Vesanus am 21.08.2012 04:38 #10361

Here i wrote some suggestions that me and my friends came up while playing Rttr on multiplayer :).

1. Addon that allows to Set maximum soldier rank to sergent or officer (i think generals are little overpowered.) Give
recruits their moment of glory :)

2. Addon that allows boats to transfer people/soldiers.

3. Addon that when you capture enemy's guardhouse/fortress it also captures enemy's buildings/roads/flags, that are l
within it's range.

4. Addon that allows for never ending fishes. (just like addon for never ending ores)

5. Trade troughout ships (I don't know if it's possible)

6. Allow catapults to shoot lookout towers.

That's it for now, i think i'll add some more later.

Spike am 21.08.2012 06:03 #10363

Im Ruhestand
1.) There is an addon to change the strength of soldiers (If you take the weak setting, generals only have 7 hitpoints but not more luck) - also this idea already came up ;)

2.) We already had this idea (but it would need graphics etc.)

3.) Also had that one^^

4.) Yep, had this idea too :p

5.) Yeah well, I think a lot of people had that idea and it would be part of the trading system which is still in development

6.) Thats a new idea - But wouldn't that be a balance problem? If player A and B have 1 Catapult, 2 military buildings with 1 soldier and 1 lookout tower => Player A misses a military building, Player B hits the lookout tower => Now player A can't defense himself anymore => needs to destroy his two military buildings. Thats the reason why I think, that this isn't a good idea


Vesanus am 21.08.2012 07:02 #10364

Oh well... :P

Got 2 more ideas:

1. This is a hardcore one. Archer towers. Similar to lookout posts but doesn't uncover terrain, requires Huntsman/Bow.
Tower shoots only soldiers that are attacking/incoming nearby castles/guardhouses in a small range. 1 arrow hits 1
soldier for 2 normal hits. 1 Arrow is shot for ex. 20 sec. This idea would need new building/graphic, projectile like
stone from catapult but retextured to an arrow and a lot of balance testing :d.

2. This one is for Lobby. I tend to be AFK in lobby a lot and sometimes i miss players that are typing to me because
want to play. What about creating a sound when someone is joining lobby or typing? Also it would be nice if players
get their
scores saved.

Editiert von Vesanus am 21.08.2012 07:05

Spike am 21.08.2012 12:17 #10365

Im Ruhestand
1.) That idea also came up but never was liked because of the balancing and its just not settlers 2 like^^ I mean, if you got a Fortress, set 0% defenders and build some archer towers around that fortress it would be hard to attack. But sure, If someone makes this addon, why not :p

2.) Yeah I also wanted such sounds or like you could minimize the game and then you get a notification (like Teamspeak if you were poked) - would be awesome. We also had a Lobby bot (Sends all Lobby Messages to IRC and all IRC messages to the Lobby) but the person who had this bot is lost or inactive :-/


Editiert von Spike am 21.08.2012 12:18

~Gast am 21.08.2012 12:44 #10366

Zitat von Spike:

We also had a Lobby bot (Sends all Lobby Messages to IRC and all IRC messages to the Lobby) but the person who had this bot is lost or inactive :-/

Is the source code of that bot available?

~Gast am 21.08.2012 19:16 #10367

What features are upcoming for the next patch? :3

Spike am 21.08.2012 22:32 #10369

Im Ruhestand
The code is not aviable.

