gas463 am 17.03.2013 15:07 #11201

as it says in the tile.

dose the AI also colnise and and fight across sea maps?

thank you glad you made this.

Spike am 17.03.2013 16:48 #11202

Im Ruhestand
Well, not really, the AI will build when ever possible a harbor building and start an expedition - no matter
how many colonies they already have. Also they wont attack using ships to make it short: they use seafaring
but not very well (at least they try to destroy a harbor building in range instantly).


~Gast am 29.11.2014 18:56 #13119

I cannot do sea attacks. I have just installed RTTR not long ago. I played a map where there are lots of little islands and it is for 2 players. I had my attack range set to maximum in the options and I had my buildings near my harbors(watchtower and guardhouse) full of soldiers. The AI was attacking my harbors constantly and I just couldn't attack back, it kept saying 'attack no possible'.... But why the hell wasn't it possible....
I had one island with a watchtower, and 2 islands with one-one guardhouses. The AI had only one island with 3 guardhouses and he kept attacking constantly all my three islands and I couldnt attack back.

What could be the problem? It drove me mad that the AI could attack and I couldn't. I were producing generals instantly so I would of easily beaten him. Even one of my freshly built harbors were destroyed because my ship didnt make it in time with the soldiers... I am very angry now. Lol. I just ragequit the game.

PoC am 29.11.2014 19:24 #13121

depends on the map and addon settings.
Default addon settings:
To attack a military building by sea there has to be a path a figure can walk (passable terrain is enough) between a harbor position that does not have a harbor building on it and the target building.

Usually: destroy the harbor first then you can attack other stuff

Spike am 29.11.2014 19:31 #13123

Im Ruhestand
I guess the problem is quite simple - you are using the normal attack window,you have to switch to the sea attack window
(anchor symbol) and it will work.


~Gast am 29.11.2014 23:43 #13126

Lol, thanks. I've had a cruel revenge on the comp.

Though, I don't understand some things. When playing, I get huge ping in areas where there is more expansion of an empire or more buildings. The game slows extremely... Also, I cannot get the music work. The music player just wouldn't play the music. :(

Spike am 30.11.2014 10:43 #13127

Im Ruhestand
Well, do you really get a high ping or do you get low FPS (Upper right corner)?

The music player doesn't work as far as I remember (at least you needed a playlist or something). In order to hear the original music
files, you have to start an update.


~Gast am 30.11.2014 13:56 #13128

I get both high ping and low fps.

Spike am 30.11.2014 17:33 #13130

Im Ruhestand
Well - I guess your PC is a bit slow then. Try updating your graphics driver, try using an other RttR video driver (sdl or winapi), try
using vertex buffer objects, try using optimized textures.

Maybe something helps.


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