Die letzten Änderungen an "Return to the Roots"
e6c9990 s25client 16.01.2022 20:46 FloSoft Merge pull request #1483 from JonathanSteinbuch/bugfix/economy_mode_time_settings

bugfix regarding economy mode game length
84c26d3 s25client 16.01.2022 15:28 Jonathan Steinbuch fixed a bug introduced with commit
where economy mode game length didn't match the selected length any more
64212a5 s25client 06.01.2022 13:54 FloSoft Merge pull request #1476 from Flamefire/fix-bq

Allow all building types on Harbor spots
4bc7063 s25client 06.01.2022 09:34 FloSoft fix version detection again
288eaa1 s25client 06.01.2022 09:11 FloSoft allow tags on merges
a1875d6 s25client 15.12.2021 08:46 FloSoft Merge pull request #1479 from Flamefire/fix_harborDistanceFlag

Don't set Harbor distance for military buildings if sea attacks are disabled and fix crash when adding objects using player-textures via LUA
f5e17a2 s25client 15.12.2021 08:45 FloSoft Merge pull request #1465 from Return-To-The-Roots/Flamefire-patch-1

Rename to
63689a6 s25client 13.12.2021 19:51 Flamefire Verify validity of env objects added via LUA

See #1464
409b50a s25client 13.12.2021 18:58 Flamefire Use GetMapTexture where possible

Fixes #1464
758dc1e s25client 13.12.2021 18:52 Flamefire Make glArchivItem_BitmapBase an ITexture

Some map images are player images without player colors and hence are never uses as player images.
This abstraction allows to use them no matter what they are.
6f3475d s25client 12.12.2021 18:00 Flamefire Run only latest commit through GHA CI
eea3744 libsiedler2 12.12.2021 10:22 Flamefire Run only latest commit on GHA CI
2772b72 s25client 11.12.2021 16:04 Flamefire Make test use printer template for smart pointers
423c6e3 libutil 11.12.2021 16:04 Flamefire Add and test printing of smart pointers
0d8d4f1 libsiedler2 11.12.2021 16:03 Flamefire Make test use printer template for smart pointers
f57f192 s25client 11.12.2021 15:55 Flamefire Fix faulty deserialization of player team

The adjustment of the Team from Random to specific should only be done for reading of (old) files, not in general or e.g. the settings transmitted when a player joins will be wrong
4e4bd54 s25client 11.12.2021 12:44 Flamefire Add serialization tests for all GameMessages
8962976 libsiedler2 10.12.2021 19:47 Flamefire Remove 32 bit Appveyor build
a1e5fb0 libsiedler2 10.12.2021 19:43 Flamefire Update GHA runner to ubuntu-18.04

16.04 was removed in Sept 2021
b0310ce s25client 10.12.2021 19:38 Flamefire Don't set Harbor distance for military buildings if sea attacks are disabled

Fixes #1477
7380caa libsiedler2 10.12.2021 16:20 Flamefire Update Boost on Appveyor image
de15de1 libutil 10.12.2021 15:05 Flamefire Add test helpers for Boost.Test
746298b libsiedler2 10.12.2021 14:57 Flamefire Don't replace palette in images loaded from folders
2135f81 libsiedler2 10.12.2021 14:16 Flamefire Add support for loading 4BPP and 32BPP bitmap files

Allows for more efficient and more flexible storage of our assets
6eff500 libsiedler2 10.12.2021 14:14 Flamefire Improve test messages

Use better scope macros and enhance error messages
21c324e libsiedler2 10.12.2021 14:12 Flamefire Make parts of Color* structs constexpr
db9b9e0 libutil 08.12.2021 19:00 Flamefire Use BOOST_TEST* macros instead of old variants

Consistent use
1067dbb libsiedler2 08.12.2021 18:59 Flamefire Use BOOST_TEST* macros instead of old variants

Consistent use and easier to read than e.g. BOOST_REQUIRE_EQUAL
4e91769 s25client 04.12.2021 17:51 Flamefire Exclude some unreachable test lines from coverage
3377ae3 s25client 04.12.2021 17:06 Flamefire Improve performance of BQ calculation

23% performance improvement (avg. over 3 maps)
712df3b s25client 04.12.2021 13:43 Flamefire Fix tests after BQ change

- Adjust the conversion of the S2 BQ to RTTR BQ
- Keep the BQ updated as objects are added
0a12eb5 s25client 03.12.2021 22:20 Flamefire Minor performance boost for BQ handling

Putting Mines directly above flags allows to implement the BQ check with exactly 2 comparisons
ed3dbfb s25client 03.12.2021 21:47 Flamefire Stop serializing BQs

Allows to save a lot of space as it can easily be recalculated on load which we already do anyway
0f41375 s25client 03.12.2021 20:11 Flamefire Allow all building types on Harbor spots

A harbor spot is like a castle spot with additional harbor building
Fixes #1473
2fb7525 s25client 29.11.2021 11:56 Flamefire Rename to

Fixes #1463
6561079 s25client 16.11.2021 07:01 FloSoft Merge pull request #1450 from Flamefire/fix_crash

Fix crash when flag is captured while having active flag workers and enhance connect fail message for version mismatch
e20307a s25client 16.11.2021 07:01 FloSoft Merge pull request #1460 from Return-To-The-Roots/iwActionCloseFix

Fix closing of iwAction
9ddcca8 s25client 14.11.2021 21:02 Flamefire Fix closing of iwAction

Add missing parent call to Close
Fixes #1459
40d94b4 s25client 11.11.2021 13:12 Flamefire Merge pull request #1458 from Flamefire/fix-esc-handling

Fix saving of settings when pressing ESC
a952385 s25client 10.11.2021 23:36 Flamefire Fix saving of settings when pressing ESC

When pressing ESC the window was directly deleted instead of first calling Close which triggers a settings update for e.g. the tools window.

Refactor this so deleting a window is purely done by the WindowManager and before deleting Close is always called.
Add tests which catch this.

Also some changes to tests to avoid log spam and fix possibly missed mock-verify calls.
a3655cd s25client 06.11.2021 19:38 FloSoft Merge pull request #1457 from Flamefire/fixCorruptedAttack

Fix corrupted data on attack
528c15c s25client 05.11.2021 16:26 Flamefire Remove unused SettingsChanged method
1663c46 s25client 05.11.2021 16:16 Flamefire Clear far away capturers array after telling them the goal is gone

When a Military building is captured and recaptured before all capturers arrived they are told about that but not removed from the list in the building leading to dangling pointers

Fixes #1452
3fc5a39 s25client 05.11.2021 16:14 Flamefire Don't show "duplicate override file" message when explicitly loading one

This happens for new nations as new nations require overrides and new filesystem
Alternative: Move override files of new nations into a subfolder of the nation folder
fd42d14 s25client 05.11.2021 15:31 Flamefire Write uncompressed gamedata to temporary file in debug builds

Useful for debugging
70f8b84 s25client 05.11.2021 15:16 Flamefire Fix output of ResourceIds

The string is not NULL terminated so take length into account
651aaaf s25client 01.11.2021 09:20 FloSoft Merge pull request #1451 from Return-To-The-Roots/add-license

Add LICENSE file
e94b82b s25client 31.10.2021 19:44 Flamefire Add LICENSE file

This will be detected and shown by Github
d9aee3b s25client 29.10.2021 23:13 Flamefire Include the version mismatch into the log
cbb1d9b s25client 29.10.2021 22:51 Flamefire Fix missing abort-work notification when flag is captured

When a flag is captured all related flag workers need to be notified
Fixes #1449