Maybe some AI changes and other little stuff, just wait for it :p


~Gast am 23.08.2012 18:21 #10386

Wann gibts eigentlich eine neue Release? Als Nightly ist immer noch die 8071 verfügbar, obwohl inzwischen auch von 8078 oder so (zumindest im Forum) die Rede war :(
Hab auch auf Launchpad gesucht, aber keinen Download gefunden (habe natürlich den Code nicht ausgecheckt und hoffe auf gezippte Releases wie bisher)

Spike am 24.08.2012 02:32 #10389

Im Ruhestand
Also es gibt kein offizielles Release nach Version 8071. Es kann sein, dass demnächst was neues kommt, aber wie gesagt, gibt nur neue Versionen wenns was neues gibt und das ist (im moment) nicht der Fall :)


~Vesanus am 24.08.2012 23:32 #10390

Another suggestion, We often get unexcpected updates and it would be nice if we could see changelog (what changed since last update) when opening Rttr on first time on the new version <3

Parasit am 25.08.2012 16:24 #10391

you can see the changelog on this website, I think this is sufficient, isnt it?

>> My Youtube Channel <<

Vesanus am 25.08.2012 17:13 #10392

Ah, did not see it earlier, nvm.

Vesanus am 26.08.2012 03:59 #10394

I just came up with a crazy idea:

Adding new ore - Diamonds.

A very rare ore found in mountains. Needs 4 boards, 2 iron and 2 stone to
build a mine. Dug up diamond only upgrades general to a new rank: Hero.
Just need to mix 1 diamond with 1 general at hq or storehouse and Boom: we
have ourselfs a better warrior than general.

That idea would need graphics for mines and soldiers, not mentioning code to
get new mines.. :c

Editiert von Vesanus am 26.08.2012 03:59

Merri am 26.08.2012 12:11 #10397

Technically speaking adding new resources to a map file is quite possible. The game's map format supports up to 32 different resources, but only 6 are used (water, fish, coal, gold, iron ore, granite). Trees and granite on ground are treated as objects instead of being real resources.

However here I don't like the idea of diamond -> hero. It just doesn't fit. You can understand money for a better training, but giving someone a diamond doesn't work that way. Diamond can be generally thought as a luxury resource and this game doesn't really have that aspect. Usually someone considered a hero has never had any access to diamonds in their life. Also, diamond mining only started in around 1870 - way later than the scope of this game.

A few other mineral ideas:
  • Salt: additional requirement for Slaughterhouse to meat production. You could mine it and find it on ground (deserts especially).

  • Copper & Tin: provide optional metal Bronze for Metalworks (to make 1 Bronze you need 2 Copper & 1 Tin).

All of these have historical uses and were available around years 3500 BCE - 1000 CE.

Another way to improve the game is to rebalance military by separating quality of equipment and training. If Bronze is introduced to the game it would make it possible to create weapons that are not as effective as weapons based on Iron. Without going for too much realism weakest weapons could be made of just wood and stone (spears), Bronze based weapons would be better and then you'd have the Iron based weapons. Training of a soldier would give them a better rank, but wouldn't improve their weapon. Instead a better weapon could be provided for soldiers by a carrier, who'd take the old weapon back to HQ.

Going even further:

Stone Spear = 1 damage
Bronze Spear = 2 damage
Iron Sword = 3 damage

No shield = 0 health, +1 speed
Wood Shield = +1 health, -1 speed
Bronze Shield = +3 health, -2 speed
Iron Shield = +5 health, -3 speed

Private = 6 health, 0% chance for double damage
Private 1st Class = 7 health, 2% chance for double damage
Sergeant = 8 health, 4% chance for double damage
Officer = 9 health, 5% chance for double damage
General = 10 health, 6% chance for double damage

You could also make it possible to equip your soldiers, ie. things don't happen automatically, but you have to micromanage. When you do changes they only take effect if it is possible to happen, and there will be a delay of moving equipment around. Shield equipment would give a nice touch to strategy as you could prefer taking on enemy faster, while there are options for defence as well.

Settlers admin

Editiert von Merri am 26.08.2012 12:37

Spike am 26.08.2012 14:20 #10398

Im Ruhestand
I neither like the idea of using diamonds nor using salt. Diamonds... well just sound like minecraft for me and I don't see any use, It would be much harder to balance a map because everyplayer needs the same gold and diamonds in range.
Salt would make the pig production more ineffecient which would mean that everybody would only use bread.

