Die letzten Änderungen an "Return to the Roots"
cd8e78b s25client 10.08.2020 14:54 FloSoft Fix jenkins credentials id
b153c48 s25client 01.08.2020 22:22 Flamefire Enforce use of Direction enum (& related)

This big refactoring does a huge step in ensuring consistent and correct usage of Directions:
- Use OptionalEnum dedicated types to express correct semantics and represent valid values uniquely
- Use EnumArray, (Enum)Range for typesafe range-based for loops
- Convert between direction types with enforced correctness
f6cd02f libutil 01.08.2020 22:22 Flamefire Add static_asserts to Push/Pop to enforce correctness
f6f0be4 s25client 28.07.2020 20:07 Flamefire Introduce constant CARRY_ID_CARRIER_OFFSET and translate docu
12fb604 s25client 28.07.2020 09:46 Flamefire Fix wrong image used for workers walking with ware

Regression from f3257cfca78d8c9ce589726c7f87ade6a3592276
3197e89 s25client 27.07.2020 14:48 Flamefire Merge pull request #1274 from Flamefire/lua_doc

Improve docu and tests, add rttr:FormatNumGFs
7d27ec8 s25client 27.07.2020 11:05 Flamefire Use GetPlayerId instead of
9a4674f s25client 26.07.2020 22:00 James Le Cuirot Allow dot in showVersion test

The existing regular expression seems to expect that the test will
only ever be run from a git checkout. Gentoo would like to eventually
run it from a release source tarball.
b28ea1c s25client 26.07.2020 20:19 Flamefire Add OptionalEnum as a slim, performant std::optional for enums
1488b6a s25client 26.07.2020 13:46 Flamefire Don't pretend Direction to be a collection

Use EnumRange instead
e3176e3 s25client 25.07.2020 13:46 Flamefire Simplify testHelpers
f33e41d s25client 25.07.2020 13:33 Flamefire Remove RTTR_REQUIRE_EQUAL_COLLECTIONS
e2536cf s25client 25.07.2020 12:47 Flamefire Add rttr:FormatNumGFs to lua

Closes #1251
006cfb3 s25client 25.07.2020 12:47 Flamefire Remove usages of Boost.Assign
688ea14 s25client 25.07.2020 12:46 Flamefire Introduce ILocalGameState as an interface over part of GameClient

This allows better testing through Mocking instead of exposing internals
of the GameClient.
5e7653d s25client 25.07.2020 12:28 Flamefire Run lua code only once to check value equality of the result
5a80802 s25client 24.07.2020 19:39 Flamefire Update READMEs to fix linting
ac02305 s25client 24.07.2020 19:24 Flamefire Add markdown linter
62327a5 s25client 24.07.2020 19:20 Flamefire Use DURATION_INFINITE constant
7bcb278 s25client 24.07.2020 19:18 Flamefire Add lua docu in doc folder
3d766b7 s25update 23.07.2020 15:25 Flamefire Add missing include
abb8c04 s25client 23.07.2020 09:10 Flamefire [CI] Update & simplify travis script

Use the same method boost-ci uses by predefining anchors. Then use
`compiler:` and TRAVIS_COMPILER to simplify compiler settings
Also update GCC, Clang, Boost to latest
f0b97b1 s25client 23.07.2020 08:31 Flamefire Add missing includes
e6cc422 s25client 21.07.2020 12:39 Flamefire Fix AI BQ update when placing flag near border
2cfbd5f s25client 21.07.2020 11:39 Flamefire Rename WalkingHome and call from StartWalkingHome
08efdfa s25client 21.07.2020 09:54 Flamefire Add documentation to GetGameDataVersion and changelog to currentGameDataVersion
a844c87 s25client 20.07.2020 10:50 Flamefire Update submodules
6c2ee0f libutil 20.07.2020 10:49 Flamefire Check clang-format major version
5cb9993 libsiedler2 20.07.2020 10:49 Flamefire Fix BOOST_FALLTHROUGH for Boost < 1.65
c8a96c5 s25client 19.07.2020 21:18 Flamefire Make the AI update its BQ map also on owner change

The players view on the BQ depends on the ownership of surrounding nodes hence use th ownership changed note and update BQ on that node and surrounding

Fixes #1127, fixes #1128 (same issue)
6f14e2b s25client 19.07.2020 19:44 Flamefire Extract the MapPointLess comparator
c1f77bc s25client 19.07.2020 19:29 Flamefire Wrap the sort-unique-erase procedure into containerUtils
e680e7e s25client 19.07.2020 18:46 Flamefire Add notification for changed owners
f20715e s25client 19.07.2020 18:41 Flamefire Fix building on recent MSVC (missing includes)

Updates Boost.Nowide to 11.0
677e4b3 s25edit 19.07.2020 18:41 Flamefire Add missing include
4e210b3 libutil 19.07.2020 18:40 Flamefire Fix missing includes

Requires Nowide 11.0
68b32ae s25client 19.07.2020 16:43 Flamefire Add BQ debug to map debug window

For #1127 and #1128
df91f6a s25client 19.07.2020 13:33 Flamefire Fix visual glitch when hunter is waiting for the animal

When the hunter arrived at the shooting pos but the animal was not yet
ready, the hunter was still drawn as "walking" making it walk past its
destination point (due to interpolation using the "wait" event) and
warped back once the animal was ready.
This also triggered an assertion checking for walking draw while not

Fixes #1126
d29b07b libsiedler2 17.07.2020 14:58 Flamefire Fix formatting of examples
23ace3a s25client 17.07.2020 14:07 Flamefire Reformat code
f860f07 s25edit 17.07.2020 14:07 Flamefire Reformat code
1b247ca libutil 17.07.2020 13:08 Flamefire Reformat code
45f18f8 libsiedler2 17.07.2020 13:07 Flamefire Reformat code
9275cbf liblobby 17.07.2020 13:06 Flamefire Reformat code
c94a0e5 s25client 17.07.2020 11:21 Flamefire Use clang-format-9
57e74d6 libutil 17.07.2020 11:21 Flamefire Support newer clang-format versions
c86ab1a libsiedler2 17.07.2020 11:21 Flamefire Use clang-format-9
aa660cc s25client 16.07.2020 20:52 Flamefire Remove unused online ranking display

Also fix player switching in savegame if multiple players have the same name

Closes #124
2d502fd s25client 15.07.2020 11:24 Flamefire Workaround for link error with Boost < 1.67

Missing print for nullptr --> Don't compare against it
Also change to new universal Boost.Test macross
b6d1ad4 libsiedler2 14.07.2020 14:55 Flamefire Use auto