~Gast am 22.02.2013 17:56 #11157

Hey there,

first of all let me say that I love Return to the Roots. Being able to run it on a Mac without using DosBox on a native
resolution is amazing and all the other additions that were made. Amazing.

One thing, and I'm pretty sure it has something to do with my settings, that bugs me though is that when playing
against the AI, as soon as the AI can "see" one of my military buildings, they send everyone. Like literally everyone.
Suddenly I have a small building being attack by 30 generals.

This can't possibly be on purpose so if anyone could point me into the right direction to change my settings I would
extremely grateful.

With best regards,


PoC am 22.02.2013 19:48 #11158

how the ai attacks right now:
as soon as the ai finds a viable target (less defenders in the building than available attackers) it will attack with all available soldiers.

Do you want the ai to be less susceptible to counter attacks while keeping the current success rate in attacks (without cheating)or are you looking for handicaps/difficulty levels for the ai?

~Gast am 23.02.2013 03:46 #11160

I guess I'm looking for handicaps/difficulty levels for the AI.
Unless, of course, there is a way I have a real chance to defend a Guardhouse or Watchtower.


PoC am 23.02.2013 17:37 #11161

Zitat von Gast:

Unless, of course, there is a way I have a real chance to defend a Guardhouse or Watchtower.

this works when you have a somewhat equal or better army:
1. make sure your new building is guarded by generals(gold soldiers)
2. set agressive defenders on a high level to allow nearby military buildings to send troops to help defend the new building
3. attack into the direction of the attacking ai (offense is the best defense =])

If your army is weaker you can build catapults/foresters and try to delay the ai's attack - when playing without endless mines you might be able to kill enough soldiers with catapults to ruin the ai's army because the ai currently ignores catapults and might run out of soldiers.

ai difficulty settings are planned but I want to improve the ai first when I get the time to do anything at all :)

Feel free to post in English!

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