What I like is the way of diffrent Soldier productions. You can produce some weak soldiers fast and strong soldiers need more goods. There is one big problem I see - you can not control them diffrently, this means you will never be sure if a building becomse weak soldiers or strong soldiers only with a lot of mikromanagement. But anyway, if that problem is solved that could be a really good idea - My trainings camp could be used to produce soldiers then (all weapons are delivered to it and you can set if you want weak soldiers or not)

One last point 2 & 1 is not usefull for settlers, 1&1 is the normal system - I wont like an addon which changes that :-/


Vesanus am 26.08.2012 15:40 #10399

I said that it was a crazy idea with diamonds (it could have been just gems.) I really like Merri's ideas but with
salt, meat should be produced faster/better so it would be balanced (bread = meat)

Merri am 26.08.2012 21:18 #10400

Zitat von Spike:
What I like is the way of diffrent Soldier productions. You can produce some weak soldiers fast and strong soldiers need more goods. There is one big problem I see - you can not control them diffrently, this means you will never be sure if a building becomse weak soldiers or strong soldiers only with a lot of mikromanagement. But anyway, if that problem is solved that could be a really good idea - My trainings camp could be used to produce soldiers then (all weapons are delivered to it and you can set if you want weak soldiers or not)

What I'm thinking about is that success wouldn't be as bound to having just plenty of Gold and Iron ore to have the most of Generals to fight with. All the current military strategies in The Settlers II are just pushing as many Generals out as possible sooner than your opponent. I think that is quite boring.

With my idea above you could have a player position where there is no Gold easily available, but you might have Iron ore. Now you could recruit a few Privates, send them to their positions and then start supplying them with Iron Swords and Iron Shields. This would make them slow, but since defense is a priority it wouldn't matter that much. Now another player might be in offensive mode and wants a quick surprise victory, so he sends out his Generals armed with just Iron Swords. Stats are like this:

Defending Private
Health: 11 (6 + 5)
Damage: 3
Speed: very slow

Attacking General
Health: 10 (10 + 0)
Damage: 3
Speed: fast

With these changes the odds are quite even. The General might still hit a few lucky strikes with double damage, but they wouldn't be superiorly overpowerful.

Of course there is a chance that defense might become too strong (Generals with Iron Shield and Iron Sword), but making all the stuff would require time.

The micromanagement system I could think for this is that each soldier just comes with the best equipment from the HQ, but once the soldier comes to their military post the player could individually set each soldier's equipment and role. Kinda like this:


FORTRESS    rank     weapon         shield          role      training
Soldier #1: Private  [Iron Sword]   [Iron Shield]   [Defense] [No pay]
Soldier #2: Sergeant [Iron Sword]   [Wood Shield]   [Attack]  [Priority]
Soldier #3: Private  [Bronze Spear] [Iron Shield]   [Defense] [Auto]
Soldier #4: Private  [Bronze Spear] [Bronze Shield] [Defense] [Auto]
Soldier #5: Private  [Bronze Spear] [Bronze Shield] [Defense] [Auto]
Soldier #6: Private  [Bronze Spear] [Wood Shield]   [Defense] [Auto]
Soldier #7: Private  [Bronze Spear] [Wood Shield]   [Defense] [Auto]

Player could change equipment of each individual soldier and then Commit order, which would then start transportation of new weapons if there is a need to do so.

Settlers admin

~Gast am 27.08.2012 01:58 #10401

I.. Just love this idea :D

Spike am 27.08.2012 04:17 #10402

Im Ruhestand
Well yes, or I thought that every military building has more than one type of soldiers (like horsemen, spear soldiers, sword soldiers) and like you can think - horse is effective against swords but ineffective against spears - means if you can not supply your building with all types (in my example 3) it will be weak against some attacks. Your way seems to be very hard to control and how does it work ich you maybe change your frontlines? how do you use these diffrent types, can you still control them if they were in a storehouse? which of them will be send to the building etc. That's kinda hard as far as I can imagine it, isn't it?


