Vesanus am 02.09.2012 18:23 #10446

I was playing around with a map editor and i have managed to create a map.

Here it is:

It's a map created for 1v1 only. It's quite big and balanced. Tested with a bots. It takes a lot of skill for
expanding fast and placing the right buildings in the right place. I might release a 2v2 version but later. I just
wanted to do something for RTTR guys as my appreceation for making this awesome mod :)

I hope this is a good place for placing a post about maps.

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Spike am 02.09.2012 22:33 #10453

Im Ruhestand
I will have a look at this map :)

Okay, If I counted right player two has more gold than player one which is very bad :-/

Also you should think about placing the gold in an other way - you need a lot of soldiers to get iron (at the end of the lake) but you have a lot of gold inside your country. Maybe you should change this way to force the player to expand faster and far away.

Well, about object placing I don't say anything because you didn't really did it :p

I recommend to replace a the resources and mabye remap the mountains and also to add more objects. The Snow mountains also should look more realistic (linke in the 4th mission).

Hopefully this feedback helps you (Didn't tested the map ingame)


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Vesanus am 03.09.2012 12:50 #10460

This was my first try of making a map, heh.

Thanks for the feedback. I'll try to improve the map by setting the balance right and also try with the objects. About
the mountains.. i was rather focusing on the "expanded 1v1 gameplay" not for it looks :) - But you are right, Thanks
Spike !

Spike am 03.09.2012 13:07 #10463

Im Ruhestand
Yeah I mean, such a map will work because it's symmetric but then the map really needs to be symmetric :p


Merri am 03.09.2012 14:53 #10465

You can also do asymmetric with this kind of a map, as you can limit the amount of soldiers the other player can have (by giving only a little bit of iron every now and then) and giving tons of iron for the other player who'd get a lot of soldiers, but barely any gold. Basically the other player would have to play with numbers against a player with limited but almost certainly powerful soldiers.

The downside is that such a map needs a lot of playthroughs to be fine tuned to really work in practise. Both players should be able to win.

Settlers admin

Vesanus am 04.09.2012 14:32 #10469

I'm not going to work on this map anymore (feel free to edit/take over). I have started a new project :)
I'll try to give as much "love" as it can handle :P - it will be for 8 players.

Merri am 04.09.2012 15:48 #10470

Yep, making maps is a very time consuming process. Pine Apple Trouble, despite being a 192 x 192 map and not a full 256 x 256, took me maybe around a total of 16 hours to make. That is comparable to two full days at work. And even at that point it still lacked some nice decoration that Spike has been adding (I guess).

However the map has been designed as a single player mission so one other big part of the project is still awaiting me. That includes making a story script, adding events and testing.

Settlers admin

Spike am 04.09.2012 17:12 #10471

Im Ruhestand
Yep, thats really nice how good maps can look - "mapeditor" made a lot of maps which look awesome. Also I had a total of 6 hours for pangea. And I still have to add the objects on pine apple trouble :s ^^


Vesanus am 08.09.2012 21:31 #10522

Ok here is my new map:

Short Descrption:

- Took few hours to make. (had a lot of fun though :3 )
- It's capacity it's 8 players (Good for random start location for fewer players game)
- It's sort of balanced (I mean, gold,coal,iron,stone,animals) [Needs testing]
- Players on top corners have "little" bigger land but they have a longer way to the center
- Used coordinates to place HQ's properly.
- I suggest playing in teams.

Also I'm going to release a version with 4 players only (with passages trough water).

My friend Ofe_HardcooR is making a map too. It should be on the forums soon :).
Always happy to get Feedback.

Here is a screenshot of the Minimap :)

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Parasit am 10.09.2012 01:39 #10537

yeah looks balanced but i think the positions in the corners are safer, because they have a smaller passage as those players in the particular middle positions.

i may be wrong, because i didnt saw it ingame or in an editor ;)

>> My Youtube Channel <<

Spike am 10.09.2012 03:50 #10539

Im Ruhestand
I had a look at the map - the map seems to be balanced and if you play 2v2v2v2 or 4v4 this mal is balanced anyway.

Same problem again like the first map :P You used mountain meadow very strange, close to water and swamp which just looks... strange :p Also mountains aren't mountains, it's a very flat map at all.

Therefore my last point is: to create a map which is balanced is not that hard but making it look very good is hard (neither my maps do). But compared to you first map this is a big step you made :)

Hopefully you understand what I'm trying to tell you.


Merri am 10.09.2012 09:58 #10541

Spike, Spike, Spike... don't be overly humble when the truth is some of your maps look just awesome.

Black&White (EKARTE27.SWD)

If you try to say this map doesn't look good then I don't know what does.

Settlers admin

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Spike am 10.09.2012 13:24 #10542

Im Ruhestand
Damn, now you got me, wasteland isn't used very often by me (maybe I should start using this texture?).

