Spike am 19.08.2013 20:20 #11705

Im Ruhestand
Recently we added two new addons which are pretty cool and usefull!

"Tool Ordering" by Quixui:
This addon finally allows you to order a amount of tools directly! If you order more than one tool they will
be produced "randomly". Using this addon allows you to control your economy more efficient and directly than
in the current versions.

"Military Building Aid" by KaiN:
This addon shows you where you can build military buildings. This is may usefull if you try to build a
defensive line to see where you can build the next military building to maximize your soldiers in this area.

Also the logs of the current nightly will include more information than they did before. The reason is easy:
this may help to find the reason for the current asyncs. Be aware that the current nightly versions are maybe
a bit slower than older versions but by playing with the latest nightlys and reporting all asyncs (with logs,
asyncsavegames, replays of all players) will help us to find the cause!


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K4T am 21.08.2013 07:39 #11718

Great news! Tool Ordering sounds really good.

Vesanus am 21.08.2013 12:19 #11721

Awesome news! :D

Matthias am 26.09.2013 22:59 #11870

You can speed things up if you only compare hashes and exchange only the hash of
all hashes for each network tick. Then if they don't match, dump all variables you
want to sync to logs. That is how we do it at
where desyncs are our biggest enemy, too. Hard to track and to fix, but the more
reports and brains involved the faster the problem gets resolved. Don't give up
although it is frustrating and time consuming.