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a75fc30 s25client 29.01.2023 17:26 Flamefire Merge pull request #1548 from thesamesam/gcc-13

LanGameInfo: Add missing <cstdint> include
d59abd4 s25client 23.01.2023 01:49 Sam James LanGameInfo: Add missing <cstdint> include

GCC 13 (as usual for new compiler releases) shuffles around some
internal includes and so <cstdint> etc is no longer transitively included.


127d7e4 turtle 07.01.2023 13:31 Flamefire Merge pull request #117 from Flamefire/remove-fixture

Improve use of fixture in test_matcher
4013a6f languages 07.01.2023 13:19 Flamefire Fix french translation
eb4b49b libsiedler2 07.01.2023 13:12 Flamefire CI: Update markdown-lint to 1.5.0
a1c4e20 s25client 07.01.2023 12:59 Flamefire Remove use of sprintf

Use better alternatives like `format` or `snprintf` to avoid warnings
about using this deprecated, unsafe function.
8b2ebe5 libutil 07.01.2023 12:56 Flamefire Fix formatting
650008f libsiedler2 07.01.2023 12:55 Flamefire Remove duplicate test file
f411c3f s25edit 07.01.2023 12:50 Flamefire Remove use of `sprintf`

Replace by `helpers::format`, `std::to_string` or `std::snprintf`
to avoid warnings about `sprintf` being deprecated (and unsafe)
07a3921 libutil 07.01.2023 12:32 Flamefire Replace use of sprintf by stream op

Fixes build on some OS as sprintf is deprecated
f191de5 turtle 07.01.2023 12:06 Flamefire Add test for serializing a string or functor matcher
9f5a813 turtle 03.01.2023 23:00 Flamefire Download docbook DTD/XSL
fa29eec turtle 03.01.2023 18:53 Flamefire Merge pull request #116 from AlexSmithEtas/fix-issue-115-null-c-string-derefs

Avoid dereferencing NULL C-strings
Fixes #115
6fecabc turtle 03.01.2023 18:44 Flamefire Bring back the fixture

Without using a `std::string` the compiler may put the `const char*` C-Strings to the same memory address so our test might succeed when it should not.
Add a short descriptive comment and check the property where it is used.
700ceb9 turtle 03.01.2023 18:13 Flamefire Remove fixture of tests in test_matcher

The fixture is not really required and can be replaced by definitions in
each test which even improves readability.
Also the tests are partially redundant due to implicit conversions so
add test in test_function for actual usage testing of string comparisons.
e553423 turtle 03.01.2023 16:28 Alex Smith Review corrections

Corrected stylistic mistakes and simplified a couple of the new tests.
dd7340e turtle 02.01.2023 17:38 Alex Smith Avoid dereferencing nullptr C-style strings

Added runtime checks for C-style strings (char*) being nullptr during matching and serialization.

This fix prevents nullptr dereferences in the case that the null character pointer (as opposed to the null nullptr_t) is expected and in the case that a non-null string is expected but nullptr is actually passed.
528761b turtle 02.01.2023 17:30 Alex Smith Unit test nullptr C-style strings

Added unit tests for the cases of matching and serializing C-style strings (char*) that are nullptr.

(As of this revision, these new tests correctly fail, except for the test of mock::equal; fix to follow.)
4675ee9 languages 24.10.2022 14:06 Flamefire Merge pull request #21 from theau-aurelien/patch-1

Update rttr-fr.po
1a8ea3b languages 24.10.2022 09:58 Aur?lien th?au Update rttr-fr.po
0537322 s25client 20.09.2022 18:38 KaiN Add lua function GetStatisticsValue()
9767dc0 s25client 19.09.2022 12:35 Flamefire Merge pull request #1535 from tehKaiN/add-lerp

Add lerp and inverseLerp helper functions
358d246 languages 17.09.2022 12:53 Flamefire Downgrade launchpad synchronization runner to Ubuntu 18.04

