Artemis am 20.08.2012 14:21 #10356

Greetings everyone!

I was playing with my family recently. I was wondering how does the trade system works. I figured out that each donkey can carry one
ware and one settler leads them. It sounds good, but it won't work properly (or I don't know about something). Although I have plenty
of settlers, donkeys and let's say coins, I can't send even one to my ally (in trade window I have  ".../0"). Could someone explain me
what am I doing wrong?

PS. Coalman won't work either. Does he need specific place?

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Parasit am 20.08.2012 14:34 #10357

i think you're doing nothing wrong
the trade system is new and it is not finnished, its in development...
so this addon is not available in a stable release yet, because its only experimental in the moment :D

yes the coalman needs more space as a farmer

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Spike am 20.08.2012 16:08 #10359

Im Ruhestand
Can you send normal settlers?
Have you tried to have goods and donkeys in the same storehouse/in the HQ?


Artemis am 22.08.2012 20:47 #10378


Thanks for that tip ;)


Hmm... yes, I think all settlers, even with specialisation can be easily send. There's rather problem with sending goods. I have donkeys and settlers in my HQ, but some of wares can't be send.

Spike am 23.08.2012 02:05 #10380

Im Ruhestand
I asked if the donkeys are in the same storehouse like the goods :p

can you send your replay/savegame?


~Gast am 25.09.2012 12:12 #10657

Hey, played yesterday 2 (brother + me) vs 5 (AI) and we lost horribly :D (non-exhausing mines
might have been the reason hehe). If the AI start sea-attacking (as the changelog mentions),
we're completely lost ;-( - bad bad world.

To the topic: we wondered why the "Trade"-Addon vanished. Was it too buggy? Really liked the
donkeys walking around :D (even though it didn't work well at all).

Spike am 25.09.2012 17:51 #10658

Im Ruhestand
It's just deactivated at the moment but  will be back ;) and yes it was buggy


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