Spike am 08.11.2012 16:56 #10823

Im Ruhestand
Every race has his own scout type, the new race should also have this "special" - The quesion is: what should he look
like? Before I start with something I ask you which version you would prefer

a) First I had the Idea to create a massive decorated man

b) Then I had the Idea to make a settler with a pet

c) After that I thought about just giving him a hiking pole

d) Or just to use a tamed animal


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Gessle am 08.11.2012 19:01 #10824

The animal thing sounds fun!

Maybe some races could have only animal? (Japanese) Some might have both? (Africans)

Vikings could also have wolf with them.

A, B, C or D... All of them? ;) If only one, then B.

Spike am 25.11.2012 13:20 #10845

Im Ruhestand
Well, I saw that we had 5 answers but something went wrong (~Daniel was the last poster) so I ask you to type your answer again :)


Giant am 27.11.2012 00:26 #10847

Die Idee mit dem tierischen Begleiter find ich genial.
Also ganz klar dafür!

down23 am 30.11.2012 21:13 #10852

Mir persönlich gefällt die Wander Stock Idee am besten. Tiere mit laufen zu lassen finde ich nicht so toll. Wenn man bedenkt das dort schon genügend Tiere rum rennen. Hunde und Katzen kann man gerne mal an ein Fenster samt kleiner Animation für irgendein Gebäude des neuen Volkes machen.

Spike am 07.05.2014 04:25 #12673

Im Ruhestand
So, today I finally managed to do something for the babylonian scout, well, I (tried) to pixelate a leopard.
I kinda like
it (it's really hard to pixel something comples with around 30 pixel).

I still hope, that you like that idea, the scout is still not designed but this should show what it looks
like having a
scout with "pet"

Edit: I'm afraid of some "bad" comments just because the graphic is a bit small (settlers size)


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Quorzom am 07.05.2014 09:20 #12675

I think the leopard as a pet is quite a good idea. And this is really a good result considering you only had a few pixels you could play around with!

Although it still needs some more work IMHO like making the scout itself more Babylonian (to be honest, I'm not too sure on how a Babylonian scout is supposed to look). Perhaps a darker skin colour and a bald head?

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Spike am 07.05.2014 14:42 #12677

Im Ruhestand
[...]the scout is still not designed[...]

Yeah, I was also thinking about that part and really had no good idea (because you only see some pixel in
that direction)
how to make him unique

Edit: leopard walking animation (right)


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Quorzom am 07.05.2014 19:06 #12679

I must admit, I really like this leopard. I'd really like to see it in the game not only as a companion of the scout, but also as a regular animal that spawns like all the others in the forests. Well, at least at some time in the future :D

Spike am 07.05.2014 20:44 #12680

Im Ruhestand

first scout + pet version


Spike am 03.07.2014 04:10 #12803

Im Ruhestand
New preview:

still some little bugs but should look fine


Wanted to see what it looks like using the leopard ;)


Full animation for everybody interested


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Spike am 03.08.2015 02:45 #13636

Im Ruhestand
It's been a long time... since I posted an update. Finally some news, started the babylonian right_up animation and it looks quite good
in my opinion. I will drop the leopard idea and save it for later when at least everything looks babylonian instead of roman-japanese-
babylonian ;)


Feel free to post in English!

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