Vesanus am 29.07.2013 19:57 #11590

I've noticed that when i play with someone that has problems with FPS (slow CPU/GPU) [Snail IG] asyncs tend to be more
common. While playing with Janexo or someone else that has a good PC, it never happens. We can even play 4 hours or more
and end a game without any problems.

Async "propably" happens when there is a person with 25-60 FPS and a person with 500 FPS making the game synchornization
hard for both sides.

My suggestion would be locking max FPS to 120 - 300. It also would be more "economic" for Better PC's.

My GPU [Geforce GTX 550 TI] with almost 1500 FPS in RttR lobby was almost burnt as it achived 88 degrees celcius !!!. When
I changed it to 60 FPS max in Settings it was fine 37-45 degrees celcius. It is propably the same with CPU's

I know that Asyncs are also caused by bugs on maps, addons or high ping but solving this issue would be a good step. Just
lock the max framerate to 120-300 and it should be better and more enjoyable.

This is just an opinion, I could be wrong.

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Spike am 29.07.2013 20:45 #11591

Im Ruhestand
Just in case, there is already an option for locked frame rate.


Vesanus am 30.07.2013 00:14 #11592

Yeah but it is only 60 FPS setting. On 1920x1080 60 fps in RTTR isn't very "smooth"

Spike am 30.07.2013 01:49 #11593

Im Ruhestand
why shouldn't it? until 25 fps it's still fine as you maybe know every animation has steps which cant change
diffrently in a diffrent count of frame as that would change gamespeed^^


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