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Was thinking that it might be a good idea to do a list of test maps and share them somewhere.

The current one I'm thinking about to do is to put all known usable textures plotted clearly separated of each other, then have a surrounding texture against each of them by using Desert #2 texture (ID 7) which is isn't a very useful texture as it is (same as #1 but with a glitchy border in Winter World). One could then do texture testing by mass replacing Desert #2 in hex editor with any other texture ID, save a new file and see how another texture works against other textures. Also saving a map again in the Map Editor can show some changes (ie. tell us more about how the original game works).

I have previous texture test maps that I can upload. The biggest help given by those files were the original unused texture findings a year or so ago.

Also there are some test maps for harbor that I guess would be a good idea to share so that it is possible to confirm game behavior in cases there is a lack of documentation. It might be even possible to construct maps that have roads and buildings in place, but I haven't gone that far in my tests yet - I'll eventually start investigating the save files.

If you have any test maps you've made it might be a good idea to share them as well, especially if the map helped to figure out something :)

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Merri am 23.08.2012 19:20 #10387

I made a page with texture map files.

Not going to duplicate the same stuff here *evil grin*

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Feel free to post in English!

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