gliblyy am 25.04.2013 14:08 #11269

What about limit the FPS to 60 by default in a fresh install of the game?

At the moment there is no FPS limit if one starts the game for the first time.
So i think it would be a good idea to set the FPS limit to 60 by default, instead of burning the CPU.

If higher frame rates are needed, one still can disable the FPS limit in the settings of course!

Even though it would be a small improvement, it could help hardware inexperienced gamers.


Settlers 1 Remaker

down23 am 25.04.2013 22:15 #11279

Agreed such a setting is vital.

Pechente am 26.04.2013 14:25 #11287

Correct me if I’m wrong but during online games, some people claimed fixed framerates could cause asyncs.

gliblyy am 04.05.2013 20:27 #11343

i am always using 60  or 30 fps in online matches and there is never any async.

Settlers 1 Remaker

Matthias am 12.10.2013 20:38 #11895

Most RTS games have two frame rates. One visual FPS and network/logic ticks which are usually much slower. They are
independent of each other. It makes sense to not burn too much resources with a game running at 200 hertz that will then in
turn slowdown the gameplay threads. I also doubt that asyncs are caused by player performance. That is most likely a hard
to find error made by the programmer.

Feel free to post in English!

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