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Wie nutzen Sie das Programm Nullpunktfinal2.exe und das ist es?

Ich habe gerade acaher dieses Programm an dieser Stelle ( Ich frage mich, was es für und wie man dieses Programm zu benutzen ist.


Spike am 18.06.2012 01:47 #10021

Im Ruhestand
Okay, Imagine you got this building:

[/url] The "0-Points" (relative koordinates) are lets say 12x, 14y (1.rle.nx12.ny14.bmp ([ID].[Type].nx[X-Koordinate].ny[Y-Koordinate].[Type(.bmp)]))

Now you got a door but you dont know which position the door should have - you could count the "Pixel" but that was way to boring for me.

We dont know the Koordinates we need for that door (again, we could calculate it).

Now Click on the emty field and select your graphic file then click "lade"

After that you add the Koordinates in the x and y field and then you load the door as well.
Should look like this:

now click into the window where bot graphics are matched and move the door to the position you need.

Now you got the result:
The building uses the 0-Points 12:14 and your door needs now -74:-279 to fit perfectly.

Please notice that this programm is thought for settler 2 graphics (200x200 max) and will be not usefull for bigger graphics.
There is also a video:

I hope that I could help you.


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