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Im Ruhestand
Yes thats right, our lobby bot (by Maqs) is back. The IRC channel is connected with the lobby again and you
can read everything that is written in our lobby.

There are some commands like:
!help (shows "-[LobbyBot]- Commands: !msg, !help, !version, !user")
!msg "[message]" (sends message to our lobby)
!version shows versions (latest stable and latest nightly)
!user shows users (all users who are only in the lobby are shown

!help (shows the "Help Index")
!help ip (shows your external IP adress)
!help connection (shows a help screen if you can't connect to a server/nobody can connect to your server)
!help async (shows information if you encounter asyncs)
!help versions (shows information about the latest stable and nightly versions)

For example you can see such things in our IRC-Chat more often now!

-[LobbyBot]/#siedler2.5- * joins: antichillah, kennyn
-[LobbyBot]/#siedler2.5- * join: gaara
<[LobbyBot]> <Spike> thats why I switched my position
<[LobbyBot]> <gaara> repete?
<[LobbyBot]> <gaara> now we win
<[LobbyBot]> <Spike> diffrent map then?
<Quorzom> Spikeone, want to play?
<Spikeone> Quorzom, later, sry :/
<Spikeone> !user
<[LobbyBot]> 1. antichillah v0.8
<[LobbyBot]> 2. Spike v0.8

Also the Lobby-Bot increased the number of games and players slightly. Thats everything so far, hopefully you
like this feature!


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Porco am 01.08.2013 14:42 #11599

Wow. Very cool! Thanks Guys!