Flamefire am 15.08.2013 02:43 #11685

Wie siehts mit den Plänen aus endlich auf Git umzuziehen und auch die bisher einzelnen Branches zu integrieren?
Bisher seh ich keine Möglichkeit herauszufinden was zwar schon mal von jemand entwickelt aber noch nicht integriert
wurde. Gerade was Bug fixes angeht.
Außerdem können bei der Gelegenheit auch gleich die leeren Commits raus um das ganze übersichtlicher zu machen.
Oder existiert kein Entwickler mehr mit Zugriff darauf?

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What about switching to Git?
Is anyone interested to have it there or are there any needs to stay with Launchpad/Bazaar?


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Spike am 15.08.2013 02:49 #11686

Im Ruhestand
es existieren zwei entwicker die aktiv sind mit zugriff und flosoft mit zugriff.

Die autoupdates wurden schon oft angesprochen bzw die leeren commits, dass ist dafür, dass die seiten version
und die spielversion konsistent bleiben oder so... gab schonmal ne frage dazu auf lp.

mehr weiß ich aber auch nicht ;)


Flamefire am 15.08.2013 02:56 #11687

Ja trotzdem sind die 1. Eh asynchron und 2. Unübersichtlich.
Einfach mal schön sauber und übersichtlich auf Git und es finden sich sicherlich auch mehr Opfer die was beitragen. Das ist
derzeit einfach verdammt umständlich.


Spike am 15.08.2013 04:55 #11689

Im Ruhestand
Mag ich dir wohl recht geben :> musst du flo überreden, dass er das macht, wenn ich mich recht erinnere war
die aussage von ihm ja schon wieder ein halbes jahr alt - ich hätte hierzu vielleicht lieber nix sagen


Flamefire am 21.08.2013 18:02 #11723

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Adressing all active Devs: Would you like me to create a Git repo for the future development?
If I get some votes, I'll create 1 master repo. There I will put the current head and also merge new changes in from time to time.
But everybody can pull it and request pushs.


Flamefire am 22.08.2013 03:54 #11725

I just tried to convert the launchpad stuff to git and it worked.
I made a repo here:
you can fork that and pull your personal changes from my fork (reduces main repos size)

If there is none complaining about that, I'd suggest we stay in Github.

Note: I will grant access to the main repo to the main devs (FloSoft, Maqs, quixi) so they can also answer pull requests. Just need your names ;)


Marcus am 22.08.2013 10:30 #11727

Now there's still the problem that some parts (the lobby) are missing, as they are not part of the
public bzr.

Flamefire am 22.08.2013 15:36 #11733

Unfortunately I don't know what parts are missing, as obviously I don't have them ;)
However I just want to help here. The main code base is completely there so why not develop there and just put patches of the master branch back?
Or let me help you converting the remaining stuff.


Marcus am 22.08.2013 16:24 #11734

I don't have access to the remaining stuff either, but your suggestion sounds nice and doable.

Flamefire am 22.08.2013 16:34 #11735

Flosoft just wrote, that he wants every module in an own git repo.
I can't do that without the SVN so we still got to wait -.-

TL;DR: Don't use the Git repo yet, but you may use it for an overview what's going on.


FloSoft am 22.08.2013 20:48 #11745

one copy of the bzr branch does already exist at the "correct" location at:

but I havent updated it for a while.

I want to move all modules to github (all open source modules) / private gitlab (i.e lobby)

with correct (merge)history and correct externals/submodules - thats a bit tricky to handle, since svn AND git handle submodules very differently.


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Flamefire am 22.08.2013 23:51 #11746

Alright haven't seen that but I needed a recent version anyway to see what is not merged yet.

It would be great if you can do that soon as IMO it will only get harder over time.

I just found this: Where they used piston for externals. Don't know much about it, but might work.

However is it really necessary to split the project files itself? Why not keep it in 1 repo like bazaar?


Matthias am 24.11.2013 15:19 #11980

Arlias am 24.07.2014 23:46 #12857


any news on this?


Arlias am 25.07.2014 16:54 #12858

Just for info;

Just setup a read-only mirror on github at . It gets synced on an hourly basis from the bzr upstream (ideally if you can give me read-only access to the SVN to clone directly without those automatic sync commits :S).

Purpose of the mirror is for those who are not really into bazaar to have a quick place to clone from and study the code, as well as tinker. Bottomline: READ-ONLY! No back-propagation to upstream intended !!*yet*!!.

[ * ] to
[ + ] (graphics to get independent of BlueByte assets. Mirror of , syncs every 5th minute of every hour)

On git <--> bzr
AHEAD-WARNING: Have not yet pushed stuff back to a bzr... so do not take my wording as absolute. Should work though.

For those who actually want to contribute via bazaar (note: its not the s25rttr upstream either :S): (for those under debian and derivates: git-remote-bzr)
It abstracts you pretty much seamlessly from bzr. There are some pitfalls though (read on the repo wiki), and to slim down the bloat of bzr, you have to periodically go at it with 'git gc --aggressive' after origin pulls.


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Spike am 28.07.2014 09:40 #12861

Im Ruhestand
Well I'm not really into this but I guess to get the code this is a good way to have those files on git.

[ + ] (graphics to get independent of BlueByte assets. Mirror of , syncs every 5th minute of every hour)

Wow someone found those graphics - I just want to make clear that those graphics are not enough to be independent,
but when I've finished the Babylonian graphics I'll continue an openGFX. I guess it would draw some attention and maybe
some devs :>


Arlias am 28.07.2014 16:18 #12863

Yeah, sorry will update the repo description to make that clear.

