FloSoft am 02.08.2013 09:42 #11601

Version 0.8.1 has been released and the page has been updated.
The latest stable is based now on the nightly version 20121112 rev 8505, since the newer nightlys have serious stability problems.

You can download the new release below or you may use the updater to update from 0.8 to 0.8.1:

Windows (32 bit):
Windows (64 bit):
Linux (32 bit):
Linux (64 bit):

You will find instructions for a manual installation in this post (click "Show english version"):


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Quorzom am 02.08.2013 15:43 #11604

This are great news! I really hope this one is more stable than the previous stable version of the game. Unfortunately,
this version has not implemented tool ordering, but who really cares if it is more stable, right? ;)

Vesanus am 02.08.2013 23:24 #11605

Indeed great news!
Now people will play normally, without searching for the most stable version.

Matthias am 04.08.2013 14:53 #11609

Can we get to a source code tarball and a changelog please? I want to update the openSUSE RPM.

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Porco am 05.08.2013 18:09 #11614

Matthias try to ask on the IRC chat

Spike am 05.08.2013 21:06 #11615

Im Ruhestand
I think he needs to ask Flosoft who isn't often online :-/

Great work Flosoft, thanks a lot for this version! Everything works fine :)


HohesC am 07.08.2013 20:46 #11628

What should be stable in this version? I still have as many async errors as I have in version 20130702 and
20130804, what means in every single game that lasts longer than an hour. And when I reopen the saved game
I have errors every minute or with alot luck just every 3-4 minutes. Which means, that the game can not be
finished... :(

Btw, wouldn't it make sense to send the error report automatically instead of manually?

Spike am 07.08.2013 21:27 #11631

Im Ruhestand
Well, these Asyncs seem only to appear if you play 4+ players (also AI). Reporten helps everytime but auto
report would make A lot of work so just start reporting your async savegames, replays and logs :)


kaizerChiefs am 07.08.2013 23:41 #11632

Those asyncs are ridiculous._. I'm scared when a game reaches the 100k ~ GF time, because that means, prepare
for the async..

It's also so frustrating if you can't finish a long game, it feels like you just wasted the whole fucking

Playing with 4+ players is such a risk, I think I've finished 1 of 10 games with 5,6 + players..
It really kinda destroys the fun, which the game brings in such many ways, especially the multiplayer.

I'm really looking foward for getting this huge problem fixed, or atleast, tryed to get fixed.
Like Spike said, we will start, and keep, reporting them

Shaka, baby ~

Vesanus am 08.08.2013 01:38 #11636

If we only had a dev that could fix everything ;)

kaizerChiefs am 09.08.2013 07:47 #11648

yes, if.. we just have to keep the hope up ._.

Shaka, baby ~

Quorzom am 09.08.2013 20:35 #11653

Yes, keeping the hope up definitely helps a bit. Additionaly we players can also do something like reporting every
async and bug we will encounter in the game on launchpad, because this will help the developers finding and fixing
these bugs/asyncs etc.

That means if an async occurs, every player who participated in this match has to send her/his async
saves/logs and replays to someone who has a launchpad account and is able to report them.

If we keep this up, one day we might have a really good game with lots of add-ons, which is also as stable as the
original version.