Quorzom am 07.08.2013 23:46 #11633

I just noticed that the F.A.Q. page is completely written in German. I'd really recommend someone should translate
it into English, because it could make it really hard for them to launch the game if they have never done it
before. And since there already is an English version of this website it should be quite obvious to write down a
fully-translated F.A.Q.

I know it is quite hard to change since there currently is nobody who has time and is able to change it, but I
recognized it today and wanted to point it out.

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Spike am 08.08.2013 00:06 #11634

Im Ruhestand
You will find instructions for a manual installation in this post (click "Show english version"):

but you are right, we are missing a real FAQ. :<



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Quorzom am 08.08.2013 00:55 #11635

Thanks Spike. Well, I suppose the thread you have linked to is a start and is IMHO still better than nothing.


kaizerChiefs and I translated the whole F.A.Q. into English. I don't know if it is sufficient though. It would be
very kind if a native English-speaker would take up some time to read it and correct any potential mistakes
(spelling, or especially grammar related mistakes)

If you want to have a look at our translated version, follow this link:

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Feel free to post in English!

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