Spike am 07.12.2013 00:37 #12043

Im Ruhestand
Mirror y:
Now textures,heights,objects,resources,animals are mirrored - as far as I tested everything it works well.

Mirror x:
Now textures,heights,objects,resource,animals are mirrored - sometimes this seems to crash the editor but I still have no
clue why. Also it breaks your cursor, you have to change the size and then everything works again.

Added information for Keys "X" to mirror-x-axis and "Z" to mirror-y-axis.


Code: (Changed CMap.cpp a bit)(not updated)


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Giant am 07.12.2013 18:01 #12046

Nice, thank you for the update.

Y-Function (Z on german keyboard) is nearly perfect.
hope for a update on X-function.

Feel free to post in English!

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