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Im Ruhestand

Hello everyone,
This is the second tournament - hopefully I'm able to organize it on my own.

Just some short dates:

Registration: until 01.12.13
Duration: unknown
Duration per Round: max. 2 Weeks
Players registered: 13

Table of following posts:
1) Rules & Regulations
2) Matchinformation & Matchoverview
3) Mapinformation & Mapdownload


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Im Ruhestand
Rules & Regulations

Must login and check their personal messages (or enable E-Mail notification) to communicate with their opponents.

Must be played in a window of 2 Weeks. The Default time to play your match is the first sunday in those 2 weeks. The
alternative date is the second sunday(They will be marked). Your are allowed to play with your enemy on other
days of course but you both must confirm. If one player is not showing up for a match and does not write a PM or
anything else he will be disqualified!

There are ways to cheat, if one player does he is also disqualified!

We are using the latest stable version (v0.8.1 - 8972)
But as Flosoft seems not to use a fixed stable version anymore, you are allowed to use any version you want to use. Talk
with your opponent, default version is still v0.8.1 - ????.

If your game crashs, just save in the replay and load the game

If your game goes async, just save 5k GF before the replay ends and load the game. If you encounter the same async again,
restart the whole game. If you still encounter an Async send both replays to Spike - he will terminate the winner.

One of both players must be able to host. If none of you can host, you can also contact Spike who could add a 3rd
spot to the map and will host the map for you.

There are "default" Settings for the match. Just notice them, if both players can't agree a setting, they have to use the
default setting.

Speed: Very Fast
Goals: None
Goods at start: Normal
Exploration: Fog of War
Random start locations: use
Lock teams: use
shared team view: use

AI debugging window: disabled
Adjust military strength: medium strength
Change defender behavior: Reduce reoccupying troops
Change gold deposits: no change
Change the visibility of your ingame statistics: everyone
Custom build sequence: disabled
Disable demolition of military buildings: active if attacked
Disable coins by default: use
Enable charburner: disabled
Exhaustible wells: disabled
Inexhaustible Mines: disabled
Limit count of catapults: 3
Manual road enlargement: use
Military Aid: disabled
Race specific catapult graphics: use
Refund materials when building is destroyed: no refund
Refund materials when emergency program is active: use
Tool ordering: disabled
Trade: disabled

9-Verification of the result
Send your replay to Spike (

10-Other Questions
Just ask, I'll add the answers.


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Im Ruhestand
Matchinformation & Matchoverview

Tournament Layout:
We will play something. The last round will consist of 3 matches.

Tombus - Porco
??? - Quorzom
??? - Gefroy
kaizerChiefs - Giant
??? - Todesbote
Liviuxsa - Mikel
Rozkurwnik - ???
??? - ???

Porco - Quorzom
Gefroy - Giant
Todesbote - Liviuxsa
Roskurwnik - Mikel
kaizerChiefs - Tombus



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Im Ruhestand
Mapinformation & Mapdownload


Map: Plateau oo uaetalP
Size: 144x144
Seafaring: yes
Duration: unknown

Round 1

Map: Africa
Size: 208x208
Seafaring: no
Duration: ~3h

Round 2

Map: Island oo dnalsI
Size: 144x144
Seafaring: no
Duration: ~1h

Round 3

Map: IV - On thht nO - VI
Size: 128x128
Seafaring: yes
Duration: ~1,5h
Link: not available

Round 4

Map: unknown
Size: unknown
Seafaring: unknown
Duration: unknown
Link: not available

Training 1

Map: VI - DividdiviD - VI
Size: 192x128
Seafaring: yes
Duration: unknown

Training 2

Map: unknown
Size: unknown
Seafaring: unknown
Duration: unknown
Link: not available


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Spike am 25.11.2013 13:38 #11999

Im Ruhestand
(Not used post)


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Porco am 27.11.2013 14:11 #12000

Very nice spike!

Porco am 30.11.2013 19:19 #12026

My s2 cant find the map AfrrfA. :/

Porco am 30.11.2013 20:15 #12027

My s2 cant find the map AfrrfA. :/

Spike am 30.11.2013 23:24 #12028

Im Ruhestand
Edit: Fixed name "Map: Africa"


Quorzom am 01.12.2013 00:13 #12029

I wrote Janexo a PM yesterday, but he hasn't responded so far. Does anyone have any contact information (e-mail, Skype,
steam, etc...) on him/her? And how much time does one have to respond? Two weeks?

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Porco am 01.12.2013 04:33 #12031

Also,Tombus dont respond my pm too

Spike am 01.12.2013 13:59 #12033

Im Ruhestand
well just be patient - Looks like it will be like last time, we have to wait until people react...


Quorzom am 01.12.2013 15:13 #12034

I just wanted to make sure that I won't get disqualified for a stupid reason like that. So I
guess we will have to more weeks to contact each other and finish our game.

Spike am 01.12.2013 18:40 #12035

Im Ruhestand
Version changed: Seems like flo is not able to do a fixed stable version, you are allowed to use the
latest nightly or the latest stable version - talk with your opponent which version you are going to use.


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Feel free to post in English!

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