Snowwie am 04.02.2013 03:52 #11100

First of all, I can't type German, I can read it (slowly), but I can't type it. (sorry).

Yesterday I have learned about this site and "return to the roots".

I am very enthousiastic about this because Settlers 2 is still one of my favourite games and I still play it today.

Now I have come to this site, and downloaded the Windows package (x64) RTTR. I registered and followed all instructions.

When I start S25Client, click multiplayer, enter internet lobby, login, I notice there are no servers available.

So, I am kinda at a loss, any insights would be helpfull. Thanks

Spike am 04.02.2013 13:21 #11101

Im Ruhestand
Hey Snowwie,
It's not a problem if you write english, it's way better than writing german because more pople will understand problems and answers ;)
That you can't see any servers can be cause by diffrent reasons. First of all you may have an other version than the players who host the servers (you wont see them if they are in the host menu because you can't play with them). But I don't think that this is the problem, it's just sad, we don't have much players who play frequently in the lobby, some players only play with friends, some only using LAN (Hamachi, Tunngle etc.).
Well, and normally our gamelobby is connected to our IRC channel - but the one who has hosted the lobby Bot seems to be lost :-/
So it's a good idea to stay for a while in the lobby (mostly you can find games after 8pm) or you join our IRC channel.
Also I got a lot of players added in skype so, if somebody asks me to play I always ask them too ;) Maybe, if you also find an enemy, I could ask gefroy to do some 2v2 :p


Snowwie am 04.02.2013 17:49 #11102

I have thought about that, that other players may use other version numbers. But since there are many releases is there any information which version is used most?

About the few players there are, I have the possibility to introduce RTTR on, this is the biggest computer related forum in Holland. With over 500.000 members it may boost the member count for RTTR. That would be great for everyone, since we cannot have enough players here. :)

Spike am 04.02.2013 20:39 #11103

Im Ruhestand
The most used version is the latest nightly build.

If someone trys to catch more attention for RttR, why not? :p


Snowwie am 04.02.2013 21:19 #11104

Which version number is this "nightly" build?

Giant am 04.02.2013 22:50 #11105

The "nightly" is the actual development version, the version number is allways the release date.

Vesanus am 05.02.2013 07:27 #11106

Yes, we do need some players! :)

Feel free to post in English!

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