Die letzten Änderungen an "Return to the Roots"
1a1bc12 s25client 03.07.2020 14:24 Flamefire Handle error on loading game resources

Fixes #1244
969c93a s25client 02.07.2020 11:20 Flamefire Remove unused workaround for supposedly missing fat bobs

It seems to be very strange as only a single ID is "workarounded" and it doesn't seem to trigger (the loader loading all bobs has similar code)
Only thing I found this "link" used is with "fat" soldiers but as soldiers are never fat this is in fact never used
2406e1a s25client 01.07.2020 16:54 Flamefire Add tests for JobData and ImgToDir
492b94a s25client 30.06.2020 23:07 Flamefire Adapt to simplified BOB interface

Also add comments on format of the mapping.links file
96f0f8c libsiedler2 30.06.2020 23:06 Flamefire Simplify BOB interface

Modify links so the offset to the images is represented there. Hence overlay indices from links array can be directly used
Also some refactoring:
- Use ImgDir to avoid bulk arguments or misplaced argument order
- Use named constants
- Translate most comments
- Use better variable and function names
02fa6e3 s25client 28.06.2020 15:02 Flamefire Fix Bob loading test
f9c7eec libsiedler2 27.06.2020 20:13 Flamefire Change text loading so that line endings are normalized to \n and links files are recognized

Files are (usually) loaded via binary streams so real text files don't get proper replacement for os specific line endings
0ebcb83 s25client 27.06.2020 20:10 Flamefire Fix failure on start game when selecting Babylonians as any nation

Override folders added must exist so check them before
5d5ed3e s25client 27.06.2020 17:15 Flamefire Load link mapping from override files
18d1080 libsiedler2 27.06.2020 17:15 Flamefire Add support for range-based for in archive
92af372 s25client 27.06.2020 16:19 Flamefire Rename GetBobN to GetBob (there is no N)
f3257cf s25client 27.06.2020 16:15 Flamefire Introduce getBobId for job consts

This is the code part for allowing link override files for nation images
Job data is split into 3 arrays: Names, (game) data, and sprite data, however a single array is used to initialize those 3 to avoid repeated comments to describe each job
The sprite data uses a struct with private data as the ID into jobs.bob (can be) nation dependend so the function must be used
The remaining changes adjust all usages so the correct images are always used
b2fc5db mygettext 27.06.2020 15:58 Flamefire Make gettext_noop constexpr
ea624b2 s25client 14.06.2020 21:36 Flamefire Make WAV header calculation more explicit
797a1ad s25client 14.06.2020 14:25 Flamefire Merge pull request #1258 from Flamefire/soundConvert

Improve sound conversion
0758206 mygettext 13.06.2020 22:32 FloSoft Merge pull request #8 from Return-To-The-Roots/makeTestable

Allow testing of translations
e850fcc libsiedler2 13.06.2020 17:58 Flamefire Fix Boost 1.64 compatibility
71003db s25client 13.06.2020 17:06 Flamefire Add command to convert sounds
5064482 s25client 13.06.2020 16:32 Flamefire Use loadMapping for sound.scs

Changes the format
Fixes a bug where the frequency set in sound.scs is ignored
4a2da00 libsiedler2 13.06.2020 16:26 Flamefire Add missing include and empty line test for loadMapping
2a37d50 libsiedler2 13.06.2020 16:05 Flamefire Test refactoring

Enable testing with original S2 files when build in tree with s25client
7702922 libsiedler2 13.06.2020 14:10 Flamefire Refactor unpack and also unpack bob mapping into bob folder
e6bd272 libsiedler2 13.06.2020 14:10 Flamefire Add read/write BOB mapping file support
4ce1dcc libsiedler2 12.06.2020 20:43 Flamefire Refactor bob loading
b2a7880 s25client 12.06.2020 18:06 Flamefire Add test for language files and fix russian
5e72485 s25client 12.06.2020 18:06 Flamefire Update mygettext and dependencies
6906b7c languages 12.06.2020 18:04 Flamefire Fix russian language format strings
3efbac9 mygettext 12.06.2020 13:34 Flamefire Factor out readCatalog function
9a67020 mygettext 12.06.2020 10:52 Flamefire Remove <locale> include and defines
0bbadc8 mygettext 11.06.2020 11:52 Flamefire Rename iconv_cd to iconvHandle
3638ea5 mygettext 11.06.2020 11:06 Flamefire Use namespace consistently
573b137 mygettext 10.06.2020 21:09 Flamefire Allow testing of translations

Make GetText class public
Introduce namespace s25gettext for that
Add function to get all loaded translations
1aa992a s25client 09.06.2020 09:49 Flamefire Add an use EnumRange to avoid conversions and related warnings
63a55e9 s25client 08.06.2020 20:39 Flamefire Add status on migration operations
184f66d s25client 08.06.2020 17:17 Flamefire Add videoSDL 1 driver for removal
8cd16d9 s25client 08.06.2020 17:07 Flamefire Update player inventory with reserve soldiers used on ClearResources

Also don't touch claimed reserve soldiers
Fixes #1253
723d673 s25client 08.06.2020 12:56 Flamefire Introduce MigrateFilesAndDirectories for folder renaming/moving
b784349 s25client 08.06.2020 12:55 Flamefire Fix build and address review comments
56e7aad s25edit 08.06.2020 12:51 Flamefire Rename remaining Font constants
b770270 s25client 08.06.2020 10:56 Flamefire Fix multiline debug string in AI debug window

Fixes #1252
f46b5dc s25client 07.06.2020 19:54 Flamefire Replace more strings by path constants
da66a3a s25edit 07.06.2020 19:45 Flamefire Update constant
8280182 s25client 07.06.2020 19:44 Flamefire Rename maps constants to better reflect what they are
a5db3b8 s25client 07.06.2020 19:17 Flamefire Replace FILE_PATHS by s25::resources constants
01d4a98 s25edit 07.06.2020 19:16 Flamefire Replace FILE_PATHS
daef26d libutil 07.06.2020 19:16 Flamefire Add toUpper
b8d98e3 libutil 07.06.2020 18:15 Flamefire Add to/from hex conversion and tests
7fa9221 libsiedler2 07.06.2020 16:42 Flamefire Implement loadMapping to load mapping files or streams
b057e39 s25edit 07.06.2020 14:06 Flamefire Rename setOption to addOption
1209511 s25edit 07.06.2020 13:50 Flamefire Refactor magic numbers into Font* enums