Quackers am 10.04.2013 00:05 #11246

Hello everyone! I've played this wonderful game for a while now and I gotta say, this is some
really nice work you're doing. Anyway, I just wanted to see how many ppl activly play this or
atleast once or twice a month because I'm intrested in playing against you guys in larger
battles! :) I usualy only play with a friend against bots or a simple one vs one and bots dont
stand much of a chance with fair substances and symetrical maps. Anyone up for a game this
weekend 04/12, 04/13? Or perhaps 04/19, 04/20? It would totaly make my day if we got a 4v4 going
or something.

Anyway, cheers! And thank you again for creating this! :)

Signed Quackers.

Spike am 10.04.2013 01:06 #11248

Im Ruhestand
Well, we don't have much players, sadly. But you are always welcome to join IRC and maybe, just maybe, you
will find some players there. I will also play more active but only if I see somebody asking in the IRC
channel, I'm kinda missing the Lobby Bot we had...

but well sure, I will maybe try to join your party :)


~Vesanus am 11.04.2013 13:56 #11250

We used to have a lot of 4v4 battles on our owns maps but lately i'm very busy :cc

Porco am 19.04.2013 14:58 #11260

Long time no play, but i'm always up for a battle :D

Spike am 20.04.2013 17:41 #11261

Im Ruhestand

maybe this helps us? :)


~~Vesanus am 21.04.2013 18:52 #11262

^ This i like. It is a good idea.

Quackers am 25.04.2013 10:51 #11265

Is anyone using the mIRC? I'd love to play an FFA this weekend on sunday! Got my friend who
plays who can join aswell.

Spike am 25.04.2013 11:19 #11266

Im Ruhestand
well, I'm always online in our IRC channel


Feel free to post in English!

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