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Please help!

Right now I`m playing (trying to play) Settlers 2 Gold on Linux Ubuntu using Dosbox.
(I wanted to play the old S2G missions again, which is not possible on RttS).

...but it runs terrible! There are great lags, even on the beginning of the game, especially when scrolling a map.
Is there anything I could change?

Or is my computer too slow (CPU: AMD 2000 MHz, Radeon Xpress 200M, 2 Gb RAM)?

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Unfortunately, I don`t understand german. Can somebody translate it to english or write here a brief note what to do?

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it does not translate anything below the "Soundkonfiguration" part, also any of the numbered articles is not translated.

FloSoft am 22.02.2013 16:20 #11156

hmm stupid google translate.
here without links and formation:




First you copy the directory S2 of the game disc in your home directory. This is necessary because DOS can not read CDs in Joliet format. Then you open starts xdosemu [1]. The home directory is usually called the D: drive included. It thus changes in the S2-directory and start the installation.

cd S2

Created under Ubuntu 10.04 has also in the folder / etc / sysctl.d the 90-dosemu.conf file with the following content [5] [8]:

# Dosemu needs to access the bottom 64k of memory in order to launch
# 16-bit programs.
vm.mmap_min_addr = 0

Sound configuration

Then pass the sound must be established. This movement is in the directory where the Siedler2 been installed and there are



Within Setup following sound configuration is set:

    MIDI music: General MIDI (Roland MPU 401 interface or 100% compatible)

    Digital audio: Creative Labs Sound Blaster 16 or AWE32

Midi sounds

Can the midi sounds (background music) is copied at the grip on the hard drive and run it while playing in the background.
Game Start

From now on, the game by


be started.
Known Bugs

    The intro does not work.

    By clicking on "credits", the game crashes.

For problems with the mouse should be tried the full screen mode by pressing Ctrl + Alt + F.


DOSBox should be established in advance in German (language and keyboard layout) - Basic information about the commands can be found in the article [3]. Create a folder in your home directory Siedler2. Unless the extension is available to create the folder Mission_CD also. In each folder to copy the contents of the CDs. Finally, in ~ /. Dosbox create a folder drive_c. Now launch DOSBox and include the following directories:
Base Game

mount c / home / username / .dosbox / drive_c
mount d / home/Benutzername/Siedler2-t cdrom

As the storage path C :/ select SIEDLER2 and in the sound configuration as follows click the left mouse button:
Sound Configuration Utility

    "Select and configure MIDI music driver"

        "Creative Labs Sound Blaster (TM) 16"

        "Attempt to configure sound driver automatically"


    "Select and configure digital audio driver"

        "Creative Labs Sound Blaster 16 or AWE32"

        "Attempt to configure sound driver automatically"



If no extension is present proceeding with the update.

mount s / home / username / Mission_CD-t cdrom

The game can be found at C :/ SIEDLER2. Finally, install the update.

The update for the game Download:

    s2up151.exe {de} (direct link {} dl) - update for the base game

    s2mup.exe {de} (direct link {} dl) - Update installed at Mission CD


The Gold Edition update is not required.

The update to the folder ~ / .dosbox/Drive_C/SIEDLER2 copy and start over DOSBox:


The update is unzipped.
Game Start

In DOSBox starts you on the game



Make sure that you use the correct update!

The folder and Siedler2 Mission_CD can now be deleted.

It is recommended that the ~ / .dosbox/Drive_C/SIEDLER2 secure separately.

Extensions can be obtained here:

    Cards {de}

    Cards {de}

    Missions unlock / port patch {de}


Feel free to post in English!

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