Die letzten Änderungen an "Return to the Roots"
cb2994d libsiedler2 06.04.2021 16:41 Flamefire Add missing include
f8499c6 libsiedler2 05.04.2021 20:08 Flamefire Make deleted special functions public
f84e58a s25client 05.04.2021 16:56 Flamefire Update submodule
c684560 libsiedler2 05.04.2021 16:56 Flamefire Introduce NUM_SWD_LAYERS constant
2813162 s25client 05.04.2021 16:43 Flamefire Fix BQ at HQ positions of random maps

Need some terrain smoothing to make sure the HQ can be there
c4229f1 s25client 05.04.2021 16:06 Flamefire Add test to check for valid HQ positions

Also fixes a bug when moving the Map class which lead to an invalid reference to textures
f4930fa s25client 05.04.2021 15:07 Flamefire Rename safeDiff to absDiff
3afde55 s25client 05.04.2021 14:58 Flamefire Fix OT/OI enum usage
4e150f8 libsiedler2 05.04.2021 14:57 Flamefire Merge pull request #17 from Flamefire/Map

Move some functionality into the Map item
8b53165 libsiedler2 05.04.2021 14:56 Flamefire Fixup ObjectType and Info/Index confusion
1da020f s25client 05.04.2021 14:15 Flamefire Make map generator create valid S2 amps
6297573 libsiedler2 05.04.2021 14:06 Flamefire Better names for MapLayer enumerators
c151dea libsiedler2 05.04.2021 13:40 Flamefire Increase coverage of tests
c4ba01c libsiedler2 05.04.2021 12:28 Flamefire Fix CI
ec77312 libsiedler2 05.04.2021 12:13 Flamefire Move some functionality into the Map item
660d707 s25client 01.04.2021 16:14 Flamefire Replace some auto& by auto* or their actual types
cdd67e3 s25client 01.04.2021 16:14 Flamefire Fix infinite recursion in some attack situations

Fixes #1405
8449fa7 s25client 28.03.2021 18:40 Flamefire Remove duplicate quotes in log messages
bd6ebcb languages 28.03.2021 18:13 Flamefire Remove double double quotes
85a6b99 s25client 28.03.2021 17:47 Flamefire Remove version from window title

Closes #1378
7e8dfa8 s25client 28.03.2021 15:12 Flamefire Fix format strings
2d7cd72 s25client 28.03.2021 15:06 Flamefire Reduce amount of release() calls
b930b4a s25client 27.03.2021 18:00 Flamefire Use boost::static_pointer_cast
4c8688f libsiedler2 27.03.2021 17:59 Flamefire Use boost::dynamic_pointer_cast
1fd0133 libutil 27.03.2021 17:59 Flamefire Remove the pointer cast file
f849d5f s25client 27.03.2021 17:29 Flamefire Fix unset trade cache on loading a game

Fixes #1392
c8c49c8 s25client 25.03.2021 21:30 Flamefire Fix a double-free when a defender is chosen out of the leave list
bb26daa libutil 25.03.2021 13:57 Flamefire Improve Boost build process
5811716 libsiedler2 25.03.2021 13:20 Flamefire Fix CI process after Boost removal from GHA
9a6b3f9 libutil 25.03.2021 13:20 Flamefire Support GHA env variables
9824045 libutil 25.03.2021 13:20 Flamefire Use Nowide 11.1.1
e66e36d s25client 25.03.2021 08:48 Flamefire Add build type and boost version to ccache key
01e3ade s25client 25.03.2021 08:37 Flamefire Update submodules
106fd1b libsiedler2 25.03.2021 08:35 Flamefire Require clang-format 10 EXACT
4c681a6 s25client 24.03.2021 09:59 Flamefire Explicitely set the clang-format version to EXACT

This avoids a misleading message about why later versions are
incompatible, e.g.: 'found suitable version "11.1.0", minimum required is "10"'

Fixes #1400
853748f s25client 21.03.2021 13:27 Matthias Mail?nder The Lua version became less restrictive.
50fdc29 s25client 20.03.2021 21:40 Matthias Mail?nder The boost version was bumped.
53263b2 s25client 20.03.2021 12:15 Flamefire Make the project coverage check informational only
d1ebe51 s25client 19.03.2021 11:24 Flamefire Fix test failures in mapGenerator TestResources

Introduced in #1385
e9bb8d0 s25client 19.03.2021 11:09 Flamefire Introduce helpers::count(_if)
027d29c s25client 14.03.2021 21:07 Flamefire Fix ccache action
b978ef2 s25client 14.03.2021 20:26 Flamefire Slightly reduce the max volume and frequency of bird sounds
efdbbe0 s25client 14.03.2021 20:25 Flamefire Limit the amount of animal sounds
2ede0ec s25client 14.03.2021 15:46 Flamefire Rename GameWorldGame to GameWorld
6367ff5 s25client 14.03.2021 11:31 Flamefire Make GGS movable and simplify Addon registration

Now you can simply add an Addon type to the MP11 list which is also sorted to easier find the addon
7f84af6 s25client 14.03.2021 10:57 Flamefire Refactor and test SoundManager

Put it into GameWorldBase instead of a singleton as it is a game Class
Allow access via GameWorldView(er) for the options window
Refactor the class itself (mocked clock, true random, consistent naming)
378f717 s25client 13.03.2021 22:55 Flamefire Some minor enhancements for potential speed (order of checks) and consistency (init/update of values)
1244671 s25client 13.03.2021 21:53 Flamefire Update submodules
cb8e5d3 s25client 13.03.2021 21:53 Flamefire Update replays
235d718 libutil 13.03.2021 21:29 Flamefire Fix script