To attract more dev's, IMHO a major cleanup and a internationalization of the codebase is required;
* Translating comments and moving them "out of the way". Latter can be interpreted as changing them to trailing comments, moving/grokking them down into the header comments, improving naming to remove them altogether. I seriously volunteer for this one, since I'm already heads in to get my hands dirty on the code, and it would make my code-reading more useful :D.
* Dividing codebase into submodules and putting them into their own dirs... currently its one big mashup with undocumented prefixes (got my head around a few that were not so hard to figure out, but for instance "[no]Xxxx" still eludes me although I think to understand the category)

It would also be beneficial if the codebase could stand on broader footing, meaning;
* Separating engine from entity definitions.
* Making entity definitions some sort of non-programmer-readable/editable kind of thing.
* Building a set of tools that make the asset creation fanbase-sourceable and a little bit more streamlined.
* Convert those weird formats that nobody can do anything with unless they leverage libsiedler2, to something more contemporary and easily viewable/editable.
* Bottomline... lower the hurdle for people to build and contribute for it, assuming that for most C/C++ is already to low-level. If they could just push around pixels and visualize/simulate in-game behaviour of their editing in an intuitive way it may get some passive fans to get their hands dirty with asset creation.

On a separate note, Overall it does not feel like any of this project is really aimed at the public yet.
* Dev work is still sort of kept behind a fence. As far as the motivation for this goes (if I understood correctly) it can be handled by hosting a private/public gitlab (word of warning; its a memory hog)... keeping half of the stuff in the private and the other half in the open, eliminating a partial mirror in the open and all the hurdles to get via this mirror to upstream.
* Other than the forum there is no direct attempt to involve people in asset creation. Also no roadmap and/or project status to get potential contributors oriented.
* There is also no walk through to get BlueByte assets in place, which is death for the end-user. I understand that the ideal would be a complete deliverable package... but since it is not possible, maybe at least walk end-users through the portion which cannot be delivered by the package directly?
Maybe there is a need for something like a wiki?


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Graybit am 29.07.2014 01:24 #12864

Hi all.
Is it possibly to make github the main mirror of code development?
I agree with previously comment with attracting more devs.
I tried to use Russian language in game, but have the problem - it is didn't work. I wanted to find the problem in code, but svn, codebase and german is too hard for me to fast
understand code and I took it easy.
Thx for the project, thx for the settlers on mac!

Spike am 29.07.2014 07:32 #12865

Im Ruhestand
I can't say anything concerning Github but, the problem why Russian is not working should be this one:


Arlias am 03.08.2014 02:04 #12866

Follow-up on working with the official git <--> bzr. So far not successful at pushing own branch to start pushing translations of the codebase... Ugh... can we please cut launchpad out of the equation? Don't care how. Just about anything would be better.

Bins leid. Wenn Ihr wollt stifte ich euch eine GitLab Instanz, vertrauen vorausgesetzt natürlich. Habe Kapazitätenüberschuß. Was die Sicherheit angeht müsst Ihr eurer Lizenzierung des Codes einfach vertrauen, und dass ich kein krummer Hund bin.
Bei Interesse einfach via PM melden.


Arlias am 04.08.2014 23:56 #12870

(Skip this post and look one below (from Flosoft) for an official response)

Follow-up on the GitHub question.

Just created a Fork repo I intend to maintain. Any currently active dev may just approach me and get membership/ownership on the S25RttR group. Things may get backmerged upstream at some point or it might not, without it being in any way a requisite for the GitHub repo to keep going. (deleted; 2014-08-05)

As for initial Roadmap cleanups are in place. Any help welcome.
1) Getting a code style directive established.
2) Translate code comments and get rid of over-documentation. At the same time reformat to code style convention.
3) Cleanup build environment.
4) Layout partial and modular rewrites via feature branches.

* Any changes on the initial 3 points are to maintain buildability and runability "as is".


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FloSoft am 05.08.2014 12:57 #12871

there's already a Return-To-The-Roots group on github (made by me)

Please do not use s25rttr as name for that group.

If you want to join that group, message me and I will add you.

I will convert everything to github officially soon, but that takes some time for preparation, since we have exact plans how we want to continue rttr


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Arlias am 05.08.2014 18:27 #12874

Even better. I'll message you and remove the group I made yesterday.

K4T am 06.08.2014 21:31 #12876

@FloSoft: can you tell us something more about future plans?

I also very like idea to move src code to Github.

qpx am 21.08.2014 23:33 #12885

Good move! Github is really the best to maintain code!

kumzugloom am 26.01.2015 17:20 #13326

So, currently the development is still on launchpad using SVN?
Are there any current plans for moving to github?

I've never used svn or launchpad so far. But I will surely take a look at the code and see, whether I'll be able to contribute a little at some point (when my job allowes my to do so)

FloSoft am 27.01.2015 12:42 #13328

yes the development is still on launchpad/svn.

I still had no time to move the code to github, I hope I will get that time soon.


FloSoft am 19.02.2015 20:28 #13364

please see Sourcecode and main development now on github!

Source-Code is now available on


Editiert von FloSoft am 19.02.2015 20:28

kumzugloom am 21.02.2015 13:03 #13369

Wow, that's some really good news!
I really appreciate your efforts to convert this. I guess, this will enable more people to contribute.
As promised, I will take a look, as soon, as I have some time. :))


K4T am 21.02.2015 14:48 #13370

Yeah, awesome news!

Feel free to post in English!

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