But well, I have to honest - this isn't a map made by Spike aka me, thats an other Spike. I would also say some things to this map but at all it looks good yes.

Maybe I shouldn't comment maps made by other users because my maps aren't perfect too :D


Vesanus am 10.09.2012 14:21 #10543

Nah, i like when you comment (feedback is always helpfull).

Merri am 10.09.2012 17:38 #10545

Aw darn, so many Spikes that I got hurt. And also got a play on words!

There is no such thing as a perfect map (in the same way as there is no perfect human). I think a good map is a combination of nice visual presentation and gameplay balance. With Settlers II the biggest challenge is setting map heights. Many user made maps are either almost perfectly flat or then do the exact opposite and use extreme mountains all the time.

One of the rarer things I've seen are maps that try to work as an image as well as a map. To my surprise I haven't seen a single Mario face map, just for an example :D

Settlers admin

Vesanus am 04.10.2012 14:58 #10693

Quick question:

I have made a map for 8 players and now i want to decrease the number of players to 4, how can i do that?

Spike am 04.10.2012 16:10 #10698

Im Ruhestand
By activating the player placement window and then shift (or ctrl maybe) clicking at the player spot. You could also change
the player number using a hex editor but well,why should you do that :D


Vesanus am 02.12.2012 18:36 #10860

Minor update

Some people wanted an update for this map so here it is.
We play it almost every weekend 3v4 or 4v4 :)


2. (This link might not work)


- Removed lava in the center and replaced it with stones, granite and also some grass. You can now build
- Changed ridiculous amount of gold in the center mountain to coal and iron.
- Balanced the amount of trees.
- Added 2 coal spots near gold behind bases.
- Added 14 animals in every base and 8 animals in the center for a bit more efficient and longer
- Added more decorations.
- Reduced the amount of swamps a bit in the rivers for more efficient fishing.
- Flattened the ground in some bases for balance.
- Some other minor changes i forgot about :)

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Vesanus am 25.12.2012 23:25 #10892

I've made a new map:

Short description:

- Name: VesLands
- Size: 124x124 [Faster games, less Async]
- Max amount of players: 4
- Contains all resources.
- Fair amount of animals.
- There is gold and coal in the center of the map, also big supplies of stone can be found there - Its a
reward for fast expansion.
- Trees block some passages. [Anti-rush]
- Lots of water for fishing and boat usage.
- Lots of passages for player tactics.
- Map created mainly for 2v2. [Left vs Right].
- Contains special objects [Tent, Guardhouse].

-> Map may seem unbalanced but trust me, it's just fine - [Tested with friends and also bots]


If link above doesn't work please contact me.

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Porco am 27.12.2012 05:43 #10899

Pretty nice maps, work well done Vesanus, have played both.

If you can create a dropbox acc and up the files there, is direct link then :D

Vesanus am 18.03.2013 15:53 #11204

I'm working on a new map for 8 players (Sea map).

It doesn't have a name yet and it isn't finished. It needs more islands.

I only can give you a minimap view of it for now.

Spike am 18.03.2013 17:18 #11205

Im Ruhestand
looks like migratio just with small islands in the middle ;)


Vesanus am 15.05.2013 16:37 #11391

Avast, ye scurvy dogs!
A new Sea map. I finally had time to finish it.

Name: King of The Sea.

Minimap view:


- Size 260x260
- Maximum amount of players: 8
- Contains all resources.
- Contains special objects.
- Balanced amount of animals.
- There is one gold node each player base. Without "Unlimited mines" setting you can dig up 21 gold
- Bots work and don't have problems getting more than one island.
- It should be balanced :).

Goal & basic strategy:

Get the coal from nearby islands as fast as you can to start producing soldiers/coins/tools. Support your
colonies with reserve and well armed fortresses. Discover your opponent using exploration ships and attack
his colonies to cut him off his coal. Then you can destroy enemy's main base.

It is wise to colonize island close to your enemy. On that island build only fortresses, put generals inside
and then you can attack with very high strength using sea attack. Remember that you can attack harbours and
it's close military buildings. It is a good idea to attack both or more at the same time to divide opponent's

If your playing against less than 8 players you can take over "free" main islands to get the additional gold
for your army.

Have fun!

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Vesanus am 15.05.2013 16:37 #11392

Another sea map made in hyper speed.
It wasn't tested yet.

Name: River Tribes.

Minimap view:


- Size: 148x148
- Max amount of players: 3
- Contains all resources
- Contains special objects
- 1 Gold node each island expect the starting one.
- Balanced amount of resources and animals.

Later i might make a version for +3 players.

Have Fun !

