Antonius am 17.04.2013 18:14 #11257

Hi guys, we've not seen each other for a long time but the old love never dies!
Recently, I wanted to play S2 with my lady, me on my PC (via ethernet) and she on her laptop (wi-fi). Unfortunately we're
using the same signal from the router and simply cant connect to each other since we have same IP. I'm pretty short on the
network development knowledge so i ask you how to solve our problem. When we lived separately we could play online without
any troubles, now we live together and still want to play, but you know, split screen will never do for us :D

PoC am 17.04.2013 18:29 #11258

have you tried the local ip of the other pc?

Antonius am 17.04.2013 19:07 #11259

after we updated game to the same versions, we can see each others server but still cant connect thru the lobby, but we
managed to play through "direct IP", where my IPv4 is .100 and hers is .101, that means we are happy so far. The next step
is to make us able to play with other players, but thats the case for the further days. Thank you for your help and thank
you in advance :D

Burton1224 am 07.08.2013 17:03 #11618

I`ve the same problem with wi-fi the game is sometimes not working

Gruss Beni

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