Spike am 31.01.2013 19:12 #11089

Im Ruhestand
Hey Settlers II Friends out there, we got some news for you!
At the moment we don't have much active Devs because they are busy, thats the main why there doesn't happen a lot since 0.8 has been released. But luckily we got still fans out there who use their time to do some for Settlers II and this project:

"Quixui" just joined our IRC channel and told me, that he was working on an addon which allows you to directly control the production of your tools which is totally great!
(Read more here: )


But wait, there is more: He also started working on an very old idea we had, the boot camp, nobody ever thought, that somebody would add this feature until we got LUA scripting or the code is rewritten but he did it!
(Read more here: )


Hopefully he will be able to finish his work (he also fixes some bugs as far as I know) and we will have some new game experience!

Also "Spike" made a new tool for some mapeditors out there which gives you again the feature to convert .bmp to .swd but you can also add "special objects" easy, change all heights of your map or even set some random heights if you want to do so.
(Read more hre: )


This is everything so far which is new.


Tombus am 01.02.2013 16:44 #11091

Tools option? Ok
But boot camp? Sorry, no. This is mod to S2, and i have hope, if boot camp will be addon then we can turn off this building...

Spike am 01.02.2013 18:05 #11092

Im Ruhestand
Sure, these would only be enabled if the host wants to do so - like the char burner


qUiXui am 01.02.2013 21:01 #11093

In addition, the training camp doesnt actually do anything that wasnt possible in the original game. While i read the discussion about introducing new types of soldiers or the like (which is a thought i too frown upon), my intention was the following:

The training camp is pretty much a convenience building, combining what you would usually use a Warehouse and an adjacent Fortress for, that is it just removes the need to constantly juggle with military settings.

That being said, like Spike already mentioned it is (or rather, will be) completly optional.

Tombus am 01.02.2013 21:07 #11094

So. OK :D Lets do it :)
But boot camp is like Fortress without grab space lands... Why duble it?

Vesanus am 01.02.2013 22:51 #11095

Yes! Finally some info about new things :)

Quorzom am 02.02.2013 20:45 #11096

Finally some more addons :)
Can't wait for the booting camp. Any idea when these addons are going to be implemented in the nightlies? I really want to try out the training camp.

Hubertus am 09.02.2013 00:36 #11120

Nice news! Where are you on your project on creating maps from bmp to Settlers II and mirroring special parts?

Spike am 09.02.2013 13:06 #11121

Im Ruhestand
Well, converting bmp to swd works like it should work, but I may should add an order in which texture is placed. Mirroring works at the moment only for the y-Axis - but everything is mirrored (From texture over objects to resources). My next plan was to improve the random height generator and then add random objects, if you got then a random texture generator all 3 parts together would form a random map generator ;)


Flex am 09.02.2013 19:45 #11123

Wow, that's pretty awesome!
I can't wait for the Boot Camp!
This game just keeps getting better,
great job, guys! :)

ehellas am 22.02.2013 15:40 #11154

Wow kinda nice!
Now i wanna know, is there any possibility of the Babylonians come as a new civilization instead of
changing the japanese's images?


Vesanus am 22.02.2013 15:46 #11155

I think that is the plan but we need active devs :)

Spike am 23.02.2013 01:10 #11159

Im Ruhestand
Yep, that's the plan but maybe it would be done with LUA, maybe not, so thats the problem without active devs :p


Vesanus am 03.05.2013 12:49 #11334

Are the addons still being made or are they abandoned? ;c

qUiXui am 03.05.2013 14:09 #11335

The addons have been completed for quite some time, i just needed to figure out how to use bazaar to publish them. I am making progress here though, so it shouldnt be too long.

Vesanus am 03.05.2013 14:30 #11336

Yay! :D

qUiXui are you considering maybe adding an option (slider) to set ships movement speed (like the speed of

Is it possible?

