L0wn am 25.05.2012 15:51 #9988

Hi all, my name is Frenk, I'm new on this board.

I've been a massive Settlers II fan my whole life. Oh, the hours I wasted playing this, splitscreen with friends, it
was awesome!

A couple years back I found your site and was glad to see someone try to restore the multiplayer function. Because
let's face it, the 10th Year Anniversary was a nice try but I just wasn't the same. The original for the win!

Then a few years passed and I forgot all about this (lack of time, etc.). Last week I was with friends playing AOEIII,
MOHAA, C&C Generals, and we started wondering what other games we could play. S2 came to mind so I went to your site
and I almost jizzed in my pants when I saw that guys have come a really long way and managed to get it up and running!

So at home I immediately started playing. I was always a fan of expeditions (pre-Gold Edition) so I chose Landung as
the map. I read somewhere on this site that the AI still wasn't functioning properly but while my ship was still at
50%, I saw the first hostile ship sail past me. I cried tears of joy!

I was about to ask the question who to attack harbour buildings but I saw another post in this board so I'm going to
try that later.

I'm surprised to see such young guys like yourselves putting in all this effort. Mad props!


Parasit am 25.05.2012 17:02 #9989

hey L0wn,
welcome to the community ;)

Zitat von L0wn:
...I almost jizzed in my pants...

i think expedition maps you should play against real players, i dont know, but i think the ai isnt fighting against your islands there

anyway it makes more fun to play with real players, because they are much better as you know, if you want to play you can join to our irc-channel and ask for a game, mostly games are in the evening or on the weekend

>> My Youtube Channel <<

Spike am 25.05.2012 22:34 #9990

Im Ruhestand
Yeah welcome frenk - nice to See an other Fan of the original :)

And i Love you Too :p (and i made the "Landung" Maps,just if you find a fault)


L0wn am 26.05.2012 17:21 #9991

Thanks for the warm welcome guys!

I'd like to join the IRC-channel asking for a game, it's just that I don't have a lot of time on my hands. Every once in a while I like to game for a little but it really isn't that often. I started that expedition map because I was curious to see how attacking harbor buildings would work.

Anyway, yesterday a friend of mine, with whom I played a lot of S2 back in those days, came along for a bit so I showed it to him and we played for a short while. He was struggling with his harbor buildings, they didn't seem to work properly. But I guess that was all his fault :)

I looked for some info on the charburner but it was all in German and well, mein Deutsch ist ein bisschen beschissen :) Also I was looking for some info on the building site order. Could you guys hook me up with a short description or something?

Spike am 26.05.2012 20:38 #9992

Im Ruhestand
Charburner uses Wood and Wheat to build a pile => burns this to get coal but is very ineffective

Building order: You can customize which buildingtypes are built first


L0wn am 27.05.2012 00:34 #9993

About the building order: where can I do that? When I clicked on a building that was being built, I could see boards and stone with hammers on them but didn't know what they meant or how I could change them.

Nevareth am 27.05.2012 03:33 #9994

After you choose a map, you can change some options (right at the bottom i think). Then theres a little window with some lines and different settings you can change. And one is called "own building order" or something like that. Put an check mark beside this and assume the new settings. Now you can change your building order where you also chance your military settings or transport priority. You can build your houses according to a priority list or chronological.

Hope you understand it, my english is a bit precarious^^

Editiert von Nevareth am 27.05.2012 03:36

Spike am 27.05.2012 13:12 #9995

Im Ruhestand
I made a picture for you. If you have activated the option "own building order" you got a new button in the main menu - click on that button. Then a new window will appear where you can change the order. BUT you also need to activate the usage of this order (is the second choice you got).

It's in german but I think only the positions of the buttons are interesting for you ;)


L0wn am 28.05.2012 20:26 #10001

Ah yes, I was looking for that kind of setting after I activated that 'own building order'. But I also activated the 'disable gold by default' and I still had to disallow coin from going to my buildings so I guess I didn't actually save those settings :)

Thanks, I will launch another game soon and then I will play with all these settings!

Spike am 28.05.2012 23:09 #10002

Im Ruhestand
Yeah, the settings are not saved at the moment :-s


Adamo am 10.02.2013 22:37 #11126

Hi, my name is Adamo, I`m from Poland, I`m 33 and I would also like to say that I LOVE YOU.
I played Settlers 2 way back in the 90s and it was one of my favourite games of all times.

Settlers 2 gold is IMHO the best one of all the parts (way better than all the rest, not to mention the latest, browser version, and the "new" Settlers 2, which I consider as a fail), and I would like to thank you for what you`re doing.
Keep up the good work!!!


Vesanus am 10.02.2013 23:31 #11127

Siemano, kolejny polak :P

Spike am 11.02.2013 12:49 #11130

Im Ruhestand
Welcome Adamo, and you just said what I think about the Settlers parts ;) I really hate Ubisoft for ruining the Series :(


Adamo am 11.02.2013 17:39 #11132


Polska łapki w górę!!!!!!!1

Myślę, że w Pl i Niemczech settlersi byli tak popularni ze względu na Amigę.


I don`t like most new games in general - because of its ugly 3D graphics. I prefere the "flat" 2D games. Just like most browser games are; that`s why I thought Settlers Online would be somehow similar to the S1/S2 roots (because it`s a browser game), but they had to add those ugly effects of animated buildings and semi-3D look, which I`m disguisted of. It looks really bad. I also don`t like the "new" Settlers 2 edition because of the same reason: 3D graphics (I played this thing no more than 1 hour). As for the Settlers serie, they had few good ideas and I like playing SIII or SIV them sometimes, though the second part is the best of all.

Though there are some "old" (4 years) games, that has a really nice, classic, isometric flat graphic, like Zombie Shooter 2.

Driver2503 am 17.03.2013 00:42 #11199

Witam , działa to w multi w necie?
bo dziś próbowałem  i nie dało sie połączyć ;/
a wersji z rewizją 8476 nie widzialem w download
mógłby ktoś pomóc pod gg 5142968 albo tel 880-336-712
byłbym wdzięczny;p
i ps : siema polacy ;)

~Vesanus am 17.03.2013 01:00 #11200

Tak działa w necie na multi - niestety mało ludzi przebywa w lobby (Czasami trzeba czekać pół dnia [najlepsze weekendy])

Gramy głównie na wersjach "nightly" więc możesz nie widzieć serwerów. Wystarczy ze sciągniesz 0.8 a potem znajdziesz w plikach update folder lub s25update.

Feel free to post in English!

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