tvrdek am 01.09.2012 18:57 #10432

Hey guys, first thing to say – you're awesome and I am thrilled to find such great addon!
Second thing is, I need your advice.

I've got a macbook and my gf has a pc and we want to play online, so we both installed both the stable version.
When connected to the lobby we see each other and we see our versions are the same.
But there's always connection failed when we try to connect to each others game.

I've tried to install the latest development version, too, but there's no change.
I've tried different maps, ipv6, a password protected game, nothing helps.

Anyone has an advice?
Thanks in advance.

Spike am 01.09.2012 19:13 #10433

Im Ruhestand
Forward port 3665 TCP (Or use another) or connect via direct ip.


tvrdek am 01.09.2012 19:47 #10434

Port 3665 is set by default, i tried different numbers, can I choose any number, or are there some preset?
Numbers chosen by chance didn't work out, anyway.

Neither did work connecting via direct ip.

Spike am 01.09.2012 21:11 #10435

Im Ruhestand
you should forward the port in your router :D


tvrdek am 02.09.2012 18:12 #10445

Oh, I see, thank you. I just need to gain acces to the router now :)

Spike am 02.09.2012 22:32 #10452

Im Ruhestand
Well, I think that you will solve that problem :) but direct IP should work in every case :)


tvrdek am 03.09.2012 10:15 #10458

As I don't want to start another thread, do you know if there's any possibility to save a game? Or to load a game, to be exact. I can save a multiplayer internet connection
game (with me and 3 computers), but I can't load it.
I know I can play S2 original, but it doesn't allow me to play in 1440x900 :)

Spike am 03.09.2012 13:04 #10461

Im Ruhestand
well you need to load the game when you start a new server - when you have the screen where you can select maps you have a button "load game" in the lower right corner. The ingame load function doesn't work.


tvrdek am 03.09.2012 14:46 #10464

Oh, thank you so much! Now I'm happy :)

FrankBarrela am 01.12.2012 00:55 #10853

Hi there,

We have exactly the same problem. Can you please explain a bit more what you mean by "forward port 3665 TCP"? I am bad with this stuff...

We see each other in the lobby, but when either of us adds a server the other person does not see it in the list in the lobby.

Direct ip does not work either. I suppose some problems with the network (we are both connected via wireless to the same router)

Thanks in advance and also thanks for providing this add-on!

Edit: Problem solved. Had version 0.8 installed for one of us.

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Spike am 02.12.2012 00:21 #10859

Im Ruhestand
have you tried to open an direct ip game and then your mate cant join? or cant you already set up a server


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~High Elder am 05.01.2013 12:47 #10951

You need the LAN-internal IP adress when you create a direct ip game. It should automaticaly be set by your lokal router. You can get your IP on windows with a simple command:

search for "cmd"
open the Programm "cmd.exe"
type "ipconfig"

under "IPv4-adress" you will find your lokal LAN IP. There are maybe more than one "IPv4" entries, one for your W-LAN and one for ethernet (cable-LAN).


Spike am 05.01.2013 14:51 #10955

Im Ruhestand
Isn't it also possible to just check the ipv4 config in your systemsettings?


gliblyy am 06.01.2013 11:42 #10972

Also, one  can use Logme-in Hamachi to avoid forwarding the port.
The program is freeware and will emulate a local network over the internet via vpn connections.
so it's secure and you won't have to modify any router settings (if you don't want to).
It's also useful for other old games that offers a LAN mode.


Settlers 1 Remaker

Spike am 06.01.2013 12:22 #10974

Im Ruhestand
Yeah, but as far as I remember the freeware supports at the moment only 5 people if you create your own network. I prefer Tunngle, but not for RttR, it's just dumb to never visit the lobby, looking for other players, would be more fun if the lobby would be more frequently visited :)


thomten am 05.10.2013 23:43 #11882

SOLVED (look at end of post, after "SOLVED")

I tried to set up a game between a mac and windows PC (windows 7 64bit). I found out the IPv4 address of the windows PC (cmd, ipconfig) and hosted a game. Then, I
tried to connect with
the mac, using the IPv4 address. It did not work. I also found out the mac's IPv4 address and tried to host with mac and join with windows, but that did not work either.
The port was set to
3665 (the preset one). Settings were set to IPv4. However, I think the connection worked out, as it did not read "Verbindung fehlgeschlagen" (= failed to connect), but
Clientversion" (= wrong client version) instead. I tried the whole thing again with two reinstalled versions of RTTR, watching carefully for the version numbers to be the
same. I did not
open the .bat file in windows, so it would not update to the latest version. It did not work. I tried again, this time opening the .bat file and letting the png0004 etc. (or
something like that)
update. The mac version seemed to search for updates every time it is opened anyway (is that correct?). With both latest versions, it still would not work. I now face the
problem that I'm
running out of ideas. Hopefully, someone can help me.

And last but definitely not least: Thanks for the great job you do! I never played Settlers 2 back in the days, but my brother did. He found this gem you created and got
me hooked. We
have the same operating systems, so we do not face the problems mentioned above. Just hours and hours of fun! :)


I found the problem. Even if I downloaded the 0.8.1 - 8823 Mac-Version from Flosoft's Newspost, when I click on Readme in the Settlers Menu, it would read 0.7.2. The
Mac Version somehow feels the need to "update" to this version. To solve this problem just download a fresh 0.8.1 - 8823, or whatever Version you need. Then disable
the Updater as described by RFM in this Thread: . Your Settlers II Installation will now
keep it's current version.

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