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318130e s25client 09.06.2024 16:32 Flamefire Merge pull request #1563 from I3igI3uilder/master

Allow to offer a new pact after a pact duration has expired
7d036eb s25client 09.06.2024 15:50 Flamefire Merge branch 'test-refactor' into pactfix
e095015 s25client 07.06.2024 01:39 Flamefire CampaignDataLoader: Make CheckScriptVersion private

It is only required for the load method if that succeeds the script
version was fine.
73aca20 s25client 07.06.2024 01:34 Flamefire Refactor testCampaignLuaFile::ScriptVersion

Remove confusing "!load()" check when comment says it should succeed.
Build a single lua file and just append to it during test
b8850c2 s25client 07.06.2024 01:14 Flamefire Add some test passpoints to narrow down crash
8587898 s25client 07.06.2024 01:06 Flamefire Replace some BOOST_TEST_REQUIRE by BOOST_TEST

No need for the strict check in many places
a662f6b s25client 07.06.2024 00:50 Flamefire Use existing method simplification in testCampaignLuaFile

The log test macro exists already and we can use `helpers::format`
c8bccd4 s25client 07.06.2024 00:48 Flamefire Avoid need to use TmpFolder.get()

We can auto-convert to bfs::path and append a path making the .get() superflous
d0953b7 s25client 05.06.2024 23:07 Flamefire Merge pull request #1662 from ottml/add_map_selection_to_campaign_lua

Add map selection to campaign lua
fad2022 s25client 04.06.2024 09:06 FloSoft Merge pull request #1523 from Mailaender/appdata

Added AppStream metadata
7bf8281 s25client 02.06.2024 00:49 Sunrise Consistently use GetWareTex and GetWareTexStack instead of GetMapTexture

Makes adding new textures for additional wares much easier
because we have only one place to add a lookup for the new texture.
faf1eb1 s25client 01.06.2024 21:14 Sunrise Old campaign lua versions can be loaded by newer versions
fffeac5 libutil 01.06.2024 14:46 Flamefire Remove FindSndfile
915c6ee s25client 01.06.2024 14:38 Flamefire Use official libsamplerate

The important issues have been fixed.
f70a76c s25client 01.06.2024 01:09 Sunrise Add second mission selection screen with ctrlMapSelection and also preview
24ef0ad s25client 31.05.2024 22:47 Flamefire Refactor ctrlMapSelection

- Throw translated message
- Make valid map images an invariant using the ctor
- Use utils from helpers
e97bbd4 s25client 31.05.2024 20:31 Flamefire Replace std::find* by equivalents in helpers::
cabb1df s25client 31.05.2024 20:08 Flamefire Update some SFINAE constructs to use simpler C++17 features
239c5fb s25client 31.05.2024 20:07 Flamefire Add `indexOf_if`

We sometimes need to get the index of an element matching a condition.
fa1d7f8 s25client 29.05.2024 09:20 Flamefire Merge pull request #1667 from Flamefire/fix-build

Fix build on 32bit Windows and reformat CML
b2f8502 dev-tools 25.05.2024 11:42 Flamefire Remove static 32bit libcurl from MSVC files.

Static curl requires additional defines and the 32 bit version
was build with a pre-2015 compiler and can't be linked anymore.
4d44fae libutil 25.05.2024 11:33 Flamefire Fix Boost download link
343dc0c s25update 23.05.2024 21:36 Flamefire Handle static CURL

(Especially) on Windows we need to define `CURL_STATICLIB` when linking
to the static curl library or we get errors such as:
> unresolved external symbol __imp__curl_free

Check if the CURL target from the CMake config file (of CURL) was used
and trust them to set that define.
Otherwise apply a heuristic to detect whether static CURL was found and
set the define (and libs for MSVC) in that case
4ca9689 s25edit 23.05.2024 21:35 Flamefire CMake: Consistently use 4 spaces indentation
1043918 s25edit 23.05.2024 21:35 Flamefire Fix formatting
96978da s25edit 23.05.2024 21:35 Flamefire Fix Boost.Filesystem include

The directory iterator seems to have move to a different include.
Just include all of it.
6a5e031 s25edit 23.05.2024 21:35 Flamefire Add command line arguments.
2e273db s25client 23.05.2024 21:33 Flamefire Update submodules
fa06288 s25client 23.05.2024 21:32 Flamefire CMake: Consistently use 4 spaces indentation
efe8aeb mygettext 17.05.2024 19:10 Flamefire CMake: Consistently use 4 spaces indentation
dd7a3ec libutil 17.05.2024 19:09 Flamefire CMake: Consistently use 4 spaces indentation
408f7e7 dev-tools 17.05.2024 19:06 Flamefire CMake: Consistently use 4 spaces indentation
f378557 s25client 05.05.2024 15:21 Sunrise Increase lua version to 2
643a2fd s25client 05.05.2024 15:20 Sunrise ADd docu for campaign selection screen for lua
d447237 s25client 05.05.2024 01:22 Sunrise Add unit test and increase campaign lua version
8e6f2dd s25client 05.05.2024 00:42 Sunrise Add selection map input to lua campaign loader
bd8f2bd s25client 02.05.2024 19:59 Sunrise Add map selection control for campaigns including test
bd7e6da s25client 08.04.2024 01:03 Flamefire Fix validity criterium for fish in AIResourceMap

The resource map doesn't store where fish is but how good a fishery
would be at this position.
Hence we need to check for buildable, not for water.
See #933
Also slightly refactor the code and improve comments.
ed25306 s25client 06.04.2024 21:54 Flamefire Don't repeat all songs from playlist once

When playing a song from the playlist `Play(1)` is called which
means "1 repeat" not "play once".
This leads to #1480 which was reported on Discord to still happen.
Fix is to remove the argument to default to *playing* only once.

Also add a test although it is actually a logic confusion.
dfb9923 s25maps 04.04.2024 16:07 Spike add the 4 player version of mud puddles
c64dd5e s25maps 04.04.2024 15:54 Spike add new 4 player map
0136c70 s25maps 04.04.2024 15:54 Spike fix pathfinding map
fd16215 s25client 26.03.2024 09:58 Flamefire Merge pull request #1655 from eltorrero/raspi5-and-arm-64bit

Add Arm optimization flags for Raspberry Pi 5 and include ARM 64 Bit
8633958 s25client 25.03.2024 17:38 Robert Addressed feedback using ranges
640058d s25client 24.03.2024 19:41 Robert Add Arm optimization flags for Raspberry Pi 5 and include ARM 64 Bit
6ddcdd5 s25client 11.03.2024 08:45 Flamefire Merge pull request #1651 from desofity/ai_inexhaustible_granite_mines_fix

fix AI interaction with granite mines with enabled Inexhaustible gran?
62361bb s25client 09.03.2024 18:14 ky4epok indentation fixed
fc83b6a s25client 09.03.2024 16:41 desofity Update libs/s25main/ai/aijh/AIPlayerJH.cpp
0f61928 s25client 09.03.2024 06:46 ky4epok fix AI interaction with granite mines with enabled Inexhaustible granite mines addon
e6adc9d s25client 09.03.2024 06:07 ky4epok fix mistake - overlay tabs are not displaying relevant information