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I got the non-CD GOG version of The Settlers Gold edition and virtually everything works perfectly,
also together with the RTTR "expansion". But the only thing that doesn't seem to work is the saving of
maps in the map editor!

The weird thing is, they are saved, SOMEWHERE I cannot find them. That means, I can save them in the
editor and load them into the editor later again, but never can I choose the map in any of the "games",
i.e. neither using the normal GOG S2 exe, nor using the RTTR exe. The maps are not in the WORLD
I now saved a map "123" and searched my whole PC for 123.swd and 123.wld but it seems unable to find

Does anybody have a clue or know about this weird thing?


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Well, that was obvious, once I posted the thread the PC finds something. For everybody who maybe had
the same problem, using Windows 7: I found the maps in:

C:  Users  [your user]  AppData  Local  VirtualStore  Program Files (x86)  Settlers 2

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