~Gast am 15.09.2012 09:40 #10566


I havent been able to login to here. It says that registration is succesful but when i try to login it doesnt regonize me. When i try to get new password it says "We couldn't find a matching account to this data". But when i try to register again with same info it says "Username does exist already, There is already an user with that emailaddress". Should that account work right away? or do i have to wait that it is confirmed or something?

Spike am 15.09.2012 12:43 #10568

Im Ruhestand
I think you had to confirm an email, didn't you?


Lumen am 16.09.2012 18:28 #10591

Ah now i got in. Confirmation email had been marked as spam :/ Thanks for help :)

Spike am 16.09.2012 20:09 #10593

Im Ruhestand
very good now you can play :)


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