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30e94c9 s25client 26.10.2021 21:55 Flamefire Merge pull request #1448 from Flamefire/fix_draw

Fix drawing issues
e0d8008 s25client 26.10.2021 13:27 Flamefire Fix height related drawing issue in editor
5f574eb s25edit 26.10.2021 13:27 Flamefire Fix height related drawing issue

Replace hard coded constant on how many additional rows to draw by dynamically calculated value
c43e9f0 s25client 26.10.2021 12:42 Flamefire Fix calculation of percentage of water tiles drawn
5363b51 s25client 26.10.2021 12:27 Flamefire Fix drawing of very high maps

Replace hard-coded max height of 60 by calculated height
Fixes #1444
82cf8cf s25client 26.10.2021 11:22 Flamefire Update submodules
db392fb languages 19.10.2021 15:42 FloSoft add changes from Joona I got per email
154b041 kaguya 25.09.2021 22:25 satoren Create cmake.yml (#100)

* chore: migrate to github actions
df0fe3a s25client 24.09.2021 15:37 FloSoft Merge pull request #1443 from Flamefire/ci

Update GCC 6 OS to 18.04
3c893ad s25client 24.09.2021 10:27 Flamefire Update GCC 6 OS to 18.04

16.04 was removed
Fixes #1442
0f3906b s25client 22.09.2021 07:58 FloSoft boolean to string
ee58fec s25client 22.09.2021 07:56 FloSoft add force deploy parameter
1e7491b s25client 21.09.2021 18:14 FloSoft update s25update

closes #1441
f77f0f8 s25update 21.09.2021 18:11 FloSoft Fix manifest
0558951 s25client 17.09.2021 10:29 FloSoft Merge pull request #1439 from Flamefire/ci

Enhance CI: Update compilers and tested standards
bdc54a3 s25client 17.09.2021 09:22 Flamefire Refactor GetGitRevisionDescription

Remove auxilary file
Rename variables to lower case for temporary stuff
Fix comparison issues
ea2047c libsiedler2 17.09.2021 09:19 Flamefire Add noexcept to lambda
ac11c68 s25client 16.09.2021 20:36 Flamefire Catch invalid revisions during configure

See #1435
2e53628 s25client 16.09.2021 20:18 Flamefire Update libsiedler2

Fixes #1436
c7097f6 libsiedler2 16.09.2021 20:17 Flamefire Fix confusion of X/Y offsets when loading from a folder
5a615f6 s25client 14.09.2021 15:40 Flamefire Ignore Boost.Nowide in 1.73

There is a missing include causing problems
571245a s25client 14.09.2021 15:36 Flamefire Fix GCC 11 compat

-Wnoexcept is triggered, so add noexcept to the lambdas
7fd7f4a s25client 14.09.2021 15:35 Flamefire Add compat for LUA 5.1

table.pack didn't exist yet
Fixes #1434
33f6c15 s25client 14.09.2021 11:12 Flamefire Update CI to Ubuntu 20 to use latest compilers
6158779 s25client 14.09.2021 11:11 Flamefire Fix formatting
56854fa s25client 14.09.2021 10:48 Flamefire Use Boost 1.73 on appveyor
7fc7492 s25client 14.09.2021 10:46 Flamefire Update CI compilers and test different C++ standards

See #1437
f398721 s25client 10.09.2021 22:59 James Le Cuirot Fix bad channel count handling with libsamplerate 0.2.0

Since libsndfile/libsamplerate@26d92c369394bcd0b0cea488890edce1a0d757d5,
initialising libsamplerate with 0 channels or less causes a SIGABRT. We
therefore need to handle this in the C++ wrapper classes.
f584670 s25client 02.09.2021 23:01 Flamefire Merge pull request #1432 from JonathanSteinbuch/keepWindowPositions

keep window positions
96bbe0a s25client 01.09.2021 21:09 Jonathan Steinbuch mygettext
478cb65 s25client 25.08.2021 17:42 Jonathan Steinbuch make new functions const
40ff690 s25client 25.08.2021 16:37 Jonathan Steinbuch removed settings calls from destructors
49e0339 s25client 24.08.2021 16:30 Jonathan Steinbuch formatting
9db12c1 s25client 24.08.2021 15:33 Jonathan Steinbuch moved econhandler creation back to Game::Start()
34c7642 s25client 23.08.2021 14:22 Jonathan Steinbuch removed unreferenced variable
c4155b2 s25client 23.08.2021 13:57 Jonathan Steinbuch Add try-catch blocks so destructors don't pass through exceptions

(clang-tidy suggestion)
ad1d8f9 s25client 23.08.2021 12:34 Jonathan Steinbuch Changed window persistent settings access to using an iterator and using
const when reading.
f6f4397 s25client 23.08.2021 11:41 Jonathan Steinbuch Some changes as suggested by @Flow86 and @Flamefire
d00ae02 s25client 21.08.2021 17:59 Jonathan Steinbuch Make clang-tidy happier
7aa40a6 s25client 19.08.2021 02:41 Sam James Fix build with Boost 1.77 (missing <algorithm> include)

Needed for std::transform which is defined within <algorithm>. The
build fails with newer versions of Boost, presumably because of
a missing indirect include.

b86100a turtle 17.08.2021 06:15 Mathieu Champlon Merge pull request #102 from jonesmz/patch-1

Fix deprecation warning about implicit copy constructor
6c3ec0d turtle 16.08.2021 15:01 Michael Jones Fix deprecation warning about implicit copy constructor
a24429f s25client 25.07.2021 20:07 Flamefire Add tests for build date and version
d92576a s25client 25.07.2021 19:51 Flamefire Update libsiedler2
b240ec6 s25client 25.07.2021 19:51 Flamefire Rename project to RTTR

s25client is only a part of it
ead2105 s25client 25.07.2021 19:50 Flamefire Introduce separate constant for build date

For stable the version is an actual version and does not contain the date
50d3360 s25client 22.07.2021 14:54 Flamefire Fix and improve version checks
7273dd8 s25client 22.07.2021 14:35 FloSoft fix updater not using --stable param for stable releases
8fbbc1e s25client 22.07.2021 13:10 FloSoft Update release.yml

Don't know why this fails to delete the folders
85cbdac s25client 22.07.2021 13:09 FloSoft Update

fix version and platform dir