Editiert von Vesanus am 19.05.2013 15:11

Spike am 19.05.2013 16:12 #11417

Im Ruhestand
This Map Looks really Great :) I will test this map later this day :) I'm also thinking about snap designed to reach the gate first
but I'm still thinking about the theory - maybe we could put our knowledge together to create a good map for this mode?


Vesanus am 22.05.2013 15:38 #11431

Thanks. I need to test aswell. (Waiting for ship speed update :P)

Yeah i have few concepts for "Reach the gate first" map but i need to think some more about it.

Spike am 14.07.2013 17:26 #11568

Im Ruhestand
I also made a new map where I wanted to control the Player(s) that he makes more faults than normally ;)
There are some Paths which are blocked first but can be passed later, some ways are more tricky than others
but you can win using all of them ;).


Editiert von Spike am 28.07.2013 00:40

Porco am 22.07.2013 19:10 #11573

Tested river tribes.
I love sea maps :D

Pretty cool vesanus!

~Mikel am 04.12.2013 23:52 #12040

Hey ive done a new map, hope you enjoy it.

Name: Euskal Herria
Size: 136x80
Max amount of players: 3
Contains all resources. There are spots of gold in all the bases. Balanced amount of resources and

Mikel am 05.12.2013 00:10 #12041

Ups something went wrong with the photo here is the map:


EkaitzIS200 am 07.12.2013 02:32 #12044

Zitat von Mikel:

Hey ive done a new map, hope you enjoy it.

Name: Euskal Herria
Size: 136x80
Max amount of players: 3
Contains all resources. There are spots of gold in all the bases. Balanced amount of
resources and

aupa ahi eskerrik asko!!

Giant am 07.12.2013 22:14 #12050

Today I tested the tools Spike had improved.
Here the result:

2 players

Edit: Link fixed

Editiert von Giant am 08.12.2013 03:20

Quorzom am 07.12.2013 22:39 #12051

Great! It even has seafaring in it. Unfortunately, the link doesn't seem to work for me.

Mikel am 09.12.2013 20:36 #12061


Those days ive been playing a map with liviuxsa and we realized that it was imbalanced,so i just made a
change on it. Its a Blue Byte map, and i just changed the player ones base becouse it was far away from
gold and the second player was near to it. The maps name its The Dark Path and i have changed it to The
Dark Path 2.0 .

Here is the link:


Spike am 27.01.2014 23:09 #12270

Im Ruhestand
This map needs some testing - hopefully one of you helps ;)


Quorzom am 28.01.2014 00:03 #12271

This definitely looks interesting.

Spike am 28.01.2014 02:25 #12272

Im Ruhestand
Had to fix some "Objects" which may caused blocked harbor spots


Editiert von Spike am 28.01.2014 02:29

Spike am 29.04.2014 00:08 #12645

Im Ruhestand

Sadly this link is down, may you reupload the file?


If link above doesn't work please contact me.

Sadly this link is also down, may you reupload the file?


Editiert von Spike am 04.05.2014 17:19

Vesanus am 04.05.2014 19:14 #12670

Sorry for late response but I don't have these maps anymore.
They were shitmaps though (my first attempts).

Vesanus am 23.04.2015 19:15 #13464

Using powerfull Spike-tool I managed to easily make a new map!

Here it is:

Game of Thrones map. Based on:



Editiert von Vesanus am 23.04.2015 19:18

Spike am 23.04.2015 21:57 #13465

Im Ruhestand
Well, When I'm back home I'll have a look at it and will put it into the map thread - it also looks like my height tool screwed
things up on the left/right side? Well I should really finish that one :D also I'd like to ask if that download link will include the
.bmp file, if not could you add it please?


Vesanus am 23.04.2015 23:48 #13466

Here is the BMP file (It's basically the map resized to 720x480, then edited for easier manual texture painting).

Map is screwed on the left, because there was a lava border around the map. I've changed it to water after using the tool that is why
it looks so weird.

Also it would be nice to see WLD to BMP tool :P

Editiert von Vesanus am 23.04.2015 23:49

Spike am 24.04.2015 08:25 #13467

Im Ruhestand
Sorry for ot,
Well there are a some questions: should map to bmp just work as the overview map, should I convert resources, heights,
animals, etc. to an individual .bmp file or should I just convert it to a 16 color bmp file as currently used for bmp to wld (
which also brings some problems because either I should use 1 rsu/usd creating a square -> pixel or should I use a base
quality for each hexagon -> pixel)

Back to topic,
My tool can also 'reset' heights, so if you haven't done anithing on mountains yet. So you should use the latest version of my
tool because all previous had abut that destroyed block header causing editors to crash.


~CroCoDiLe am 07.11.2018 19:03 #15072

Hello, it seems I come several years too late !
All the map links of this topic are dead (except those from Spîke). Would it be possible to re-
upload them ?
That would be great.

Feel free to post in English!

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