Die letzten Änderungen an "Return to the Roots"
a24429f s25client 25.07.2021 20:07 Flamefire Add tests for build date and version
d92576a s25client 25.07.2021 19:51 Flamefire Update libsiedler2
b240ec6 s25client 25.07.2021 19:51 Flamefire Rename project to RTTR

s25client is only a part of it
ead2105 s25client 25.07.2021 19:50 Flamefire Introduce separate constant for build date

For stable the version is an actual version and does not contain the date
50d3360 s25client 22.07.2021 14:54 Flamefire Fix and improve version checks
7273dd8 s25client 22.07.2021 14:35 FloSoft fix updater not using --stable param for stable releases
8fbbc1e s25client 22.07.2021 13:10 FloSoft Update release.yml

Don't know why this fails to delete the folders
85cbdac s25client 22.07.2021 13:09 FloSoft Update

fix version and platform dir
805d09d s25client 22.07.2021 09:42 FloSoft Update release.yml

Make it verbose
7f331d5 s25client 22.07.2021 09:41 FloSoft Update

Fix version detection in
4c66e13 s25client 22.07.2021 09:14 FloSoft Update release.yml

Fix deletion of .github directories (there are multiple ones!)
fbfcb2f s25client 22.07.2021 09:12 FloSoft Update release.yml

fix .github workflow for releases
00cc839 s25client 22.07.2021 09:08 FloSoft Update

Be more verbose when building a tag.
2a34ea9 s25client 22.07.2021 09:02 FloSoft Update

Fix git describe not working on $src_dir
c3eeee9 libsiedler2 08.07.2021 22:10 Flamefire Fix markdown files
bad259a libsiedler2 08.07.2021 18:35 Flamefire Add missing ci file
9dafa49 libsiedler2 08.07.2021 18:18 Flamefire Fix GHA workflow file
e6505ac libsiedler2 08.07.2021 18:17 Flamefire Improve error message on write
f934e34 libsiedler2 08.07.2021 18:16 Flamefire Rename ErrorCode::WRONG_ARCHIVE
e7d29af libsiedler2 08.07.2021 18:15 Flamefire Fix loading of images with negative offsets
fd16c75 s25client 23.05.2021 19:00 Flamefire Further improve AI tool ordering
f69fda3 s25client 23.05.2021 18:39 Flamefire Improve AI tool production
c83590a s25client 23.05.2021 11:35 Flamefire Add tests for EnumArray size & empty
e976197 s25client 23.05.2021 11:35 Flamefire Add final to some iwWindows to avoid ctor calls to virtual funcs
f1049e4 s25client 23.05.2021 09:59 eltorrero Add Arm optimization flags for Raspberry Pi 4
f10202f s25client 22.05.2021 21:08 Flamefire Introduce Tool enum

Followup to #1415 to avoid magic numbers which has lead to the bug(s)
fixed in that PR by using a strong-enum.
eeee671 s25client 17.05.2021 15:42 FloSoft Fix typo
d9e65ff s25client 17.05.2021 09:00 Flamefire Update GoogleBenchmark to 1.5.3
391cccb s25client 16.05.2021 21:13 Flamefire Add comment
6aa3460 libsiedler2 16.05.2021 21:12 Flamefire Add missing limits include
3bb78df s25client 16.05.2021 12:31 Flamefire Custom nations are lowercase -> Fix loading code

Fixes #1420
8fd592c s25update 07.05.2021 17:08 Flamefire Remove redundand static decls
0958bdf s25update 07.05.2021 14:25 Flamefire Fix init of SHELLEXECUTEINFOA
fc90db9 s25client 07.05.2021 14:04 Flamefire Fix updater build and exec

Fixes #1417
0e5425f s25update 07.05.2021 14:04 Flamefire Avoid warnings about functions without prior declarations
f7d1a79 s25client 06.05.2021 20:21 Flamefire Update and unify copyright and license in submodules
df84d46 liblobby 06.05.2021 20:20 Flamefire Unify copyright
e0d9f47 libendian 06.05.2021 20:19 Flamefire Unify copyright
373ddb1 languages 06.05.2021 20:19 Flamefire Unify copyright
30841ea s25update 06.05.2021 20:18 Flamefire Add missing copyright and license notices
2595b31 s25edit 06.05.2021 19:50 Flamefire Add missing copyright and license notices
d8c3ea5 mygettext 06.05.2021 19:31 Flamefire Add missing copyright and license notices
3b1abe6 libutil 06.05.2021 19:28 Flamefire Add missing copyright and license notices
0582a59 libsiedler2 06.05.2021 19:21 Flamefire Add missing copyright and license notices
bf44623 liblobby 06.05.2021 19:07 Flamefire Add missing copyright and license notices
851245b libendian 06.05.2021 19:05 Flamefire Add copyright and license notices
2247c23 languages 06.05.2021 19:03 Flamefire Add copyright and license notices
4ce6199 s25client 29.04.2021 14:44 Flamefire Update Copyright start date to 2005

First release date of RttR as suggested by @Flow86
5335dd5 s25client 28.04.2021 23:17 Spezi Fix AI AdjustSettings to create correct tools
8670506 s25client 23.04.2021 15:23 Flamefire Revert copyright text changes in some files gotten from external