Dafling am 05.01.2013 15:26 #10958

2016 update: now I beat this mission in just 0:56 hours! Wow! See explanation on second page.

Hey, I'm not sure if you discuss the normal campaign maps here. But recently I set up a goal for
myself: beat the 5th campaign map ("In the wasteland") within 4 hours. At first I scored 4:34,
then 4:09 and now 3:28 :) But it's possible to win even faster, of course.

So, if anyone is into this, who has the fastest wins on any campaign map? Hours:minutes?

Settlers 2 rocks!

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Spike am 05.01.2013 18:05 #10960

Im Ruhestand
In RttR or in original SettlersII? :D


Dafling am 05.01.2013 20:12 #10962

In original s2 (gold edition). In proof i made a save game. But the save seems to be a group of
like 10 files. :)

I have some questions.
1. In RttR is it possible to record a replay of me playing a campaign mission? How?
2. Is your site friends with ?

Settlers 2 rocks!

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RM1985 am 06.01.2013 00:12 #10963

1. Yea, the game automatically records a replay during play, you can find it in your Own Files/my Games/RTTR/replays and to watch it you have to Start RTTR go to Singleplayer and Replays. But real mission are not yet to play, you can only play the map in singleplayer-mode.

2.Yes, its Merri's site, he's also member here does lots of work for this project, too.

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Vesanus am 06.01.2013 00:14 #10964

Nice, you should play online :P

Dafling am 06.01.2013 15:26 #10977

So there is no way to play campaign maps in RttR?

Settlers 2 rocks!

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Spike am 06.01.2013 16:54 #10978

Im Ruhestand
The maps yes, but it's the same as just playing singleplayer - you can play all Settlers 2 maps (but not savegames).


~settlers_fan am 09.01.2013 11:24 #10990

Help me please. Where can I download Fanpaign for s2? And what should I do with the files ?

RM1985 am 09.01.2013 12:03 #10991

First of all, this is the wrong thread for your question, you have to look for one with a similar subject, if there is nothing, open a new one!

Now to your question, you just have to search on Google for
"Siedler 2 FANPaign" or "Settlers 2 FANPaign" , then you should receive some results.
If you got the files, then you have to overwrite the certain files in your DATA-Folder( the WLD-files in MAPS, the Text-files in TXT, the RTX-files in MISSIONS), and then you can play them!

P.S.: There you go, fella:

Just click the first link, that says:
Volle Version mit Infos, Grafiken u.s.w. (ca. 1,6 MByte)

and theres another FANPaign: Just click the link 2NDPAIGN.EXE

then you have to extract the files.

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Spike am 09.01.2013 15:41 #10994

Im Ruhestand
And Note that this campaign only works with the dos settlers II and not with rttr (only the maps but nothing else)


~settlers_fan am 09.01.2013 16:58 #10995

Thanks, it worked. You should make a guide about fanpaign (how to install etc) and put into FAQ!

RM1985 am 09.01.2013 21:24 #11000

Youre welcome, but I dont think, that this will appear in the FAQs, because these are just for RTTR, not for the original Settlers 2 and actually I just told you how to install them, didnt I ???

Dafling am 14.01.2013 02:23 #11022

Alright, I just finished the second mission of Fanpaign.
Took me 27 hours lolwut XD (13.5 hours real time)

As you can see I have like 15 generals. And this one fortress = half of my army lol. That's what
happens when you run out of coal on entire map :D

Most often I had ~60 generals and the highest was 85, I think. Also look at the number of
vanquished enemies :O (and donkeys)

And one last note: this was my 2nd try. I abandoned the first game when I ran out of coal too
early on and was cornered by enemies. I was foolish enough to build a harbor and attempt some
expeditions, which bugged the whole game.
The 2nd time I was smarter ;)

Settlers 2 rocks!

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Spike am 14.01.2013 13:17 #11025

Im Ruhestand
Do you maybe have a screen of military strength too?


Dafling am 14.01.2013 14:20 #11026


Settlers 2 rocks!

Dafling am 20.01.2013 16:52 #11060

Hooray I finished mission 3 of fanpaign!
This time I needed only one attempt :)
This time it took 30 hours, it's so annoying?!!!

It was scary at first, because yellow attacked me with a lot of generals when I had only wooden
soldiers?! But luckily the other computer players crushed him right after.

Settlers 2 rocks!

Dafling am 21.11.2016 21:44 #14471

Hello, just came to say that I beat mission 5 "In the wasteland" in mind-blowingly little time - just 1:04.

My previous result from 2013 was 3:28, now it's down to just a little over 1 hour.

So I basically know this mission inside out and know how to abuse stuff :)

In a few days I came down from 3 hours to 2, then I hit 1:49 and then 1:05. Felt so good to improve this result.

How did I do this? Well basically, you don't need hordes of golden soldiers to defeat enemy, you just need about
16 generals (~2 fortresses), and you probably don't even need to build stuff like armory, brewery, farms etc, you
can do just fine with just fisheries, 2 mints and the 30 soldiers you have from the start. Then you need to clean
up the "middle" rocks (not direct west, but below it, there are small rocks and a passage to enemy), build a
scout tower to detect their barracks/watchtower, and then attack it with all you have. The thing is, his soldiers
are not upgraded, so you'll have an easy time beating him. If you do things right, you'll just overwhelm the
enemy within a few minutes. That's how you do it in 1 hour.

Maybe I could do a youtube video on it with instructions? Any idea how to do it? I'm using gog's version.

Settlers 2 rocks!

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Vesanus am 21.11.2016 23:32 #14472

Speedrunning S2, impressive :D

Dafling am 22.11.2016 08:46 #14474

Nah, I just have no life :P

Settlers 2 rocks!

~Thundy am 29.01.2017 22:57 #14525

Meh, I beated chapter V in about 12 hours in the original settlers 2 gold. Though, one reason is that it was the first time I ever
played it, I had no previous knowledge about the map. That feel when I found the mountains to the northeast for gold.

Feel free to post in English!

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