On 20.04 the bzr fastimport fails due to Python2/Python3 incompatibilities
d465390 languages 17.09.2022 11:44 Flamefire Remove faulty space before parentheses
793ef1b s25client 15.09.2022 19:14 KaiN Add lerp and inverseLerp helper functions
64185ca s25client 12.09.2022 10:26 Flamefire CI: Update markdown-lint action to 1.5
6108605 s25client 24.08.2022 18:15 KaiN Update libs/s25main/world/GameWorldView.cpp

Co-authored-by: Alexander Grund <>
ace80d4 s25client 24.08.2022 17:57 KaiN Be more strict on when military aid icon is loaded
26c49c3 s25client 22.08.2022 19:11 KaiN Fix formatting and clang-tidy errors
5ae10fa s25client 22.08.2022 18:46 KaiN Update languages submodule
d428f61 languages 22.08.2022 18:46 Flamefire Merge pull request #20 from tehKaiN/fix-addons

changed "Race specific" catapults to "Nation-specific"
a5438b4 languages 22.08.2022 18:42 KaiN sorted lines?
aa8955a s25client 21.08.2022 21:44 KaiN Make attack military indicators optional, fix catapult gfx addon strings
7748cb2 languages 21.08.2022 21:29 KaiN added military aid options, changed "race-specific" to "nation-specific"
c6ba939 s25client 20.08.2022 17:25 KaiN Fix loading plugin graphics, e.g. nation-specific catapult graphics
27e12bb languages 20.08.2022 17:22 KaiN changed "Race specific" catapults to "Nation-specific"
334ee9c s25client 19.08.2022 20:12 KaiN Make attack aid icon work again
b7e4b11 libutil 13.06.2022 09:35 Flamefire Merge pull request #25 from extrowerk/master

Haiku support
6e3c451 libutil 13.06.2022 07:07 extrowerk Merging OSX and Haiku cases
e1df989 libutil 11.06.2022 19:19 extrowerk Haiku: getExecutablePath support
a4ffedc libutil 11.06.2022 19:18 extrowerk Haiku: locale related fix
a8d5744 s25client 16.04.2022 09:12 Flamefire Merge pull request #1511 from Shawn8901/nixos

Fix nix shell environment
b12db9c s25client 11.04.2022 19:18 Shawn8901 Nix shell: Set SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH to newest file

RTTR does use epoch on a sanity unit test and when calculating RTTR_BUILD_DATE and RTTR_VERSION on non-release builds.
Nix does set SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH to the static value 315532800 by default (1980-01-01).
That epoch does not pass the sanity unit test.

By using the updateSourceDateEpoch the SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH is updated to the newest file in the folder.
See for implementation details
0b5f8eb s25client 09.04.2022 18:18 Shawn8901 Nix shell: Workaround for an incomplete SDL2 package

nixpkgs does ship a incomplete package of SDL2 since Nov 2019, which does not contain `libSDL2Main.a`.
7f41369 s25client 09.04.2022 18:12 Shawn8901 Nix shell: Update to mkShell and add libsamplerate
b07b716 s25client 30.03.2022 19:38 Shawn8901 Adds a cmake option to control if a placeholder is written on install

This option enables the possibility for a package maintainer to set RTTR_GAMEDIR to a directory outside the package itself and do no write operation.
That is us useful for systems where the packaging system prevents write operations outside of the package structure on package build time. A system where this is the case is NixOS.

As the use case is special for some packaging systems and not intended for daily use it is marked as an advanced option.
8f16126 s25client 27.02.2022 19:47 Flamefire Make map size selectable in X and Y
e4fde61 s25client 27.02.2022 18:49 Flamefire Rename control ID enums of mapGenerator window

Make clear those are IDs of controls and factor in the type of the control
8081e17 s25client 26.02.2022 15:43 Flamefire Use fixture for GameClient tests

Create the temporary folder and adjust/reset the RTTRCONFIG in a fixture to avoid it leaking into other tests
a0334e6 s25client 26.02.2022 12:27 Flamefire Fix usage of maxEnumValue in MapSettings.h

This must only be used when no custom values are used in the enumerators