Merri am 17.08.2012 20:13 #10330

Lets say we have a map similar to this:

LL   L
L   LL

empty = water
* = land
L = lava
# = harbor site
S = shipyard

So we build a harbor and shipyard to the middle. Harbor has direct access to two bodies of water. Shipyard also has equally long route to building ships to either body of water.

1) Does the game survive or does it crash?

2) Will the shipyard produce ships to both bodies of water or only to the other one? If only the other one, which one? Will things change if the shipyard is instead built closer to the other body of water?

3) Can the harbor supply materials to either body of water or will it work only for the other?

I don't have the time to test this at the moment, but the thought of this really caught my attention. I'd also be interested to know if RttR can deal with this special case or should harbors be banned from ever being available from multiple bodies of water. If somebody can help answer these questions I'd be grateful :)

Settlers admin

Spike am 17.08.2012 20:26 #10331

Im Ruhestand
Well I can answer most of your questions:

1) shipyard won't crash the game,harbor maybe - I will test it.

2) The shipyard picks a random available spot for a ship - no matter how many "big seas" are close to the building. You can
have bad luck and you build like 10 ships in only one sea.

3) I don't know but an interesting idea. I built a 8 player map, landung 3, where I tried to control the shipyard and harbor
buildings, I will show you later and test your other question.


PoC am 17.08.2012 23:13 #10333

1) should survive and detect that a harbor is connected to multiple s

2) spike is correct (random valid point (in your borders,not blocked, coastal point to a sea) (a sea has at least 1 tile of water that is surrounded by other water tiles so it can be quite small))

3) not sure didnt check - the harbor will have neighbor harbors in both sea.ids so expeditions might be a problem if they dont check their current and shipments of cargo might have similar problems - try it?

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Spike am 18.08.2012 00:43 #10334

Im Ruhestand
Oh yes, I am sorry, I answered for settlers 2 RttR.

1) It survives.

2) Will produce in both seas. Maybe it's randomly or maybe it's a check in which sea are less ships.

3) Can transport materials to both harbor buildings - but the harbor just calls a ship, if it's in the wrong sea the goods will be teleported to the right harbor building.


Parasit am 18.08.2012 03:54 #10337

nice map spikeone ^^

>> My Youtube Channel <<

Merri am 18.08.2012 12:59 #10340

Original game time! Things I found out:

1) The game doesn't crash right away! There is hope!

2) Shipwright can make a new ship on top of a tree object (tree is simply replaced by the ship).

3) I can start an expedition.

4) When expedition is ready to go I can select ANY direction for the ship to go to. But it'll go to the only available harbor site.

5) Ships can access seas with no map edge limitations (the game can't handle roads like this). My second ship was built to the outer sea (not within the second inner sea).

6) Starting the new expedition on a new harbor doesn't work. No goods are transported. Ships just stay in the new harbor sitting idle.

7) Starting another expedition in the original harbor halts the entire transportation system! My shipyard no longer gets any boards!

8) Remove a road between HQ and harbor, things start working again :)

9) Remove a road between shipyard and HQ... nope, I'm not getting any boards there.

10) I can build a new building to get resources to go to the new harbor... after this I get the expedition resources to the new harbor.

11) I got a third harbor!

12) I had to destroy the original shipyard to get a new ship to the missing sea.

13) After this things cleared up and started working as one would expect.

Conclusion: even original S2 can handle multiple water areas for a single harbor. It is troublesome and needs tweaking, but you can make it work. Unfortunatenaly I didn't get a good test with three land areas to transport stuff to, because I didn't make the map big enough and the third harbor just sit there doing nothing.

Settlers admin

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PoC am 18.08.2012 13:46 #10341

Zitat von Merri:

2) Shipwright can make a new ship on top of a tree object (tree is simply replaced by the ship).

A real tree as in not one of the dead-tree things? If so then it is a difference between s2 and rttr. Should we copy the original behavior or keep it the way it is? (different behavior as addon option?)

Merri am 18.08.2012 14:58 #10343

A living tree. As you can see from the images, I didn't use any decorative objects on the map :)

Settlers admin

Merri am 19.08.2012 01:28 #10349

I made a new map based on the idea of a harbor that serves to more than one water area:

Pine Apple Trouble (192 x 192, 7 players, 8 harbor sites)

As can be guessed this map is not intended for multiplayer. I just don't have the energy to make a campaign mission of it just yet. You can run some test playthroughs in RttR and tell me if it is good or bad, and if the harbor trick works. Just remember, when you hit the harbor in the very middle of the map you must construct a shipyard for more ships! Otherwise you'll be stuck in just 1/3 of the map.

Settlers admin

RM1985 am 19.08.2012 11:04 #10350

Nice Map, Merri!
I saw, that you're going to add a map database to your site, when will it be finished? And do you only upload your own maps or maps of other creators as well?
I just downloaded a few maps from your site, are these all your maps or maps you've changed??

Merri am 19.08.2012 13:09 #10351

Thanks :)

The files in that folder are just test uploads. Map database will be open for everyone. I don't have an exact date, I can code only roughly every other day and then I hit some random days like yesterday that I do something else when I "should" be coding :P

Settlers admin

Spike am 23.08.2012 14:11 #10382

Im Ruhestand
Well I had a look at the map and I really like the Worlddesign! :)

Thats the reason why I added some objects to give this map a better look.

Maybe you like the way I changed the areas (Around the firs player which you could reach) then just tell me and I will finish what I started :)


Merri am 23.08.2012 15:01 #10383

The snow area there was used in purpose to make the area ID different from the original, otherwise the changes are welcome :) My idea in having a different area ID is that it should help optimize the original game's performance with harbors (I hope, untested yet).

I don't know yet when I finish the map as a campaign.

Settlers admin

Spike am 23.08.2012 15:06 #10384

Im Ruhestand
Yeah I understand that, so, that change would only be used for RttR.

Just tell me when you have finished the map and then I will do something, it's a really cool map and your ideas force me to change my Landung3.swd Map :p


Editiert von Spike am 23.08.2012 15:06

Merri am 23.08.2012 16:36 #10385

Thanks! The only changes to the map atm would be just decoration, ie. stuff that you've just been doing :) All the campaign work would require modifying MIS_0000.RTX & MISS_000.ENG

The idea I have for this map can be implied like this: "its a trap!"

Oh and if you want to change the author field to include yourself you can switch replace my name with my nickname.

Edit #2!
Now that I think about it... is there any building site for the first shipyard... hmmmmmm....

Settlers admin

Editiert von Merri am 23.08.2012 17:09

Spike am 23.08.2012 20:19 #10388

Im Ruhestand
Okay, then I will just place the snow again and add more objects :)


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