Die letzten Änderungen an "Return to the Roots"
6561079 s25client 16.11.2021 07:01 FloSoft Merge pull request #1450 from Flamefire/fix_crash

Fix crash when flag is captured while having active flag workers and enhance connect fail message for version mismatch
e20307a s25client 16.11.2021 07:01 FloSoft Merge pull request #1460 from Return-To-The-Roots/iwActionCloseFix

Fix closing of iwAction
9ddcca8 s25client 14.11.2021 21:02 Flamefire Fix closing of iwAction

Add missing parent call to Close
Fixes #1459
40d94b4 s25client 11.11.2021 13:12 Flamefire Merge pull request #1458 from Flamefire/fix-esc-handling

Fix saving of settings when pressing ESC
a952385 s25client 10.11.2021 23:36 Flamefire Fix saving of settings when pressing ESC

When pressing ESC the window was directly deleted instead of first calling Close which triggers a settings update for e.g. the tools window.

Refactor this so deleting a window is purely done by the WindowManager and before deleting Close is always called.
Add tests which catch this.

Also some changes to tests to avoid log spam and fix possibly missed mock-verify calls.
a3655cd s25client 06.11.2021 19:38 FloSoft Merge pull request #1457 from Flamefire/fixCorruptedAttack

Fix corrupted data on attack
528c15c s25client 05.11.2021 16:26 Flamefire Remove unused SettingsChanged method
1663c46 s25client 05.11.2021 16:16 Flamefire Clear far away capturers array after telling them the goal is gone

When a Military building is captured and recaptured before all capturers arrived they are told about that but not removed from the list in the building leading to dangling pointers

Fixes #1452
3fc5a39 s25client 05.11.2021 16:14 Flamefire Don't show "duplicate override file" message when explicitly loading one

This happens for new nations as new nations require overrides and new filesystem
Alternative: Move override files of new nations into a subfolder of the nation folder
fd42d14 s25client 05.11.2021 15:31 Flamefire Write uncompressed gamedata to temporary file in debug builds

Useful for debugging
70f8b84 s25client 05.11.2021 15:16 Flamefire Fix output of ResourceIds

The string is not NULL terminated so take length into account
651aaaf s25client 01.11.2021 09:20 FloSoft Merge pull request #1451 from Return-To-The-Roots/add-license

Add LICENSE file
e94b82b s25client 31.10.2021 19:44 Flamefire Add LICENSE file

This will be detected and shown by Github
d9aee3b s25client 29.10.2021 23:13 Flamefire Include the version mismatch into the log
cbb1d9b s25client 29.10.2021 22:51 Flamefire Fix missing abort-work notification when flag is captured

When a flag is captured all related flag workers need to be notified
Fixes #1449
30e94c9 s25client 26.10.2021 21:55 Flamefire Merge pull request #1448 from Flamefire/fix_draw

Fix drawing issues
e0d8008 s25client 26.10.2021 13:27 Flamefire Fix height related drawing issue in editor
5f574eb s25edit 26.10.2021 13:27 Flamefire Fix height related drawing issue

Replace hard coded constant on how many additional rows to draw by dynamically calculated value
c43e9f0 s25client 26.10.2021 12:42 Flamefire Fix calculation of percentage of water tiles drawn
5363b51 s25client 26.10.2021 12:27 Flamefire Fix drawing of very high maps

Replace hard-coded max height of 60 by calculated height
Fixes #1444
82cf8cf s25client 26.10.2021 11:22 Flamefire Update submodules
db392fb languages 19.10.2021 15:42 FloSoft add changes from Joona I got per email
154b041 kaguya 25.09.2021 22:25 satoren Create cmake.yml (#100)

* chore: migrate to github actions
df0fe3a s25client 24.09.2021 15:37 FloSoft Merge pull request #1443 from Flamefire/ci

Update GCC 6 OS to 18.04
3c893ad s25client 24.09.2021 10:27 Flamefire Update GCC 6 OS to 18.04

16.04 was removed
Fixes #1442
0f3906b s25client 22.09.2021 07:58 FloSoft boolean to string
ee58fec s25client 22.09.2021 07:56 FloSoft add force deploy parameter
1e7491b s25client 21.09.2021 18:14 FloSoft update s25update

closes #1441
f77f0f8 s25update 21.09.2021 18:11 FloSoft Fix manifest
0558951 s25client 17.09.2021 10:29 FloSoft Merge pull request #1439 from Flamefire/ci

Enhance CI: Update compilers and tested standards
bdc54a3 s25client 17.09.2021 09:22 Flamefire Refactor GetGitRevisionDescription

Remove auxilary file
Rename variables to lower case for temporary stuff
Fix comparison issues
ea2047c libsiedler2 17.09.2021 09:19 Flamefire Add noexcept to lambda
ac11c68 s25client 16.09.2021 20:36 Flamefire Catch invalid revisions during configure

See #1435
2e53628 s25client 16.09.2021 20:18 Flamefire Update libsiedler2

Fixes #1436
c7097f6 libsiedler2 16.09.2021 20:17 Flamefire Fix confusion of X/Y offsets when loading from a folder
5a615f6 s25client 14.09.2021 15:40 Flamefire Ignore Boost.Nowide in 1.73

There is a missing include causing problems
571245a s25client 14.09.2021 15:36 Flamefire Fix GCC 11 compat

-Wnoexcept is triggered, so add noexcept to the lambdas
7fd7f4a s25client 14.09.2021 15:35 Flamefire Add compat for LUA 5.1

table.pack didn't exist yet
Fixes #1434
33f6c15 s25client 14.09.2021 11:12 Flamefire Update CI to Ubuntu 20 to use latest compilers
6158779 s25client 14.09.2021 11:11 Flamefire Fix formatting
56854fa s25client 14.09.2021 10:48 Flamefire Use Boost 1.73 on appveyor
7fc7492 s25client 14.09.2021 10:46 Flamefire Update CI compilers and test different C++ standards

See #1437
f398721 s25client 10.09.2021 22:59 James Le Cuirot Fix bad channel count handling with libsamplerate 0.2.0

Since libsndfile/libsamplerate@26d92c369394bcd0b0cea488890edce1a0d757d5,
initialising libsamplerate with 0 channels or less causes a SIGABRT. We
therefore need to handle this in the C++ wrapper classes.
f584670 s25client 02.09.2021 23:01 Flamefire Merge pull request #1432 from JonathanSteinbuch/keepWindowPositions

keep window positions
96bbe0a s25client 01.09.2021 21:09 Jonathan Steinbuch mygettext
478cb65 s25client 25.08.2021 17:42 Jonathan Steinbuch make new functions const
40ff690 s25client 25.08.2021 16:37 Jonathan Steinbuch removed settings calls from destructors
49e0339 s25client 24.08.2021 16:30 Jonathan Steinbuch formatting
9db12c1 s25client 24.08.2021 15:33 Jonathan Steinbuch moved econhandler creation back to Game::Start()
34c7642 s25client 23.08.2021 14:22 Jonathan Steinbuch removed unreferenced variable