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c1e7582 s25client 26.01.2021 23:22 Flamefire Merge pull request #1356 from vader1986/more-equal-mountain-distance

HQ positions on random maps consider mountain distance
0f64cae s25client 26.01.2021 17:15 LordVader Used std::stable_sort to keep HQ distance as tie breaker
9890c76 s25client 26.01.2021 15:42 LordVader Fixed formatting
7c7dbcb s25client 26.01.2021 15:34 LordVader Simplified algorithm and improved description
9be6a81 s25client 26.01.2021 11:36 LordVader Fixed clang formatting
96338bb s25client 26.01.2021 11:20 LordVader Sort HQ positions by offset to desired mountain distance
69801c2 s25client 25.01.2021 17:47 LordVader Fixed CI warning
22f6853 s25client 25.01.2021 16:53 LordVader Fixed formatting
95405bb s25client 25.01.2021 16:51 LordVader Removed unused function
6b37a3e s25client 25.01.2021 16:48 LordVader Keep min distance between HQs and widen search radius exponentially
33a8374 s25client 25.01.2021 16:19 LordVader Replaced two if conditions by using std::abs
959c03e s25client 25.01.2021 16:12 LordVader Remove redundant check for obstacle distance
1187416 s25client 25.01.2021 14:58 LordVader Fixed clang formatting
5239e6d s25client 25.01.2021 14:36 LordVader Store only valid HQs in Map::hqPositions vector
c069de9 s25client 25.01.2021 13:26 LordVader Update mountain distance values to work for smaller map size
4aca2b0 s25client 25.01.2021 13:23 LordVader Pass MountainDistance enum through to FindHqPositions
23455ff s25client 25.01.2021 13:01 LordVader Updated description for HQ distance to mountain
4bac5c3 s25client 25.01.2021 13:01 LordVader Removed member initialization from MapSettings constructor
8f9f348 s25client 25.01.2021 12:39 LordVader Use variable for UI offsets in y-direction
e004ae2 s25client 24.01.2021 20:55 LordVader Minor fine tuning to improve random land maps
434fcf4 s25client 24.01.2021 20:50 LordVader Fixed clang formatting
76d6adf s25client 24.01.2021 20:41 LordVader Rearranged code and added some comments
631a091 s25client 24.01.2021 18:29 LordVader Removed redundant Distances function (#1354)

Add DistancesTo function which calls SelectPoints & overload and convert IDs for GUI controls into enum values
128545b s25client 24.01.2021 11:42 Flamefire Merge pull request #1353 from vader1986/mountain-river-transitions

Add Mountain river transitions to random maps
0bb6088 s25client 23.01.2021 12:48 LordVader HQs placed with equal distance to mountains

This makes player positioning more in random maps more competitive. Each player should have about the same distance to the next mountain.
3b2c465 s25client 22.01.2021 21:20 LordVader Fixed formatting
b70dffa s25client 22.01.2021 21:18 LordVader Added UI option to control number of rivers
ea162c8 s25client 22.01.2021 19:38 LordVader Fixed clang formatting
19de19d s25client 22.01.2021 19:31 LordVader Swamp transitions between mountain and water

Improves the look of random maps with rivers going through mountains.
012539e s25client 21.01.2021 00:34 LordVader Removed "Inverse" function from Triangle struct

Those two member methods were almost useless, also a better name would be "Flip" rather than "Inverse". Either way, removed both overloads of "Inverse" and just inlined the simple "!" operation.
c820501 s25client 20.01.2021 17:58 LordVader Fixed formatting
d2bfd68 s25client 20.01.2021 17:14 LordVader Added static_cast and removed Count function entirely
f3141c2 s25client 20.01.2021 17:13 Flamefire Use using
2ec7151 s25client 20.01.2021 15:37 LordVader typedef const_iterator to avoid code duplication
e4f2b63 s25client 20.01.2021 15:34 LordVader Added sudo apt update (try fix load dependencies)
174bcaf s25client 20.01.2021 15:01 LordVader Fixed clang formatting
c49b898 s25client 20.01.2021 14:57 LordVader Replaced Map by begin() & end() iterators in NodeMapBase
2717654 s25client 19.01.2021 22:44 LordVader Reuse code already written in DistanceTo function
6b932b5 s25client 19.01.2021 22:44 LordVader Use map function to count values between min & max threshold
0dac5bc s25client 18.01.2021 10:33 Jonathan Base ingame times on normal speed (#1348)

Based ingame times on normal speed. changed GFs to time for saving
Change autosave intervals
Change SPEED_GF_LENGTHS type to unsigned milliseconds
e980b1b s25client 18.01.2021 08:45 Flamefire Merge pull request #1347 from vader1986/bugfix/1346-hq-positioning

Improve error handling on failed HQ placement
1fd6fa9 s25client 17.01.2021 22:51 Flamefire Merge pull request #1350 from vader1986/rivers-end-at-water

Rivers should end when going into sea or lakes
7394eed s25client 17.01.2021 17:00 LordVader Simplified helper function for filtering textures
784652e s25client 16.01.2021 23:14 LordVader Rivers should end when going into sea or lakes

Rivers should end at sea level (= minimum height of the map after ResetSeaLevel). This make avoids rivers from a main island to "swap" over to another island which looks a bit odd.
c17d7dc s25client 14.01.2021 16:21 LordVader Increased map size for unit test for island maps
bafe021 s25client 14.01.2021 10:50 LordVader Fixed naming of local variable (harber -> harbor)
26cda89 s25client 14.01.2021 10:43 LordVader Reverted weird change (ref return value)
cd1aae5 s25client 14.01.2021 10:27 LordVader Addressed review comments

Changed exception text to a proper sentence and used BOOST_CHECK_THROW in unit tests. Also renamed multiple quarters of heads into headquarters.
5bbd7bd s25client 14.01.2021 00:49 LordVader Fixed exception type in function descriptions
abb9e00 s25client 14.01.2021 00:46 LordVader Added missing unit tests & covered another edge case