akviejozorro am 08.09.2012 17:51 #10512

Hello i am a Settlers2 old player, 1 month ago i found Settlers online, was dissapointing, then one friend and me started to search as to play Settlers 2 multiplayer. I am happy to find return ot the roots, but we have any problems.
1º singleplayer mode crash in blue byte maps, only work in custom maps.
2º multiplayer connection fail.
we dont know if is necessary open ports or what is we mistake
any help???

we use windows 7 64 bits

Quorzom am 08.09.2012 18:15 #10513

Hi akviejozorro,

1. As far as I know, the original maps don't work properly with rttr . But most of them aren't designed for Human vs. Human games,
because they aren't really balanced.
2. If you want to host a game, you have to forward port 3665 in your router settings.

I hope this was helpful.

Spike am 08.09.2012 18:18 #10514

Im Ruhestand
1) have you installed settlers 2 gold or settlers 2 + mission cd? Which maps? Which version have you used (nightly or
stable,if nightly which revision)

You have to open port 3665 tcp or you have to use an other open port.

Edit: damn you were faster :p but most maps should work


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Giant am 08.09.2012 18:19 #10515

2° You need to open one port on your router, standard is port 3665 (shown when you open a new multiplayer game).

too slow...

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akviejozorro am 08.09.2012 18:40 #10516

Hi again.
My game is  Settlers 2 Gold edition v1.51 english version
+ Return to the roots  v20120908-81-83
i opened 3665 tcp and udp in my router, but said fail connection in ip game
in lobby i can see my friend but when i create the game, he cant see me

i hope can to play!!
thanks :D

Parasit am 08.09.2012 18:45 #10517

you both must have the same version of rttr, otherwise you cant play together ;)

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Quorzom am 08.09.2012 18:54 #10518

Did you really open the port? Here you can check if your port is really open:
And do you and your friend have the same version of the game? Because it really should work if you have done everything right.

Spike am 08.09.2012 19:17 #10519

Im Ruhestand
Yep parasit is right,if you have different versions of rttr you may not see the server of the other player.


Spike am 08.09.2012 19:17 #10520

Im Ruhestand
Edit: doppelpost


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akviejozorro am 08.09.2012 19:25 #10521

thanks for all
i solved this problem.
i played a game vs parasit
the mistake with my friend is different version

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