not reference) invalidation on push to deque
a78e14f s25client 10.02.2021 10:17 Flamefire Fix tests
8f0ac43 s25client 09.02.2021 21:55 Flamefire Use flat_map and small_vector

--> Runtime 26.6s for 200k GFs
52fad6e s25client 09.02.2021 21:36 Flamefire Revert "Use flat_map and small_vector"

This reverts commit fdf019687944b5af2bc2d150f82841eeab618113.