~Pikaro am 08.03.2013 05:41 #11175


I'm new to the game, although I've played S2 since it came out, and I like your implementation and especially the addons very well. However, I have two questions.

a) I don't remember the original game having such a strange mouse pointer behavior. I get that many people like accelerating pointers, but I just can't handle them. Is it possible to turn that feature off, maybe make it behave just like the desktop's pointer? I'm on Linux, Compiz standalone, playing windowed.

b) The charburner doesn't seem to work at all. Do I have to take any special action? He's got full stocks of both lumber and grain, but he doesn't do a thing, just sits there at 0%. Also, what production chain does he require, i. e. how many lumber and grain per minute?

Thanks for any help!


PS: To what extent can you people change how the game works internally? I have some suggestions regarding the handling of military and coins, which is a huge pain in the ass right now, but I don't know if it's even realistic to change that.

Spike am 08.03.2013 14:32 #11179

Im Ruhestand
1) I don't think we have such a feature, maybe only your game runs slow?

2) He really needs a lot of space, I mean really a lot, more than a farm I think but he also uses desert for
and mountain meadow for his actions.

3) The game is fully rewritten, means everything is possible ;)


~Pikaro am 08.03.2013 14:44 #11181

Thanks for answering so quickly :)

1) The game is *definitely* not running slow. I'm sure this is mouse pointer acceleration, meaning that moving the mouse for a certain distance will not cover the same one as moving it fast. It's especially obvious when scrolling - if I move my mouse slownly from one edge of the mousepad to the other, the view moves only a little, if I do it fast, it covers the whole map.

2) He needs space *around* him? D"OH. Thank you.

~Gast am 08.03.2013 14:47 #11182

I should really read proof thrice -.- Sorry. I meant "moving the mouse slowly for a certain distance will not cover the same onscreen distance as moving it fast."

~Pikaro am 08.03.2013 19:37 #11183

Problem solved :) I have no idea where SDL got its values in this case, but for reference in case anyone else has problems with it: Just call the game with


, where n/d is the pointer acceleration and t is the threshold. This means that your base sensitivity (that is set X-wide) is multiplied by n/d if the mouse moves more than t pixels in a certain time. If you don't know your current values, enter xset q into a terminal and look for the pointer control settings, I have 2/1/0. The mouse still behaves a little different ingame (like it's purposefully smoothed), maybe that can somehow be corrected with good values for n/d and t. Just play around a little.

Feel free to post in English!

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