sjongejonge am 07.11.2012 01:09 #10808

[00:56] <sjongejonge> it worked
[00:57] <sjongejonge> has anyone played zealand?
[00:57] <sjongejonge> i cant find a place to build a harbour to get to the north island
[00:58] <sjongejonge> i have explored the whole island
[00:58] <sjongejonge> found a little island to the south where it might be possible to build a harbout but i can't get a
builder there to build something
[00:59] <sjongejonge> i built a water road

Edit: auf Deutsch zurueckschreiben ist kein Problem

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Spike am 07.11.2012 06:47 #10809

Im Ruhestand
Maybe there is no spot? Have you had a look at the map in the editor?


sjongejonge am 07.11.2012 14:48 #10812

//can't find the map editor

//i checked in the rttr settlers2 game
//i cannot open the original settlers2 to access the editor
//online i only found and installed a map generator
//in the download section of this website there is also no editor

Edit: found the editor on the forum

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sjongejonge am 07.11.2012 15:41 #10814

I checked the map with the map editor and there is no harbour point indeed. It does not make sense to me because it is
impossible to beat all enemies this way....

Thanks for your help Spike

Spike am 07.11.2012 16:13 #10815

Im Ruhestand
well, okay, which map is it? Maybe I can have a look at it ;)


sjongejonge am 07.11.2012 16:23 #10816

Zealand.swd in: unlimited play - other

Spike am 08.11.2012 00:42 #10817

Im Ruhestand
"Other" map folder tells everything:D

Well, had a look at the map and its really bad designed... Therefore I'm not going to make a fix for that map because you can only play this map when playing singleplayer :-/


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sjongejonge am 08.11.2012 14:23 #10819

O well I will keep in mind for future reference that ""Other" map folder tells everything" will not get me fooled again ;)

Spike am 08.11.2012 14:55 #10820

Im Ruhestand
Yeah well, in the folder "other" are all maps we found in the internet - untested, ugly and mostly for 1 player (means he has gold to have some fun against ai) ^^


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