Vesanus am 27.08.2012 05:01 #10404

This idea looks very hard to be made. I mean there must be a lot of coding  
which i think is really hard to do, especially in this big "project"..

But hey! Nothing is impossible. Some hard work can do wonders.

By the way. Is there a Topic or place that I or my friends can put their
maps made in mapeditor? If yes please tell me where, i might do something

Merri am 27.08.2012 08:22 #10405

It all depends on how hard you want to make it. I don't see as big of a problem, for example any losses could be just simply replaced by new soldiers that default to defending/attacking as set in settings. I never quite liked the original game's system where you have a separate military window for some limited control. It needed quite a lot of trial or error before figuring it out, or reading about it online. This is why I think more direct control via military buildings would be a good improvement. Instead of global "mass evacuation" that makes you totally vulnerable during a frontline change you could just send away soldiers you don't want to have there.

I don't like to add the age old spear vs horse vs sword system to this game. Romans didn't even use horses that much, nor did Vikings or Nubians... of the Japanese I'm not sure. The original simplistic system has it's merits despite being very unrealistic. It fits this game better. In it's current form I just don't like the way of who spams the most Generals fastest wins.

Settlers admin

Spike am 27.08.2012 14:29 #10407

Im Ruhestand
Well and I think that this indirect control is a big part of Settlers 2 - you control everything indirect and if you would change that this would change the whole game, just like widelands. That's the reason why I'm searching for a way to make it more settlers like - you may understand what I'm talking about.

But you are right, only generals is really boring, especially if the enemy plays with "0 defenders" then one fight will end the game - if you have more generals you win, otherwise the enemy will. That means that you only have to take a look into the statistics and then you can end the game.
The Problem I see is that a new system should be good but not to hard or hard to understand.


Vesanus am 27.08.2012 17:13 #10409

Another suggestion that came up while playing..

Mushrooms !

My idea was to add a building and a worker that collects mushrooms that are scattered around explored terrain (just
like hunter). Purpose is simple - quick food, for a short period of time (depends on the map). This would need texture
for the building and code for adding 4th food slot for mines. This building could just use a normal worker (like in

Editiert von Vesanus am 27.08.2012 17:15

~Gast am 28.08.2012 20:51 #10412

It's me again, the guest :)

I'm sure this suggestion has already been brought, but how about each race gets its own skincolor for the workers/helpers? Of course this should only have minimal priority.

~Maukka am 02.09.2012 11:49 #10437

Hi all

Im glad to see, there are people trying to keep the Settlers 2 game alive.

I also have suggestions. Don't know if someone already suggested these yet.

I was looking youtube Spikeeins channel and one in the videos comments, there were talk about how
very few people these days even want to play Settlers 2 kind of game. Because it's so slow paced.
Well, maybe it is one of it's charm. :) But idea came to mind from that.

Would the game be faster, if building and production time were faster? And have it as an option.
Maybe only make some buildings and items faster to build?  

And i also thought it would be nice to have different game mode, that would have a time limit and
the winner is who has the largest country or has the most items (also have an option which item is the "goal"

P.S. Sorry for my poor English.

Vesanus am 02.09.2012 13:20 #10438

I really like both ideas but i think there should be added a bit faster mode than "Very fast" for Not very long, pro
games :)

Spike am 02.09.2012 14:45 #10440

Im Ruhestand
Well, the game is very fast at the option very fast, but we also had the Idea that we add 2x faster option (now very fast = 30ms but 20 and 10 would be possible). The main Problem which would appear is that the game needs much more power than the old settlers 2 - means if there is a player with an older pc the game would lagg which is very ugly. I think (maybe it's already added today :>) you could use the function "V" in singleplayer to add more speed but not in Multiplayer at the moment.

