Quorzom am 23.11.2013 16:40 #11973

Hey guys!

I've just created a steam group for this game, so that
people can announce games they're playing, create
discussion and schedule events.

Anyone who has a steam account is invited to join the
group. Hopefully this will allow us to be able to play more

Here is the link:

Hope I see some of you there soon.



Rozkurwnik am 24.11.2013 11:06 #11977

I've just joined B)

kaizerChiefs am 24.11.2013 21:39 #11990

best group eu~

I approve thiz

Shaka, baby ~

Spike am 25.11.2013 00:05 #11991

Im Ruhestand


Editiert von Spike am 25.11.2013 00:06

Feel free to post in English!

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