~Gast am 24.07.2013 15:04 #11575


In order to fix a Bug happening to the Roman Sergeant (Unteroffizier) in Settlers 2 (when he either walks straight to the right or diagonally upwards to the right the corresponding sprites display the wrong feather on his helmet; I never saw this issue addressed anywere, but to my knowledge this happens in every version of the game) I extracted the JOBS.BOB with the lstpacker and fixed those sprites.

But now I have the problem that I dont't get the new sprites back into the game. Is there any tool to create a new BOB file?

Spike am 24.07.2013 16:17 #11576

Im Ruhestand
for RttR it's no problem (also I don't remember that bug). The lstpacker may repack the files as .lst and
renaming it to .bob could work. maybe our s2 viewer could do such things but as far as I remember the program
cant save files.


~Gast am 24.07.2013 18:00 #11577

Thanks for your help.

I tried repacking into a .lst and renaming it to a .bob but unfortunately that crashes the game. It seems the only option to put this back into the original Settlers 2 would be actually repacking it into a .bob file. But as far as I know the lstpacker cant't do this.

About the bug, it's in my german Gold Edition and all Demo Versions I tried, so I think it should be in every version. If there should actually be a version that doesn't have this bug, it would be an easy solution to this problem.
The actual mistake is, that normally the Sergeant has the big feather like the General on his helmet. Only in the two walking directions mentioned before he has the small feather like the Private and Officer.
In all other walking directions and all his battle animations he always has the General's big feather, so I'm quite sure this is the one he actually should have, so I fixed this.

Spike am 24.07.2013 20:27 #11578

Im Ruhestand
maybe you find some more information on - I have no further ideas :D


~Gast am 24.07.2013 22:06 #11579

Thanks. It seems right now there isnt't a way to pack .bob files.
Really annoying that the walking animations are one of the few things that were put into a .bob file while nearly everything else like houses, working and battle animations etc. was put into .lst files.

Spike am 25.07.2013 00:03 #11580

Im Ruhestand
Well, the only way you may still have is writing an own tool^^.


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~Gast am 25.07.2013 20:05 #11582

I doubt I could do this because I'm not really a programmer and I guess  writing my own tool would be a lot more demanding than editing some sprites.

Anyway, I put this fix in RttR and it works like intended, so if there is any interst in this fix please tell me. (but I don't know if there is something like legal concerns with altered sprites)

Spike am 28.07.2013 11:14 #11587

Im Ruhestand
If I had the file I could see what you are talking about and then compare it with the file versions I have
but yet I don't have any idea if this is a file problem or more a programming problem. In some versions and
in some cases the transperency of the welldoors also wont work.


FloSoft am 02.08.2013 10:08 #11602

normally you dont have to rename it to ".bob" again for rttr, the file only has to be named like the original one (JOBS.BOB => JOBS.LST) and the image has to be on the right spot (index in lst-file)

now you can override the image in the jobs.bob by placing the jobs.lst into RTTR/GAME/LSTS.


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~Gast am 03.08.2013 15:11 #11606

Putting the new files in RttR was not an issue. Naming the folder "jobs.bob" worked just fine here.
The problem is how to put it into the orignal game.

About the Sergeant bug itself, to show what I'm actually talking about the following picture shows the error and how I fixed it:

Above: walking direction "straight right"
Below: walking direction "diagonally upwards to the right"

First: My new Sergeant sprite with the General helmet crest
Second: The old Sergeant sprite with the Officer helmet crest (which is wrong because it should be the General's)
Third: for comparison, the General: this is where I got the crest for my new Sergeant sprite from
Fourth: for comparison, the Officer

The sprites that I changed in that way are the following:


These are the walking animations for the two walking directions that have the error. (for the diagonal sprites I also had to adjust the Y axis for the game to display them correctly because the sprite is slightly bigger; for this I also used the General sprites as a basis)

In all other walking directions and battle animations the Sergeant has the correct crest. (General's version) So nothing had to be changed.

Now how could this error have occured in the first place?
I guess the devolpers just copy-pasted the different parts together and screwed up by using the wrong crest here and never bothered fixing it afterwards.

~Gast am 03.08.2013 15:48 #11607

Sorry, sorry just recognized I compared the wrong old and new sprites in my picture.
Here are the right ones:

Above: 955 New-Old
Below: 960 New-Old

Spike am 03.08.2013 18:32 #11608

Im Ruhestand
Never saw this,shame on me. But I make could do the same with my new soldiers :> however,if flosofts comment didn't help
you may could ask merri on he may knows how it works,maybe it's just a .bbm file where he has a program to
open it.


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