anni am 15.07.2013 23:28 #11570

Hi guys,

I'm new here (registered like an hour ego), so let me start by saying hello to everybody.

I discovered RttR this weekend, and I'm trying figure out how it works. Of course, I started by installing
and playing the game, but it takes time.

I was wondering if some of you could guide me a bit. Is there a kind of manual for the game, set of all
features in one place, or is all information just spread across the forum?

How can I try out Babylonian? I have downloaded RttR 0.8-8744 and 20130702-8791, but in neither of them can I
find how to turn that add-on on.

I'm also interested in this add-on to control tool's production, but can't find it neither.  

How does multiplayer thing work? Do you set some meetings or you you hook up randomly?

And final question, how should I contact if I'm interested in development? ;)


qUiXui am 16.07.2013 10:03 #11571

Hi and welcome,

I dont think there is a manual aside from Spikes tutorial videos on Youtube ( ). The game is very close to what S2 used to be, so for ingame questions anything written on S2 applies to rttr as well.

Trying out babylonians requires replacing one of the preexisting nations, i think there's some info on that somewhere on the Forums. Once again Spike will have more information on this :)

The tool-production addon (and for that matter, any addon) can be toggled for each game. When starting a game, after choosing a map you have a "change settings" button in the lower right area of your screen, allowing you to enable any addons including "tool ordering".

Both Multiplayergames and interest in development are best discussed in IRC, channel #siedler2.5 on Freenode. If you dont have an IRC client, you can use the chat link in the lefthandside menu.


Spike am 16.07.2013 14:19 #11572

Im Ruhestand
Zitat von Spike:
Forum => Return To The Roots - Erweiterungen => Das neue Volk => Dateien
(But there is alreay an english version)
"wbab_z.lst => winter graphics
bab_z.lst => normal graphics

wjap_z.lst.rar => same files as the wbab_z.lst but packed and named to replace the japanese race
bab_z.lst => same files as the bab_z.lst but packed and named to replace the japanese race"

Hopefully this also helps you ;)

Zitat von anni:
And final question, how should I contact if I'm interested in development? ;)

Well, you also can visit launchpad to get the code, if you visit our IRC channel you may need to wait some
time until someone answers, or you start highlighting people :D
But I'm still searching for someone who adds the new race as an addon.^^


Editiert von Spike am 28.07.2013 00:40

Feel free to post in English!

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