Yes we already thought about more gamemodes but at the moment we are missing some devs which could release these ideas - I'm on it and try to learn but well, it's not enough for settlers 2 at the moment :p


PoC am 02.09.2012 17:37 #10444

Game modes ideas:
1. timed end at gf x - I think Ive seen some code doing just that with comments regarding "tournament mode" no Idea if/how you can use it.
2. reach a goal (gate from the missions?) should be fairly easy to implement at least when the "goal" is a fixed object other option would be to allow the Host to set a goal-point on the selected map.
3. economy win: collect some number of goods - picked from a preset list or set by host?

Spike am 02.09.2012 22:32 #10451

Im Ruhestand
2. yep, gate from missions - but we should improve that one maybe - You need to hold the game some GF that you win (that the enemy has a chance to get you) maybe in this time your whole country is visible?

3. I think having options which goods would be nice.

All in all I think you need diffrent options for each mode that you can custom them a bit (like holding the gate, holding the gate XX GF etc.)


Diovizor am 03.09.2012 12:18 #10459

In original game we have four military buildings with the difference in capacity by the number of soldiers. In fact it is "strength" of the building.

Because of that, how about make a limitation not only by count, but by type of soldier also? I think it's Settlers 2 like.

Example limitation scheme:

Barraks         : [D, C]
Guardhouse  : [D, C, B]
Watchtower  : [D, D, C, C, B, A]
Fortress        : [D, D, D, C, C, B, B, A, A]


A -- General
B -- Officer
C -- Sergeant
D -- Private FC
E -- Private

When soldier enters military building for the first time, let him get "attached" to it. For example, when he comes out for a fight he must still the single "attached" General in Watchtower. Detach occurs only when he dies, or when he leaves due to player game military settings.

Sorry for my bad english :-)

Editiert von Diovizor am 03.09.2012 12:38

Spike am 03.09.2012 13:06 #10462

Im Ruhestand
Well, this just means that you can not defense any other buildings than a fortress


Giant am 03.09.2012 19:56 #10466

I really like the capture the flag idea.
I would prefer it with multiple flags or flag groups, but then we will need a simple script language.
So we could define 3 flags in the middle of the map as the winning condition and some others for addition goods or settlers.

Diovizor am 03.09.2012 20:41 #10467

Zitat von Spike:
Well, this just means that you can not defense any other buildings than a fortress

Probably I don't know game mechanics very well. But all I wanted is change attack balance between military buildings. And to remove the possibility of "easy victory" with army consisting only of Generals.

I am always thought that all military buildings have attack range. And only when I will construct a building close enough to enemy border I can attack it. Or am I wrong?

Also I thought that soldiers have "health points". And, for example, ten Private soldiers can kill single General. May be I am wrong in that also.

In my suggestion I represent any military building like single point of military power. And fight takes place only between buildings close to each other. So one Watchtower is stronger then two Barraks. And so on.

Sorry for my bad english :-)

Giant am 03.09.2012 21:02 #10468

Doppelpost, warum kann man seine Beiträge nicht löschen?

Editiert von Giant am 03.09.2012 21:05

Vesanus am 06.09.2012 14:17 #10500

Another idea that came from nowhere:

I was thinking about gold coins.. and i came up with more uses for it.
Why not allow to send coins to normal buildings (like lumberjack, farm, ironworks and such..)
It would increase the speed of workers inside it (50%?) for a couple of seconds/minutes (GF) per coin.
To balance things out, the Mint musn't have an option to get money because the coin producing will be too fast.

Editiert von Vesanus am 06.09.2012 14:19

Parasit am 06.09.2012 16:28 #10501

- it would look strange if some worker walk faster than other :S

- a coin is more worthy as an increasing of production speed for a couple of time, i think, build more of the buildings and you increase the speed of production with cheap goods (wood and stone) for the whole time ;)

>> My Youtube Channel <<

Feel free to post in English!

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