~Miki am 29.11.2012 01:07 #10848


I'm wondering, is there a way how to extract Settlers 2 graphics in more friendly format then original files? I would like to see a way how to extract icons and building with animations. Is it possible (besides than develop my own tools to extract them)? I can see some of them in previous topic (titled similarly "Extracted graphics") but there are only small fraction of them and they are smaller than original.

I'm sorry if this was discussed before but I can't speak german (actually english is not my native language too :) ).


Spike am 29.11.2012 10:08 #10849

Im Ruhestand
No problem ;)
I made a video for that topic (if you know my yt channel). Otherwise a short way to get most graphics: download the
lstpacker(somewhere on launchpad,I think it was in libsiedle2 but yeah I also got a link for the file), create a shortcut,drop the
the file you want to extract on it (io.idx,carrier.bon,rom_z.lst etc) and then you have a folder where all graphics.
I hope this helps you :)


~Miki am 29.11.2012 12:41 #10850

Oh, great. Thank you very much, that's very useful :).

Spike am 29.11.2012 17:33 #10851

Im Ruhestand
Oh and this only works for windows as far as I know ^^


Spike am 11.02.2013 14:37 #11131

Im Ruhestand
Okay, just to explain again:
Quicklinks => Bugtracker => Code => lp:s25rttr => Browse the code => libsiedler2 => test => lstpacker


Feel free to post in English!

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