Vesanus am 25.04.2013 23:02 #11282

Quick thought went into my head while testing my new Sea Map.

There should be a slider that sets the movement speed of Ships before the game starts. (Like speed of
game [GF]) Normal, 2x faster, 4x faster.. etc.

In my opinion Ships are too slow even on Very fast game setting - This makes game too long to play on
Sea maps.

Also there should be an option where a player can produce maximum 3 ships per harbor on map. (For example
player owns 3 islands (3 harbors), so he is allowed to have 9 Ships.

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Spike am 26.04.2013 11:21 #11285

Im Ruhestand
yeah, I think this is a good idea :)


Vesanus am 28.04.2013 12:06 #11299

Also i think there should be another type of ships, possible to be build in shipyards. Normal ships for
expedition/exploration and Military ships just for attacking enemy's land. It is just pain in the arse when i
have to wait for a free ship to send it to fight.

That would require texture for such ship :dd

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Spike am 28.04.2013 20:19 #11301

Im Ruhestand
also I dont get why building diffrent ships would make such a diffrence - maybe it's simpler to dedicate some
ships only to military belongings?


Vesanus am 28.04.2013 20:40 #11303

Or that yeah..

Anyway there propably are no devs to take up such project heh, guess we will have to wait.

Feel free to post in English!

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