Vesanus am 05.05.2013 19:07 #11348

Sorry for the double-post..

Also it would be awesome to have another game speeding option - "Very fast" is not fast enough. 15-20 GF will
be perfect. Rarely i finish games with friends/opponents due to too long games... especially while playing on
hard maps with very low resources [I love challenges, heh].

I mostly play RttR on weekends because of the time it consumes. I would play more often (i bet other players
aswell), if there was an option to make game even more faster.

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qUiXui am 06.05.2013 09:12 #11352

Using the 'v' key ingame you should be able to cycle through gf lengths ranging from 70ms to 10ms.

Spike am 06.05.2013 11:36 #11355

Im Ruhestand
Nope, I think it was changed to min 30ms - 10ms were only for testing before 0.8 was released I think (Or it
was only changed in 0.8). Also this wont work in MP games as far as I know.


qUiXui am 06.05.2013 12:57 #11359

Still working as of revision 8713, speed changes are only supported for single player games though.

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Vesanus am 06.05.2013 14:29 #11364

I know, that is why this "addon" is needed :))

qUiXui am 16.05.2013 18:35 #11399

I just uploaded an addon to allow increasing ship speed by +25%/+50%/+100%. Should be in one of the next nightly builds.

Vesanus am 16.05.2013 19:32 #11401

Oh my god! This is awesome news with the ships. Finally Sea games won't take 10h to play :D

Thank you !

Edit: When can the next build be expected? :)

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qUiXui am 16.05.2013 21:17 #11407

I think there is an automated build everyday, but someone with trunk commit rights has to include the changes. If you know how to compile the source code yourself, you can get it at my launchpad upload branch:

The code should be sync'd with the rttr trunk, and will sometimes be slightly ahead.

Vesanus am 17.05.2013 16:59 #11410

Awesome. Just tested the tool ordering setting - It works like a charm :)

I hope the patch with the ship speed setting will be this weekend, heh.

Btw. How is the progress with military camps? :P

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qUiXui am 17.05.2013 17:14 #11411

Trainingcamp is still missing non-roman gfx :(

Spike am 17.05.2013 17:46 #11412

Im Ruhestand
And I'm still hoping that you add the add with placeholder(all roman like orig catapults) graphics. I will do them as soon as
possible but I also think I need to do some more work on the roman version too - take the right building away and adding
some training grounds that it really looks like a training scamp and not like an outpost :)


Teflonkabel am 17.05.2013 21:16 #11413

On this training ground the working-animation of this building could be easily placed with the already existing attack-animations of the soldiers - against straw-dummies or something like this. :)
(if this wasnt the plan already :P)

Vesanus am 17.05.2013 21:31 #11414

Is it possible to make metalworks automaticly disable itself when needed tools reach 0 in your addon?

I hate when he makes random tools.

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qUiXui am 18.05.2013 21:03 #11415

I'm thinking about either this or sending a postal message. In the meantime, you can set the sliders just like normal and the toolsmith(s) will start making those once he/they finish making the ordered amount of tools.

Vesanus am 20.05.2013 17:59 #11418

Hm was Async Fixed? I played like 4 games (1 game 500000 GF) and i haven't experienced any Async lately. Is
it just luck? :)

Cool info on the tool message :)

Spike am 20.05.2013 18:00 #11419

Im Ruhestand
Yep, there was a fix but long time ago which seemed to fix the problem :D


Vesanus am 22.05.2013 19:24 #11432

There was an update today :)
Still no ship speed setting :cc

ehellas am 23.05.2013 19:19 #11440

Every time I log Vesanus is already in a game xD
I'm trying to bring my brother to play either :P

Looks like It's back on active, loving your guys work!
I'm learning code, hope some day I can help you guys :P


Vesanus am 23.05.2013 19:50 #11441

Yeah in this game i got crushed by my friend on my own sea map eh. :P

When is going to be next update? >.< (There is no chanelog for 22.05)