Spike am 07.09.2012 04:04 #10506

Im Ruhestand
I made some Savegames just to be like interesting scenarios. If you like them I will maybe add more.
This is an original Demo-Savegame of the demo version 1.02 - veni vidi vici. I build all buildings which had been built. Hopefully you like it. When I played the mission in the original game it was very easy to beat the enemy.
This one is inspired by a map provided for Settlers 4. I made the map for settlers 2 and build some buildings - this is only for singleplayer games thought, I don't think that you are able to win in multiplayer.


~Gast am 07.09.2012 08:59 #10507

I remember playing 1.02 when i was a kid :)

Feel free to post in English!

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