Meteora am 06.06.2013 00:05 #11486


I hope it is also okay to post maps not created via any automatic editor, it seems the most fitting

My map is a middle-sized map for 3 players. I have already played it once from player blue's starting
position. Watching the replay any starting position seems fine if you expand quickly to reach the
mountains and set up your food chain. Any feedback welcome! Have fun!


Spike am 06.06.2013 07:23 #11487

Im Ruhestand
I'll give that map a try - but the pic looks like a single player map (blue is alone and the other two players are close
or one player is missing but maybe that's a perfect balanced map ;)

Edit: Played this map
It's like I thought, the yellow player on your map is harassed by both, blue and red. Also the yellow player has the worst
position compared with the two other players. This means that this player needs a better position (I think pos3 is the
best) or you need to add an other player (upper left corner) to take some preasure. Also the upper left corner is designed
well but nobody will really notice your work there.

Player: 3
Playername: Spike
Status: Win
Time: 153.000 GF
Position: 3 (random)


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Feel free to post in English!

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